How to cut carrot sticks

The carrots used in the preparation of many dishes. It enriches the taste, helps to open up the other ingredients. Often recipes suggest to cut the root into strips. This method allows you to get the most juice while maintaining the structure of the vegetable.

How to cut carrot sticks

Straw is suitable not only for dishes, providing heat treatment products, but also for salads where carrots put raw snacks (in Korean). In addition, it performs a decorative function.

Children do not like to eat vegetables. So in the process of making baby food strips of carrots can be part of a pattern created on the plate. Often it acts as a ray of sunshine, legs-handles funny animals created by, for example, of mashed potatoes.

A dish such as a pilaf, it is impossible to cook without the carrots. Experienced chefs know that the taste depends on the method of cutting this vegetable. Uzbek pilaf is cooked with carrots, definitely chopped straw manually, not just using the grater. And anyone interested in how to cut carrot sticks and raisins, professionals suggest only the option of shredding.

There are several ways how beautifully and simply chop the vegetable into strips.

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How to make long strips of carrot?

Long straw is the most popular way of slicing. There are two main options for its preparation.

Option # 1

To facilitate this a knife you need to sharpen. Carrots are pre-washed and cleaned from the skin. Then the vegetables (if too long) is cut in half. Then the halves are cut along the thickness of the layers is usually from 2 to 4 mm. And they are already linkouts throughout the length of the strips. This can be done either with each separately, and cut several layers at once, put them together. This option is ideal for snacks in Korean, if a straw to make a very thin.

Option # 2

Advice from the chef

How to cut carrot sticks

Experienced cooks, with a focus on the beauty and cleanliness of the straw, use the following method of shredding: clean the vegetable is peeled using a special knife, and then they immediately pass on all the carrots, pulling it and "removing" layer by layer.

It turns out that something like petals. They need to twist the bundle, it is subsequently cut with a utility knife – it turns a beautiful straws, but for snacks in Korean it usually turns out too thick.

How to make short strips of carrot?

To make short sticks (e.g. for salads), the easiest way of cutting:

The vegetable is cleaned from the peel, cut into slices with a thickness of 1-3 mm. put a Few slices on top of each other and cut them – get short straws.

Other methods of cutting

Many have already discovered the convenience of special tools for cutting vegetables – shape knives to containers, is equipped with a cutting coating. They do make it easier on Housewives, turning meats into beautiful food. These devices are sold in all hardware departments of stores in the markets.

Shredded carrots can be cut and with such shaped knife. It is similar to the one that cut off the peel, but additionally equipped with cutting teeth. The vegetable is cut along the plates, stacked together and end plates begin to hold this knife from top to bottom.

It is the most convenient way thinly slice the carrots into strips. Be very careful, long curls, perfect for snacks in Korean. The only thing – the knife need to get used to and use it with caution to avoid injury.

How to cut carrot sticks

Popular special devices can meet the float, which built a knife for cutting strips for Korean carrot. This kitchen miracle and a bag of spices can cook a great appetizer to any table for an hour. Carrots in Korean marinated very quickly, as the recipe involves adding vinegar.

In some modern models of grinders has a special knife for chopping to prepare snacks in Korean. In this case, all cuts will take about half a minute.

How to chop the carrots into cubes?

The straw will help to simplify the slicing of the carrots in small cubes. For this ground it is thus a vegetable stack together and cut into such Stozhkov finely get neat cubes.

In order to make them larger to fit the next method: carrots cut thick layers, they are divided along 2-3 more times (depending on the diameter of the root), then start cutting the blocks from the end. This option is perfect for novice cooks, has not yet mastered specially adapted for this knives, graters, and containers.

Why for each dish needs its own way of cutting?

To emphasize the taste of other ingredients during cooking, or the emphasis is on the carrot juice or on its structure. The smaller the chopped vegetable, the more juice it gets into the dish. But, for example, in a stew, on the contrary, the emphasis is on the structure of carrots and other root crops, so they decided to cut bigger. Snack in Korean structure is preserved due to the length of the straw.

What method of slicing carrots perfect for aspic?

How to cut carrot sticks

Often it depends on the taste preferences of those who the jelly is cooking. Some don't like the taste of cooked carrots in the dish, so before you pour it into plates, this vegetable spread. Others do of carrots decoration of jelly. In this case, it is necessary to cook properly so it is transparent, and then turn the dish so the carrots stay on top. To cut it, in that case, you need the following method:

The peeled vegetable is crushed slices at 3 mm., then each circle a few times you need to cut a triangle from the middle to the edge with a knife. So it turns out something like a flower. These flowers, once at the top of the finished dish, perfectly decorate it. Supplement composition is possible with a sprig of fresh herbs.

Another great way of slicing carrots for decorating – grind it slices diagonally, thinly (like how the sliced sausage).

How to prepare carrots for a snack in Korean?

If you manually can not make thin strips, and the devices only have a regular grater, not providing slicing for the carrots in Korean, you will gain the following way: the carrots should be grated on the large side, but keep it should not end, and along to the teeth of the grater walked the entire length of the vegetable. Thus get a long straw, suitable for making snacks in Korean.

To simplify the task

Many supermarkets sell packages with ready-made carrot, chopped julienne. It is sealed by vacuum method, so long can maintain its freshness. Even if the owner has not used the package is placed in the freezer, where it waits its hour. By the way, even without special packaging carrot stores well in conditions of low temperatures and not lose its structure, as it happens with cucumber or zucchini. It is often used for making snacks in Korean.

So, slicing carrot sticks manually, I should make a small supply, putting it in the freezer, so the next time it was not necessary to shred in the new.

Tips for beginners

How to cut carrot sticks
  • No. 1. The knife must be very sharp, otherwise, it's not quite neat straws, but all fixtures need to comply with safety regulations.
  • No. 2. Carrots should not be sluggish, otherwise a good straw will not work.
  • No. 3. To achieve the straw is medium in length you have to cut the vegetable crosswise and then cut into layers (but this is not suitable for carrots in Korean).
  • No. 4. Practice shows, the thinner managed to shred the straw, the more delicious dish with it.
  • No. 5. Using the method recommended by the chef (described above), you can immediately chop sticks a few vegetables with carrots, for example, cucumber, beets. It looks very impressive and colorful – suitable in the case of the preparation of the kid.

Therefore, in order to properly chop the carrots into strips, don't need much effort. This can be done either manually or with the help of special devices that sell in the departments with the dishes.

Successfully sliced vegetable will play an important role in the taste of the finished dish and decorate it. With the help of this cutting you can call intteres to vegetables in children.