How to finish knitting?

Every onset of cold weather accompanied by the idea of how to dress warmly. Of course, we want to protect them from cold ears, feet and neck, and so they fled rather to the store for new purchases. Despite the large selection of hats and scarves, it is not always possible to rejoice in the quality of the product.

How to finish knitting?

And that means you need to take the needles and try something to link to. In this case, is the best way out, because you can choose the thread desired quality, to bind the thing the original pattern. It does not spend a lot of time for such Hobbies. And if you're a fan of the series, then this is the case when you can combine business with pleasure.

To associate the elementary (hat, scarf or socks) won't be difficult. Slightly but you will be able to diversify your wardrobe with additional accessories.

When you have decided on the yarn, pattern and even started to knit, there is a global issue: how to finish the binding nicely? Of course, it all depends on what knitting. When knitting hats, need to know when to diminish the loop.

Knitting sock must be properly closed. If you like symmetrical patterns or braids, you can finish the binding much harder, because you may spoil the picture.

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Knitting scarf

Weave scarf – the easiest way to diversify a wardrobe does not require much time and special skills. If you don't know how to finish crochet scarf crochet and knitting, don't worry. In fact, will braid long knitted fabric. Accordingly, in order to complete all the loops need to be closed in the usual way, without the addition of subtraction. Crochet assumes that the loops of knitting are closed already by themselves, in each row.

Beginners have to learn first, and then it is necessary to understand in more details how can be nice to finish the knitting.

Despite the fact that in most cases are the elementary closure of loops you can choose from several options for how you should finish the knitting fabric knitting, namely:

How to finish knitting?
  • Vyvazhivanie two loops together. The result is a smooth braid of the closed plan, which will not stretch. The essence of the method is that you promazyvat edge loop along with the first. This is done in the front surface for the back wall. The resulting loop should be removed from right needle to the left and now knit across the row with the next turn. So closes the whole series. It's easy to do if you have a hook. It will help reduce the time. The reverse close loop prettier on the reverse side;
  • Vyvazhivanie loop through the second one when the braid comes out stretched. It is often used with netting rubber bands, or different embossed patterns. Promazyvaya the first two loops (the ones that are on the right needle) pattern. Then the second you first reach across, and on the right needle remains one loop. The third is pulled through the second, and so on down the chain;
  • The number closes with a needle. This type of closure is used for gum, and then the pattern looks neat. With a needle make a stitch, binding the first three loops. Then do the purl stitch for loops, and so on until the end.

To lengthen the scarf can decorate tassels of yarn.

Weave caps

To understand how to finish knitting hats knitting needles, you have to learn the pattern, size and shape. If it is assumed difficult or symmetric scheme, it is better remove calculate on paper.

There are several ways to finish some knitting headgear spokes:

How to finish knitting?
  • Simple. It is more suitable for simple products without flowery patterns. This hat looked more fun, use colored thread. All you need is to purl about a third of the depth of the cap. Then make a twist in the middle of the flag: every five loops promazyvaetsya two at the same time. And so last six rows. In the last series before the end of the mating promazyvaya three loops at the same time. Continue until, until you can fix the loop of the knitting needle;
  • With pompon. Promazyvaya cut to the depth that you need. In the last 5-7 rows are doing the decrease at the edges. Close everything the easy way and sew the cut from the inside of the pipe. Pull together and sew up with a thread where we are supposed to be bobbles;
  • With wedges. In this case, before you finish knitting, you need to calculate your pattern, because the top cap will be divided into wedges, which would later be sewn together. Divide the binding into an even number of parts. It would be better if initially you have the total number of loops is an even number. If it is odd, then add each side to the desired number of stitches for the parity. Usually take 4-6 wedges, each of which need to purl separately, making the twist loops at the sides. At the end you should have 4-6 loops, i.e. the loop with each wedge. These loops are sewn between them;
  • With horns. This is the easiest way to finish knitting a hat. Vymazat the canvas, the length of which is equal to the circumference of your head, and width depth cap. Now both sides fold toward the center and sew a tube. At the top of the stitches also stitch along the entire length. The corners fasten with brooches or ribbons, and hat with horns.
  • Hat-"Pinocchio". To achieve the effect of cap Pinocchio from the fairy tale, you need to purl a third of the depth of the product, and then each side to do control loops. If you want a long hat, then do the decrease through a number or two. Well, when you like a short hat, do the decrease every row has multiple loops at the same time. In the end, you should have 3-5 loops that you want to sew.

The weave of the sock

How to finish knitting?

Knitting a sock is hard work. Especially if the technique is performed in the usual way, that is with 5 spokes. Many wonder how to finish knitting sock knitting so that the product looked neat on the foot.

The secret is that you should carefully count the loops on the decrease at the toe and the place where to begin with this decrease.

It is necessary to try on new clothes, and to mark the place where the little finger.

The decrease is done as follows:

  • determine the lateral lines;
  • in each row, remove two loops, promazyvaya together on the left and on the right needle;
  • take away until, until will not see the 4 hinges that need to be bonded.

Knitted items warm the body and soul. After all, these things are done with love, warmth and care. This is a good opportunity to pamper yourself and also to present a useful gift to those who are dear to you.