How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?

Disease the coccyx in most cases, start to treat only when they have reached a serious stage, as the painful events people sedentary occupations are paying attention a little, explaining that the fatigue caused by sedentary posture.

Meanwhile, even the slight discomfort in this region may indicate the beginning of her inflammatory processes. Cause pain syndrome can disease of bone and muscular system and diseases of organs located near the lower spine.

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Causes of pain in the coccyx

When the pain in the coccyx pain may occur in it, and in the area adjacent to it.

Causes inflammation of the tailbone and organs near it may be:

How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?
  • injury;
  • diseases of the spine osteochondrosis, offset disks, etc.;
  • pathology of the pelvic bones;
  • bowel disease: hemorrhoids, proctitis, rectal fissure, and others;
  • diseases of the urinary system: cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis;
  • prostatitis in men;
  • prolapse of the perineum, inflammation of the pelvic organs, prolapse of the pelvic floor muscles in women;
  • cysts of the coccyx;
  • load when sitting, especially if you have to sit on the soft;
  • tight clothing.

About 30% of complaints of pain in the coccyx refers to idiopathic.

How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?

One of the most common inflammation of the coccyx in women is coccygodynia. This disease significantly affects quality of life, pain radiates to the perineum and buttocks, it is difficult to perform becomes a natural action – to bend, to have sex, is complicated by the act of defecation.

In men, the disease occurs 6 times less frequently – this is due to anatomical features of the structure of the pelvis. Osteoarthritis of the Sacro-coccygeal joint occurs when degenerative processes of the tissues of the skeleton in this area.

The disease may long to be in remission and can worsen when you increase the stress or hypothermia. Pain dull and sharp, at rest, subside.

What are the pain in the coccyx and what do they show?

The nature of pain and its time of occurrence, you can roughly diagnose the disease that it causes.

How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?

Pain in the coccyx can occur when you try to rise from a sitting position. Such a radiating characteristic of commissural process in the abdominal and scarring after surgery in the perineal region.

Pain in the lower spine occur when tilting. To lead them inflammatory diseases of organs of small pelvis: adnexa, bladder, uterus; hemorrhoids, disease of the hip joints, cysts of different localization in organs of small pelvis and tailbone.

Sharp pain in the coccyx and buttocks causes neuralgia of the sciatic nerve.

Nagging dull pain indicate inflammatory processes in the reproductive system.

Pain is felt below the spine – it can be when the prolapse of the perineum, when the fistula or rectal fissures in the anus, fracture vestigial segment, its subluxation. The pain remain, even if the injury was recorded a few years ago.

If the symptoms of pain above the tailbone of a permanent nature, aggravated by physical exertion and touch, the more likely it neuralgia – inflammation of the nerves emanating from the sacral or lumbar spine.

Women have pain in the end of the spine are associated with menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth. In men is common "cipova disease" – consequences of the drive for tracked vehicles or large-sized motorcycles – transport visaonline vibration.

How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?

Strong pain causes coccyx cyst and its purulent inflammation. The coccyx is a rudimental education, the final section of the spine, from which was formed the tail. In congenital pathologies – the reduction of muscles of the tail – at the base of the tailbone occurs hollow tube, a kind of fistula that is not associated with the bone tissue.

This is the cyst called a pilonidal sinus or a fistula. In this hollow tube accumulate slomannye epithelial cells, natural fluids – blood and lymph, which forms a breeding ground for pathogens if it is to penetrate. About their features of development of the person already knows on the inflammatory phase, the impetus which give infectious diseases and conditions caused by injury or hypothermia.

Also on the coccyx disease affect age-related changes, environmental factors, lesions of the skeletal system infections, or autoimmune diseases.

Treatment of inflammation of the lower spine

How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?

Despite the shared symptoms, treatment of inflammation of the tailbone starts only after a precise clarification of the cause of the disease.

In most cases of pain are side symptoms of diseases that develop in the nearby organs, so it should treat the main disease. In some cases, to eliminate inflammation antibiotics are prescribed.

To eliminate the effects of trauma help physiotherapy, reflexology, massage.

Appointed anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and laxatives to remove the voltage when excessive physical effort. Sometimes you have to resort to blockades, the purpose of steroid drugs.

To reduce the pain while sitting use a special device – a lining under the buttocks like a lifeline.

It helps to relieve the coccyx from the additional load.

Inflammation cyst the tailbone cannot be cured by traditional medicine. Required surgical intervention to reduce the risk of infection in the subcutaneous channel.

At a purulent inflammation of the tailbone the cyst cavity is opened, cleaned, removed branches. During the rehabilitation period, there are regular dressings, it is necessary to reduce physical activity, avoid temperature extremes, to control the position of the body.

Rehabilitation is withdrawn up to 6 weeks, but the risk of re-infection is quite high. Appear as complications fistula, purulent abscesses, eczema of the epidermis in the surrounding region. From the holes of the pilonidal sinus disease begins permanent pus.

How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?

Join the antibiotics for inflammation of cysts of the coccyx, after the elimination of the acute process is repeated procedure of cleaning and the radical elimination of the cyst – excision of all cavities and scar tissue. The surgery is performed under anesthesia, the patient can choose the method of anesthesia – local or General.

After the operation must be under the supervision of a physician at least 6 weeks. 3 weeks is impossible to sit or lie on the back, it is forbidden to lift weights.

Required daily to wash mezhyagodichnoy region, is used for this only a shower – take a bath strictly prohibited. In the area of surgical intervention required within six months to perform hair removal.

Folk medicine for pain in lower spine, the cause of which is inflammation of the cyst, I suggest rubbing warming ointments and compresses of infusions made from herbal remedies.

Recipes tools from the Arsenal of traditional healers and physical education

Surgery is performed in severe injuries.

But to remove the discomfort will help the following methods:

How to deal with the inflammation of the coccyx?
  • Compresses made of blue clay with Apple cider vinegar – tablespoon of vinegar in 500 grams of clay;
  • Ointment from the mummy and rose oil components are blended in equal amounts;
  • Rubbing honey, radish and alcohol. 100 g of honey, 150 g of radish juice, 50 g of alcohol.

To reduce painful symptoms will help exercise therapy:

  • Starting position – lying on back with legs bent in knees, arms on the inner side of the knee. You should try to connect his knees, disturbing the action on their own;
  • The position on the back, between the knees, hold the ball, with the arms try to reduce the protrusion of the abdomen;
  • Exercise is also performed lying down. The ball squeezed between the feet – it is required to lift and fix in 7-10 seconds;
  • Original position as the first exercise, only the arms along the body. The pelvis is evenly lifted.

All the exercises that relieves pain in the coccyx, performed slowly enough for up to 6-8 repetitions.

The occurrence of pain in the coccyx during changes of body position or at rest is the reason to seek medical attention. This symptom can help to detect many inflammatory processes in the body and eliminate them at an early stage.