How to do a minx manicure at home?

Cover the nails with a special sticker today is just wildly popular. This design of the nail plates can be seen at domestic and foreign stars of show business, and most young girls who want to always look sexy and attractive.

Minx manicure – a very expensive procedure, and not every woman can afford to regularly visit a beauty salon for its implementation. However, to cover their nails minxue possible and at home, and it does not require any special knowledge and experience.

film minx nail

Coating minx nail is a sticker that is very easy to adhere to the nail plates by using only a special ultraviolet lamp. To carry out this procedure very easily, and as a result you get an incredibly bright manicure of the highest quality, which will surely attract the attention of others.

Most girls are attracted to the following advantages of the film minx nail:

  • has about 350 types of different shades, among which all the fair sex, of any age and status, you will definitely find something that will have her liking;
  • always looks great, is extremely fashionable and bright style element women;
  • is very strong and durable material and, in addition, protects the nail plate from adverse mechanical and thermal effects;
  • absolutely safe, does not cause allergic reactions and has no foreign smell;
  • perfectly kept, and at the hands of her incredible brilliance and elegance remain about two weeks, and on his feet – about 3 weeks;
  • does not require any special care. The only recommendation directly after the procedure you must try as much as possible to contact with hot water;
  • very easy to remove. If you decide to get rid of too bright manicure, just dip your fingers in hot water, and minxy depart from the nail plate very quickly and easily;
  • if the tip of the blade unexpectedly started to come off, its very easy to return to its original place, without recourse to specialists. Just enough to soften the flaking edge Meeks warm air stream, obtained during use of the dryer, and after that hard to nail him with a finger from the opposite hand.

stickers minx nail


Despite the fact that the film minx is attached to the nail plate very easily, for first time better to go to a beauty salon to a qualified master. Specialist must conduct an ordinary trimming procedure or the European manicure, a special lamp will warm any sticker and carefully stick it to your nails.

Then, using a small nail master if necessary, remove the excess and give the desired shape.

After a salon procedure at least once, you can closely observe the process and to examine in detail how the expert. In the future, when you want to start doing minx nails at home, you will be able to imagine what and in what sequence you need to do.

First and foremost, for a successful application beautiful and original cover minx on your nails, you will have to stock up on all the necessary tools and materials.

In particular, you'll need the following:

  • stickers minx right color and style;
  • nail clippers that you are comfortable to use;
  • small glass nail file;
  • orange stick;
  • a special ultraviolet lamp;
  • the means for degreasing the surface.

Directly for the procedure use the following statement:

  1. if necessary, remove old Polish, clean and buff the nail plate;
  2. using small scissors cut the sticker to the desired shape and size with a small margin;
  3. using an orange stick, carefully peel the sticker from the film and heat it under a special heat lamp for nails;
  4. this sticker will post on the nail plate and then a uniform motion wooden stick to spread it over the surface and secure. Same way put all other minxy, then place hands or feet under the lamp and hold it in for 3-4 minutes. This will be enough time to film maximum is firmly grasped with all the nail plates;
  5. through the growth of the nail with nail scissors carefully cut the excess pieces of stickers. Then, using glass nail files correct all the irregularities and notches;
  6. if in some places the film minx went outside of the side bolsters, remove the scissors cuticle;
  7. finally, at the end of the procedure, all nails should be covered with a colorless translucent varnish and wait for it to dry completely.

The procedure for application minx manicure is very quick and easy, and in professional beauty Studio run time is not more than half an hour. At home, of course, it may all be a little more difficult, especially the first time.

Stock up on enough time and patience, and you definitely get a great bright and incredibly beautiful manicure luxury!

Minx Nails How-To Tutorial