How to decorate a cake: tips for home bakers

Looking for confectionery products of industrial production inevitably fall into depression: it seems the house will never turn out as beautiful and original decorate a cake made on their own. In reality, it's much easier than it seems, and in order to decorate the cake at home, do not need expensive and specific adaptations, experience and special skills. Fantasy – this is the main component of success in this business. But the practical advice you will find in this publication.

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Prepare the cream

How to decorate a cake: tips for home bakers

On the surface of the cake appeared neat and edible bordyurchik, leaves and flowers, you need to prepare the cream, which will not be spread because of its elasticity and density.

One of the options of how to decorate the cake sweet cream is the use of condensed milk. 4-5 tablespoons of this product be mixed so100 grams of good butter, beaten to the air condition.

That decorations of cream was not of the same type and color, the finished mass can be tinted with industrial or natural dyes. The role of the latter there may be the juice squeezed from spinach, carrots or beets, the same instant coffee or cherry.

If you don't have a special pastry syringe or bag, the roses, bordyurchik and ruching can be formed using the sheet of construction paper folded in a cone. He cut off the bottom tip, then taper to half filled with cream.

Experimenting with fondant

To work with fondantsheer pleasure as the cupcake material is ideal for modeling different types of figurines, floral, geometric and floral compositions. Not necessarily to buy expensive ready-made fondant, because it really made at home using chewing marshmallows – marshmallows.

In this case, you should follow these recommendations on how to decorate your cake with fondant:

How to decorate a cake: tips for home bakers
  • A small number of marshmallows melted in a water bath or in the microwave;
  • The mass obtained is added food coloring to the desired shade, a bit of whole milk or water with citric acid;
  • How to get from a master pastry, to decorate nice and neat, and the cake would look presentable and appetizing, in the marshmallow mass is to add a piece of good butter. Then it will become more ductile and malleable;
  • The next step will be adding the sifted flour and sugar powder, taken in the ratio 1:1 or 3:1. Flour from potatoes deliver the finished mastic from excessive cloying;
  • The pulp then falls out of the crockery on the table, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and it should be well stirred, as is done with conventional test. As soon as it ceases to stick to hands, you can begin to sculpt the intended composition.

If mastic was not used immediately and in full, you can wrap food in plastic, and store in a refrigerator for three months.

The icing

The icing is a patisserie the drawing weight, which is ideal for how to decorate a homemade chocolate cake.

It is done in the following way:

How to decorate a cake: tips for home bakers
  • In a bowl mixed fresh chilled single protein and a tsp of lemon juice;
  • The billet is added powdered sugar, 200 g;
  • The mass is whipped until then, until it becomes so thick that it was no problem to squeeze out a pastry syringe or a homemade cone from construction paper.

Options and patterns to decorate the cake at home, using icing, it is better to draw or print in advance. Then the paper with the drawing superimposed solid food polyethylene, which is further lubricated with olive oil.

How to decorate a cake: tips for home bakers

Further, thin and solid lines, the outlines of jewellery intended for decorating the surface and sides of the cake. Pieces allowed to dry, which can take several days.

Similarly, you can decorate the pastry fishnet figurines, using melted chocolate of different colors. Another option of how to personally decorate the cake with chocolate, is it rubbing on a coarse or fine grater. It seems that too corny?

Try to combine chips of different factions, to make it larger or roll the melted chocolate in a long and graceful tube, use a treat of a different color, add to the invented composition of nuts or fresh (dried) fruits/berries.

A win-win

The easiest and bright ways to decorate a cake on their own, is the use of fresh, frozen and canned fruits and berries.

How to decorate a cake: tips for home bakers

Dessert, decorated with such products is always of gastronomic interest, and never left without proper attention. And this is despite the fact that virtually all the ways to decorate the cake fruit available in terms of Finance and implementation.

For example, bright and unusual looks cakes, generously covered with cream or white icing on which on a circle lined with slices or chunks of your favorite fruit. In this case, the most ideal combination will be blueberries, currants and strawberries.

Gentler looks cake, all covered with the same white cream on top of neatly arranged slices of grapes, kiwi, orange or pineapple. You can show a little patience and imagination, and put out fruit of the rose or even the full composition.

Chocolate cake just looks advantageous with ripe strawberries. Moreover, the berries can not even cut, and to put the entire, simultaneously decorating fresh mint leaves.

As you can see, to make your homemade cakes a true work of art — not so difficult.

You do not need expensive products or devices, only patience, diligence, imagination and good mood.