How to entertain guests at the table? Make the holiday fun!

Many people prefer to celebrate the festive event is not in a cafe or restaurant, and at home. Invite your friends and family in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere to entertain all the culinary delights of her own making, to celebrate in a close circle wedding, anniversary, 23 February or March 8.

But that such a holiday did not become monotonous eating, you should find some way to entertain guests at the table.

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Where to start?

How to entertain guests at the table? Make the holiday fun!

Make a guest list. Think that it would be interesting for them. These could be colleagues or people who share some Hobbies? Then you can prepare themed contests. If people of different ages, professions and interests, then come up with a program that will suit everyone.

Find proactive, creative assistants: alone to come up with entertainment much more difficult. You can even give guests the task: to come up on the competition or to prepare something interesting from myself.

You can write the regulated scenario, but you can just procure a few contests or entertainment room and give the occasion some freedom of improvisation.

If you have opted for a scenario, then decide who will be in the role of facilitator. Certainly in any company, there are sociable, witty person that can capture everyone's attention.

If among the guests there are people who are able to sing well or play musical instruments, arrange them on a kind of mini-concert. In the end, even karaoke can revive your party.

Than to entertain guests at the wedding

Many are tired of the standard vulgar contests, Toastmasters, reading "witty" poems and constantly calling for drink. Step away from the templates and come up with something more intelligent.

For example, arrange a "talent Contest". Give each guest a task in advance (with invitation): prepare a gift with their own hands, according to their talent, and figure out how to present it to young. It can be anything: song, dance, painting, embroidered towel, some souvenir.

Even if the talent is not out of the realm of art— for example, he is a good electrician, to come up with something funny on the subject of wires and bulbs is also possible. Special talents, of course, have all. Even if it's old grandmother, she probably bakes amazing pies or preserves the cucumbers.

A talented businessman knows how to make money — the usual envelope with the money you can beat a gift made with your own hands. The main thing is to lead helped for all the invitees to make their statements easy. For the best, according to young, the gift can award the prize.

For "passive entertainment" at the table is a good idea to prepare the slide show. Pick touching, fun, memorable photos of the newlyweds showing their lives before meeting each other, meeting the development of relations. Apply appropriate music, make the original text.

You can add to the story a picture of your parents — "Thanks to you we have grown as is". Such mental slide-show is very popular with the guests.

How to entertain guests on the anniversary or on the birthday

Invite each of the participants to share how they met the birthday boy. If it's relatives, it is possible to offer in return to tell some funny story of the life of the celebrant from childhood.

How to entertain guests at the table? Make the holiday fun!

In order to involve everyone and shouldn't even have to get up from the table, you can organize a game of "Candy". In an opaque pouch to put candy in three different colors. Let everyone pull out a candy. Those who went to, for example, red will have to share a funny story related to the celebrant, or a joke, a Limerick, a tongue Twister.

The owners of blue candies will be asked to tell an exquisite compliment to the birthday boy. And for those who got green candy, think of some simple task, like say the original request.

For the anniversary, too, can make slideshows: choose photos from the birth of the birthday boy. Great if the pictures are funny, supplemented with inscriptions and music.

How to entertain guests on February 23

This "manly" you are to come up with corresponding competitions. If your guests are active, easy-going, and also if space allows, arrange competitions among men from competition for push-UPS, to regular Darts.

By the way, the Darts can be thought of as anything: for example, cut from a paper circle the size of the target to divide it into sectors, each painted in a different color and write "love", "calculation", "need", "don't remember, I was drunk", etc.

The host asks a question to the participants (for example, "Why are you married?"), and they have to throw a dart and hit a definite answer. Options of labels and the issues can be many.

You can also include in entertainment popular men's competition of "Football". Men wear a belt to which the ropes are tied something heavy (a bottle) so that it almost touched the floor. Put a small ball (tennis) and constructed a symbolic gate.

Task — to score a goal. The options are many: participants and gates can be two, and win the one who will score the first goal, and you can complicate the task and try to get the ball into the opponent's goal.

How to entertain guests at home?

Take note of a few nezaezzhennaya games and contests that will be useful for any occasion:

  • "Funny alphabet".Everyone present must make a toast/wish/confession of love that it begins with specific letters: first guest starts with "A", the second "B" and so on. It's funny to hear the phrase in the letter "S" and "Th";
  • "Collective wish". Guests are divided into two teams (at the wedding, for example — a team of the bride and groom, you can just men/women). Each team is given a sheet of paper and a pen. The signal from the leading first person writes one word that conveys the sheet to the next person who writes another word and so on, so that in the end it was a coherent desire. The winning team, which turned out better;
  • "Portrait of the woman". Call several pairs. Everyone is blindfolded. Women give up A4 sheets (or more) fixed on a solid basis. Male markers. Need to draw a portrait of the woman. The signal from the leading job is completed, the facilitator collects the drawings and shuffles. Participants then removed the bandages. The task of the women to recognize themselves in the portrait. You can also determine the best portrait by a vote of applause;
  • "Love is...". All guests distributed leaflets and pens (crayons, pencils). Need to come up with an interesting definition of love. You can even draw. Then the leaves are collected and counted by the moderator (or master, young or at the wedding). The winner is determined by the young or by the guests themselves;
  • "What's in my purse?". This competition is perfect for 8 March. The presenter read out a list of things that can be in a female handbag. Those ladies who have this item is in the bag now, raise your hands and show it. For this they are awarded symbolic prizes. As you know, in a purse can be anything, so in a list it's funny to include not only the perfume, umbrella and spare stockings, but also pliers, a sandwich, a condom or a hangover cure.
How to entertain guests at the table? Make the holiday fun!

With the help of these kind and not vulgar games you can entertain your guests at birthday, wedding or any other occasion.

Most importantly, be careful, welcome to all the guests, make sure the company was not bored, but not be pushy. Maintain casual conversation, time to try to mitigate the escalating dispute, at the right time to change the subject.

Ask the guests what they wanted: sing, dance, play games or just talk? Do not impose your version of events, if I see that it does not resonate. Maybe right now, guests do not want active competitions, and in half an hour they "ripen".

Be careful, tactful — and let your holiday will be 100%!