How to equip a small bathroom: tips and interesting ideas

Small one-bedroom apartments in the real estate market today occupy a leading position. And no wonder — small-sized housing is available at a price, besides is ideal for families without children or with one child. But, alas, malogabaritki almost always different significant drawback — a small and cramped bathroom, an area which can vary from 2.6 to 5 m2.


But the bathroom is the place where you want to install the plumbing, the washing machine, to put all the necessary for washing and hygiene things.

Besides, it is here that each of the family members daily spends a lot of time in the mornings and evenings...

So how do you correct and practical to equip the bathroom with a small size? Will share some tips.

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How to equip a small bathroom?

Before you start remodeling or improvement, you first need to place all the emphasis and decide for yourself what details in the interior will be given a dominant place.

Essential elements usually are:

  • bath;
  • sink;
  • the toilet (if the toilet);
  • washer.

It is essential to save space by replacing the bath shower. This has many advantages:

  • you can take a shower quickly, thus saving on water (especially if you have standing water meters);
  • thanks to the sealed doors of a shower enclosure, you can easily protect the room from water spray;
  • dimensions of a shower enclosure is much more modest than a bath (even the smallest);
  • modern models of showers have multiple functions — a contrast shower, massage, "rain shower", "Turkish bath", etc. (however, if the plumbing system of your home has poor pressure, will have to take more than the normal shower).

To shower harmoniously fit into the interior of your bathroom is small in size and occupied less space, it is better not to buy it in the store, and make to order.

It is desirable that the shower doors were transparent — so you will be able to visually enhance the surrounding space.

However, the shower stall as an alternative to the bath is not for everyone. So, if you have a family there are older people, young children, people with disabilities, for the rational arrangement of small bathroom should look for other options.

Looking for a place for a washing machine


Bathrooms are small in size are often unable to accommodate a washing machine. This, of course, is not a reason to abandon such a brilliant invention of technology. For example, the machine can be placed in the kitchen or pantry (if available).

You can also install the washing machine under the sink or even above it (but this option is only suitable for tall people). In any case, when choosing a washing machine in a small apartment, you should give preference to small models.

But the hamper should be abandoned altogether, in our case it is simply irrational. Dirty Laundry can just put in the drum machine, and then, directly before washing, sort.

Installed mezzanine and looking for a place to bath accessories

When constructing a bathroom of small dimensions should not be neglected also mounted mezzanine. They can be both closed and open, without doors. They would be a great option for families with small children — located high mounted cabinets can be stored, for example, detergents for cleaning, household chemicals, in a word, everything what is necessary to protect the children. And, of course, it is great to save space.


The mezzanine can be booked at the Pro shop, and you can make yourself, with your own hands. The main thing — do not forget that the upper part of the bathroom has high humidity, so the mezzanine must be made of plastic, not wood.

Do not forget about the space under the bathroom that is often empty. In this place you can store, for example, numerous buckets, basins, cleaning supplies, etc. in order to hide things from the eyes, set beneath a side panel with sliding doors.

If the design involves lining tile for storing bathroom accessories you can install two small hatch on the edges of the tub — they look very carefully, do not spoil the interior and is securely closed away from children and Pets on the latch.

Expanding the space

To save space, install a corner bathroom fixtures. This, among other things, give the interior freshness and modernity. And the corner shelves over the bathtub allows you to place them a lot of necessary swimming accessories.

Expand the space of the room, the sink, over the bath (this is an option for very small bathrooms).


Choosing the furniture, use a combination of options — for example, wardrobe, mirror, hanging lockers oblong, etc. pay Special attention to the mirror, it is very important that it was big is beautiful and comfortable, also allows to visually enlarge the space by almost two times.

Outdoor plumbing is better to replace on the suspension. The toilet and bidet, attached to the wall, allow you to visually enlarge the room and give it a neat and stylish appearance. It is worth noting that to clean the bathroom with overhead plumbing is much easier than with outdoor.

If you equip the bathroom with your hands, make sure that the communication was between the wall and plumbing — so you can disguise the water pipes.

Play with colors and shapes

At facing of walls use tiles or ceramic mosaic of light, pastel colors because it allows to visually enlarge the space. However, it is not necessary to give preference to a monochromatic interior. To avoid the feeling of compactness, use 2 or 3 colors.


For example, in the floor near the bathtub or shower stall, you can include some tiles with textured coating contrasting with the main color — it will not only protect from falling, but also visually expand the space.

Visually "stretch" the room in height by using vertical lines, and the width is horizontal. The ceiling should be lighter than the floors and walls.

Subsequently to blend the interior with various accessories matching colours — towels, soap holders, racks, mats, etc. However, the abuse of such things is not necessary, because it makes the room visually smaller. Guided by the philosophy of minimalism — the less room, the less things have to be.

Accent lighting


Since the arrangement of the bathroom, to pre-select a lighting type. The ideal option would be a bright ceiling light. If necessary, you can change the direction of light beam and even color. It is desirable that the bathroom was lit better than all the other rooms in the apartment.

In any case it is impossible to prevent water ingress to the light source, as this may lead to a short circuit. That is why owners of small bathrooms should abandon the floor and side light type.

Also worth special attention paid to the indicators of water resistance of a shell lighting fixtures indicated on the packaging. Remember that the bathroom is a figure — 4 IPX and above.

As you can see, a small bathroom is not a reason to abandon fashionable and stylish interior design ideas. If you are sure that you do it right, ask for help from professional designers. Experiment, mix and match different options and you will succeed!

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas!