How to cut the caret itself

Kare haircut that was popular in Ancient Egypt. It can help to create a unique image, to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. Despite the basic options, you can always make the additions.

Consider how the haircut is done the caret itself without the involvement of other people, and also what forms of styling you can apply. But let's first find out if you are suitable for this variant?

The content of the article

Features haircuts

The classic version can be a great base for other kinds of penalty, such as the graded, asymmetrical with bangs. It is important to understand what is right for you:

  • Kare extension suitable for almost everyone. Curls can be straight or slightly curly;
  • To reject such options it is recommended that anyone with a short neck, as the whole will be the focus on this part of the body;
  • Asymmetric caret will be the perfect option for owners of oval faces, women with large features;
  • The classical variant it is better to have straight tresses regardless of their density or color;
  • Women with a round face and curly hair it is better to find another way. As this option only visually expand the face.

Easy installation and timeless way to make this haircut very popular. But for some people it is quite difficult to explain to the master what image you want to create, so some try to accomplish your desired hairstyle by home conditions are not an obstacle to the creation of beauty.


How to cut the caret on your own: step by step instructions

In order to cut the hair, you need to buy a special hairdressing scissors for haircuts, and buy hair clips or rubber bands. Now consider how to make the caret at home:

  1. Like any other haircut, the hair must be perfectly clean and moist;
  2. The head is divided into 7 zones. Start cutting the front, separated from a selected zone, a strand width of 3 cm;
  3. Place the scissors parallel to the floor and in one motion cut off the desired length. It is important to remember that when determining the length of the hair not to pull the strand in order not to obtain undesirable results. The classic Bob that ends below the chin, but the length can be selected at the personal request;
  4. Now gradually separate the other hair from the front area of the head and trimmed them to the same length as the first strand;
  5. After all the trimmed area ahead, move to back. Hair comb to avoid matting. To create the right hairstyle you need to trim control the number of curls along the perimeter of occipital area 2 cm wide. Scissors should always be parallel to the floor;
  6. Return to the front area. Comb the nape and starting to cut strands from the bottom up so that the length was everywhere the same. Then cut in the same way makeshadow area;
  7. The most recent shear zone above the forehead. Divide the hair parted in the middle and cut, as in the previous steps;
  8. When all the excess sheared off, you begin to thoroughly comb the entire head. This will help you see strands of different lengths or missed hairs that can be easily adjusted;
  9. Now begin to dry curls. To create a perfectly straight and smooth styling apply outweek or other existing rectifier. For receiving the rounded ends using a round brush. In the end, all varnish.

Creating asymmetrical quads,take into account only one difference. The hair on the sides should be different lengths, but converge into one at the rear. Start to cut back gradually on the one hand increase the length to the required level. The bangs better to make too oblique, which goes to the very haircut. The rest are the same as when creating a classical version of the haircut, and then, realizing the features of the first to make asymmetric also is not difficult.

Styling the caret in the home does not require any expensive devices. Usually it makes using funds that have in any girls Arsenal.

Features of drying and styling the caret

Necessary accessories:

  • Any hair dryer;
  • Round and flat combs;
  • Styling that best suits your hair;
  • Curler or hair straightener.

How to do the styling:

  1. Laying only on clean hair, it will allow you to create the perfect image, and leave the easy way;
  2. The curls dried and applied a little mousse for volume, which will help to lift strands at the roots and lightly round the ends. All this creates a round shape;
  3. Complete drying is carried out by using the Hairdryer and round brush;
  4. Not to get glued hair, try not to overdo it with styling tools.

Styling with curlers, which create a romantic image, you can make it even easier:

  • Wet locks is applied to the foam, and well-comb, separating the strands, put these roller-curlers;
  • Carefully his head dry with hair dryer and clean curler;
  • Depending on the quantity and structure of hair they can comb or brush to fingers;
  • In the end, all sprinkled with varnish.

Instead of curlers, you can use a Curling iron. Check the perfect place to create the image using this tool. Itself can be laid without much effort.

Styling the caret can also be made without any tools, for example, if the dryer broke down or turn off the lights:

  1. Wet tresses comb, wide comb, separated parted in the middle or takesawa ago;
  2. The front strands, it is recommended to tighten in the middle with your fingers;
  3. After comb round comb. In conclusion, use mousse, or wax. Dry strands sprinkled lacquer.

Thus, it is possible to style the caret is elongated, creating a kind of negligence on his head.

The decision to haircut under the caret will bring many advantages, as will appear with the options to create a large number of pilings. Often the first time is to repeat that salon styling does not, however, over time, accumulated skills. All this will enable us daily to create original images in the home.