How to develop and strengthen my willpower?

Many a weak character – a real problem, the trouble is that neither myself nor after a conversation with a friend or to consult a psychologist for group training. Here we have debunked the most popular methods, and to be honest, visits to classrooms, and endless plaintive conversations does not look like the way to get rid of your weaknesses.

What is left to do?

Let's not go into philosophy and argue about the destiny of Man to do his will and to grow spiritually. We all have a much better understanding of more mundane examples. And what good will power?

How to develop and strengthen my willpower?

This character helps its possessor to live better in all respects: you can quit the habit, get a better body, to finish, to get a coveted position at work – solved – done!

Even if you are a fragile girl, strength of character you need as much as education and livelihood. Maybe even more.

Because apathy leads to all these difficulties, about which so much is written: overweight, terrible skin from Smoking, depression, unfulfilled dreams, a sick stomach from bad food... the list is long. So how to develop willpower in order to not have then to clean up all these blockages, the consequences of our weakness?

Try to understand what is the secret of a strong character.

The content of the article

Start with motivation

Inside each of us lives an inner voice is our saboteur, who must critically assess every desire and to suggest rational if his execution. But our saboteur is cunning, making you weak instead of intelligent people.

Let's make up a story. For example, you need to lose weight because of shortness of breath – you find it hard to climb up the stairs and you can't jog, but would like to, after all, a healthy and sporty lifestyle is now in Vogue.

In addition, you think that you too often eat chocolate bars, and it's expensive, you could save money and buy the house of a good thing (lamp, picture). And you hesitated to go to the beach because your ambitions are high (want to show off a slender body in a crimson bathing suit), and the data is not a fountain. And raspberry swimsuit you are pulled off the shelf in the store because I was ashamed of the opinion of the seller, they say, where is this fat girl with this color.

In short, in our history, you have plenty of motives to have weight loss. But the saboteur ruining everything: it's the plaintive voice will surely remind you how unfair you did today at work, as you laugh with the local runners in the Park (and you will laugh!) let me remind you that you are very hungry and surely your evening fatigue is a sign that you burned a lot of calories – now they can make chocolate.

How to develop and strengthen my willpower?

And certainly the saboteur will hurt you, thinking that your life is so far from ideal that is nothing to try to pose as beautiful anyway you are all, inconspicuous gray mouse in the crowd, so what's the difference, you fat or slim?

That's about how we lose our intrinsic motivation within fraction of seconds. Note that the inner voice that undermines you faith in himself and the correctness of their decisions – is you. How to overcome the harmful saboteur?

The way to overcome the sabotage

First you have to get rid of the self-pity. Think, if you do not touch own failing at work, you're on the bus yelled at you ham, you don't cry over the bitter fate that your hunger is today not completely satisfied – you are free from the obligation to console yourself! There is a magic formula, which is difficult to overestimate.

We so rarely use it, because we live in a time when our desires shall be fulfilled with lightning speed (as in advertising chocolate, say). This simple hackneyed phrase – "who doesn't?".

Indeed, the step towards the education of willpower is the full recognition that your challenges are not unique and not worth it for them collapsed such wonderful plans!

How to develop and strengthen my willpower?

You want to lose weight is your desire, based on objective needs for good health and good spirits, the approval of yourself and your lifestyle.

So why all these complaints?

Are you really so miserable without chocolate bar, fun sneakers in the Park, knowing that your life is not flowing on the California coast, as in your favorite series, and in a residential area a cold Northern city?

This should never bother you to take care of the accomplishment of your plans! You are discouraged? – "Who does not happen!". Keep going towards your goal, despite the desire to give yourself some credit for "suffering".

Practice for strong-willed character

When you way thought managed to strengthen inner resolve, you can take on the methods of development will.

Human will power have been given to be active. And therefore, the best reception education willpower is action. Don't believe those who say that the key to auditory training, for example, or the repetition of positive formulas or compiling a list of their past wins to raise morale. It's all just a warm-up before the real fight.

There are two ways to train a character: small and large. Small way means that you have lost faith in themselves and are afraid to start a big case, you do not want to make important decisions and are afraid to even want something, knowing that all would not be able to achieve this because of a weak will, because you love to give yourself.

Progress begins when you start implementing big decisions in their lives: changes at work, in relationships, in your own body, travel, savings, a new way of life. Training the character on that, you are teetering on the brink ensure that you have got to achieve success in the serious business or to give in to the circumstances (not yourself).

How to develop and strengthen my willpower?

They say that to develop will power you can gradually, it is true, but it is impossible to develop through the day. The paradox is that the constant will also need willpower, but a bit of a plan – you need to keep in mind the phrase that briefly States your main motive. In our example in the beginning of the article it will not be the phrase "I want to lose weight?!", a reminder that in addition to your desires and whims in the world there are objective things – "Slimness – this is important!". Keep in mind constantly the importance of your decisions, and exercise the willpower to be successful.

How to train willpower?

For starters, give yourself a task whose priority is low for you, but you all will do a certain action every day, just because you decided so. And no one is able to disappoint you in your goal, because in fact this action is no specific purpose.

Do something steadily just because you decided so. For example, exercise 3 times every night or morning you are not going to pump up your biceps, you're going to make a decision and stick to it come what may. Or get a plant and water it every three days, not forgetting without losing, at the same time. This is a little sense to you, so that your inner saboteur is silent.

And when time passes, you'll look back and realize that doing the same action for a month or six months, even when not wanted to, even when you didn't believe that you need these push-UPS!

Do you have a minimum willpower! This is a very effective exercise, and those interested in human energy, understand what inner power lies in performing simple vows himself.

When you get a great way you can set yourself an important goal of which will depend on your self-esteem, perhaps, your health, your income, and even the welfare of other people.

At this stage, do an exercise that is done by the big dealers businesses to stay in shape and not take hasty decisions:

How to develop and strengthen my willpower?
  1. when you feel that it will crack and break the plan, you will retire from his situation;
  2. stay alone and in silence;
  3. mentally or aloud speak for themselves, the points of all the circumstances of life, the pressure of which you are now experiencing, everything goes according to plan and what not;
  4. say to yourself with full awareness that bad circumstances can affect a business, but may not affect your decision to achieve the result;
  5. ask yourself: is this the moment that will discourage you now and will be deprived of power?
  6. breathe, think about future plans, step back from the situation;
  7. when you feel that acquired control of his will, return to your problems;
  8. what decisions can you make now?
  9. what you need to give up right now not to lose what you already have?
  10. go to work, closer to the cherished goal!

And finally – you must know the truth about the power of the spirit, that nurture it in yourself takes a lifetime. Don't beat yourself up too small as you think, progress – some of them do not happen, and you have!