How to fold a shirt so it does not wrinkle?

In our age, office worker, every self-sufficient man and every caring wife must know how to fold, transport and store shirts, so they do not myalis. Regardless of whether you assemble the suitcase, going on the road, or just put things on the shelf, it is still necessary to do the right thing.

Of course, the classic kind of clothing needs more care than, for example, sports. Shirts and suits should be stored in the wardrobe, hanging on a hanger. But if you prefer to put them on the shelf, you definitely need to learn this. We can help you with this!

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How to fold a shirt

Consider two solutions to this challenge. The more that the process itself is very similar to the task of geometry.

Option # 1 (fast):

  1. put a shirt on "face" down;
  2. visually dividing the shirt into three parts from top to bottom, take the third part, and bend backwards, to mid-shoulder of the sleeve;
  3. then take the sleeve and wrap it three times, cuffs, this yields upper;
  4. with the second sleeve done by the same steps, but now it lay parallel to, and raised the cuffs to the collar;
  5. the lower part of the shirt, 5-7cm, folded up again, raising the bottom of the shirt up to the neck area;
  6. your shirt is ready for storage!

Option # 2 (long, but good quality):

  1. if you just patted the product, wait until it cools, otherwise all the work will be for nothing;
  2. the first thing brand button all the buttons, including the cuffs;
  3. put thing front down on a clean and firm surface — table or even the floor;
  4. straighten all folds, to the wrinkle;
  5. place one hand around the shoulder of the sleeve, the second arm having a look straight line, grasp the lower edge and pulling the fabric a little, you get a neat fold line;
  6. now according to the obtained bend fold the side part, turning diagonally to the sleeve fold back to cuff was parallel to the side seams and "looked" down;
  7. follow the same steps with the second sleeve;
  8. mentally divide the thing horizontally into two equal parts, in the direction towards each other to fold the lower and upper half in half.
  9. do it again — under the collar, you should be the bottom edge;
  10. your carefully folded the product is ready!

how to fold a shirt with short sleeve

Men's dress shirt short sleeve or t-shirt, of course, do not require as much attention. But they must also be able to handle.

Follow these steps:

  1. after Ironing wait until the clothes are completely cool;
  2. fasten all buttons and the"face" put it on a flat surface;
  3. smoothly and accurately on the intended line, wrap the left part of the back, visually dividing the shirt from the top down into three parts;
  4. fold the sleeve twice, its lower part does not touch, he should always remain smooth;
  5. do the same with the right side (wrap it all the way back and fold the sleeve);
  6. the bottom of the product that will fill in the pants, tuck up the sleeves;
  7. fold the thing in half, hem products to the collar — you're done!

After a long drive, you should not worry about your appearance, you will look marvelous.

how to fold a shirt in a suitcase

Perhaps you travel frequently or go on business trips, then you must know how to fold a shirt in the road, and, of course, you'll find all the styling options. It would be nice to get a box slightly larger than your item folded or at least a cardboard insert like those that are sold in the store along with a shirt.


If you are in a hurry and you need to fold the shirts in the suitcase, use the option number 1, if you take your time and prepare things in advance, of course, approach this issue more carefully, as described in option # 2.

In that case, if you take not a lot of things, worry about making your clothes fit by bending the product to a dense part of your bag, and slipping from edge to edge.

Now you are ready to relocate, travel, interview on the other side of the world or a date with the woman!

You may need a little time to practice how to fold a shirt.

But if you master the art of packing, your style will benefit from this, your belongings will always be in perfect condition.

As you know, beautifully dressed people feel more confident, which in itself is half the battle.