How to eliminate obstruction of the tear ducts in a newborn?

One of the common ailments of the sphere of ophthalmology in newborns is the occlusion of the lacrimal canal. In the conditions of the hospital, almost immediately after the appearance of the baby born, a new mother show you how to properly care for the baby and, of course, show the procedure of washing. It was during such and notice that the first violation – the acidification of the eye.

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Obstruction of the lacrimal canal — what is it?

Tears is a bodily fluid that performs a number of important functions. For example, they moisten the eyeball, preventing it from dryness, that is, moisturize and nourish a useful and necessary substances. In addition, they perform the disinfectant function, protecting the body from harmful microorganisms.

When the tears performs its function, it exits the eye through the lacrimal drainage system:

How to eliminate obstruction of the tear ducts in a newborn?
  • point and tubules;
  • pouch;
  • the nasal canal.

In the period of intrauterine development of the aforementioned paths remain closed gelatin film. It is created by the body specifically to prevent the body through the Airways of amniotic fluid.

After the birth, this film is broken and, consequently, the tear duct opens. However, sometimes it is not. Then and congenital obstruction of the lacrimal canal.

This pathology may occur at a later age, that is, it also affects children and adults.

However, the disease in such cases does not arise by itself, and triggered by some reasons such as the following:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • protracted rhinitis;
  • tumor;
  • trauma;
  • age-related changes, etc.

Symptoms of obstruction of the lacrimal canal

How to eliminate obstruction of the tear ducts in a newborn?

If the film at the time of birth is not impacted and remains closed, select the fluid collects in the lacrimal SAC. The result is stagnation. The eyes (or both) can be constantly tear. And as you know, moist environment – the fertile ground for the growth of microbes. In the end, the stagnation causes the development of infection and inflammation — dacryocystitis.

When infection of the eye is starting to cause a flow of pus, they are constantly sour, especially in the morning. To verify obstruction of the lacrimal system can be a very simple way: click on the lacrimal SAC or lacrimal point (in the outer corners of the eye). In pathology due to pressure will stand out liquid, possibly with pus.

Narrowing of the tear ducts without treatment in newborns leads to complications. Often it happens that the first visit to the ophthalmologist takes place after a few months or even years since the onset of the disease. In such a situation, of course, is assigned to the appropriate treatment, but to completely restore the function of the lacrimal SAC will not succeed.

For such a long period of time, he would suffer greatly and lose natural elasticity, becomes flabby. To prevent such complications, you must consult a doctor at the first sign of a breach.

How to treat obstruction

How to eliminate obstruction of the tear ducts in a newborn?

About the right time to start therapy among physicians, there is debate: some experts believe that take steps immediately after identifying the variances, while others recommend to wait until 2-3 months of age.

Treatment methods there are several, they are divided into conservative and radical. It should be noted, it is likely that wall, which is not bursting at birth, independently resolve in the first days of life, so no action is taken. But if the symptoms of disease manifested later, you need to consult an ophthalmologist.

How to massage the tear ducts in newborns

The doctor, after assessment, may decide to hold samples of Vesta to make the diagnosis. In addition, the specialist will pick up the eye drops and will show parents how to massage eyes to film exploded on their own and not have to resort to surgery.

The person who will do massage, should wear sterile gloves or use an antiseptic for the treatment of hands. Then used a medicine prescribed by your doctor. After 1-2 minutes begin to the procedure. With one hand hold the baby's head, the index finger of the second hand doing the clicking.

How to eliminate obstruction of the tear ducts in a newborn?

Do not put pressure on the eyeball. The processing of only the lacrimal point. The movement should be jerky, from the outer edge to the inner eye. After massage eye rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in a decoction of chamomile, calendula or tea.

The child may cry, toss and turn, trying to turn away. It is not necessary to interrupt the event – no discomfort, he does not feel, just don't understand what is happening. Massage the tear ducts in newborns need to perform gently, gently, talk to baby, stroke it. It is recommended to do it before feeding, then the child will calm down.

The duration and frequency of treatments is determined by the attending ophthalmologist. This also applies to time/dose of medications. The number of Mas can reach up to 10 per day. Often the course lasts several weeks, and some doctors recommend doing it even for a couple of months.

Probing of the tear ducts in newborns

If conservative methods have not produced the desired results, resort to this procedure. It refers to radical methods, although complete surgical intervention, it is still far. Hold it in the case when the process is already running or became chronic.

How to eliminate obstruction of the tear ducts in a newborn?

Sensing is a fast and safe procedure. This operation is performed under local anesthesia so not painful (allows for slight discomfort). During its carrying out with the baby can be of parents. The specialist uses a special probe that is inserted into the lacrimal duct, and extends the latter. Then the film breaks. This breakthrough in the nasolacrimal duct allows to normalize the outflow of fluid.

During rehabilitation, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics (drops) to prevent the development of infection. Antibacterial drugs are sometimes administered before the procedure. After sensing the need to perform massage.

However, if there is congenital narrowing, provoked by physiological pathology, it will help only surgery, however, such operations are only doing the child reaches 5-6 years.

Lavage solutions and decoctions of the tear ducts in newborns

The doctor, if necessary, assigns and other treatments. For example, rinsing with a special saline solution with antibiotic. Performs such activities only specialist. Used analgesic (solution of tetracaine 0,25%).

An important role in the treatment and after it plays good hygiene. In addition, you can Supplement the basic therapy of folk remedies. In this case we are talking about compresses with a decoction of herbs – chamomile, calendula, and dill. Also, the doctor may recommend rinsing your tea or instillation juice of Kalanchoe.