How to get rid of puffiness under eyes?

Swelling under the eyes is a rather unpleasant phenomenon that worries many. To get rid of them, you need to determine the root cause of the violation.

How to get rid of puffiness under eyes?

The skin of this part of the face is very delicate, thin and sensitive. There are no sebaceous glands, so it's a little dry and lack of moisture even more impact on its appearance. If swelling occurs, it primarily affects the eyes.

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The main causes of the swelling that appears under the eyes in the morning

Among the causes that can cause swelling of the eyes, may be the following:

  • Severe fluid accumulation in the body. If the eyelids swell up rarely and mostly in the morning, then in most cases the reason lies in this. Water retention causes the large consumption of spicy and salty food, coffee, water, other drinks and alcohol;
  • Dehydration. Per day should drink 2 liters of fluid, more than half – before lunch. If a person drinks too little, the body stores water;
  • Chronic lack of sleep, sleepless night, fatigue, stress. The average time a night's rest – 8 hours. To sleep better up to 23 hours;
  • Incorrect head position during sleep. It should be slightly above body;
  • Crying before going to sleep;
  • Improper diet, hunger, lack of vitamins and minerals, a late dinner;
  • High room temperature;
  • Unaccustomed intense exercise;
  • Cosmetics can also cause Allergy which manifests itself as swelling;
  • Poor cleanliness – the most common causes of swelling under the eyes in women. Before bed you need to wash. As water treatments and removing make-up should be carried out for several hours before bedtime so the eyes have time to rest;
  • Application of nourishing cream before bedtime, especially if the composition includes a film-forming elements;
  • Excessive use of makeup, particularly concealer and Foundation;
  • Strain muscles of the eye. Often after long hours at a computer, microscope, while watching TV, doing needlework, drawing;
  • The lack of oxygen;
  • Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, sun exposure. The skin loses its firmness and elasticity;
  • Constipation leading to intoxication can also cause swelling;
  • The last days of the menstrual cycle. A few days before menstruation, increases the production of estrogen, which leads to fluid retention;
  • The last months of pregnancy. In this period it is a natural phenomenon. But swelling of the eyes in the first trimester and with weight gain more than 15 kg may indicate disorders in the kidney, preeclampsia and other pathologies. If a woman has a chronic disease, such as pyelonephritis, the swelling may indicate its exacerbation;
  • Violation of lymphatic or venous outflow. When the lymph or blood stagnate, the "bags" is a bluish, yellowish, and even black shade;
  • Atrophy of the muscles. This phenomenon occurs with age. The skin loses its elasticity and sags;
  • Changes in the composition of the fat layer, the accumulation of a large amount of fat in this region is also observed in elderly people;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Frequent headaches can cause sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, excessive eye strain;
  • Sinusitis/sinusitis;
  • Diseases of the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and cardiovascular system, urogenital, nervous;
  • Allergies.

If the swelling occurred without apparent cause, accompanied by other symptoms (headache, breathing problems, nagging lower back), you should immediately seek medical help.

In healthy people, the eyes usually swell up in the morning only and there are other unpleasant phenomena. Bags are often on their own after a few hours, maximum a couple of days.

If the person has reason to think that he has any disease that causes swelling, the first thing you need to treat it. For this it is necessary to consult a doctor. But do not forget about the General recommendations.

When swelling occurs only periodically and the man is absolutely healthy, you should think that they can cause. The reason could be the large use of salt or excessive drinking at night, lack of sleep or fatigue.

Treatment at home swelling under the eyes

First, you need to drink sufficient amount of water. On average 2 liters per day. Only considers the usual liquid, not tea, juice, etc. the Lack of water also leads to swelling of the eyes, in addition, both the first and the second has a bad effect on the appearance of the skin.

Secondly, it is necessary to eat right. If that is difficult then at least reduce the consumption of salt, spicy food. Like salt and alcohol have the ability to retain water. Abuse of caffeine also leads to cosmetic defects. It is better to prefer stewed and boiled dishes, cooking for a couple, in a slow cooker or halogen oven.

How to get rid of puffiness under eyes?

Restrict fat. Diet swelling of the eyes includes a lot of vegetables and fruits, legumes and grains are rich in fiber. You need to eat foods high in vitamin B5 (nuts, salad vegetables, radish, carrots, green onions, beans, sprouts, milk).

So that the skin condition has improved, it is recommended to consume in reasonable quantities asparagus, celery, parsley, pumpkin, snowball, BlackBerry, melon, watermelon and Aronia. Promote drainage of fluid from the body lingonberries, cranberries and currants. You can drink and juices, for example carrot, beet, etc. it is recommended to Eat no later than 3 hours before going to bed.

It is also necessary to pay attention to your lifestyle and, if necessary, to correct it: more to be outdoors, increase physical activity, not Smoking, to observe the regime of work and rest.

Sleep also has a direct impact on a person's appearance. For a night stay is usually enough for 7-9 hours. Bedding play an important role, for example, the pillow should be of medium hardness, but low. Head, as mentioned above, should be slightly above the body.

In the summer you want to avoid the heat, especially if the person suffers from swelling regularly. Do not abuse the sun, go outside without applying special sunscreens. Always wearing sunglasses.

Funds from swelling under the eyes

Drugs that will help to get rid of the swelling related to a number of diuretics, but they cannot be used without a doctor's prescription. If you take these drugs and do not replenish the loss of liquid, vitamins and minerals, it can only harm.

Diuretic medicines are prescribed only to those who suffer from diseases that provoke fluid accumulation in the body. Together with the urine excreted, and nutrients. If you do not make up for their lack may experience: weakness, cramps, dizziness, lower blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, etc. the Patient is shown to be drinking plenty of fluids and a special diet to make up for the loss of vitamins.

As for recipes, the diuretic include decoctions of the following herbs: bearberry leaves, birch, Laurel, blueberry, horsetail, sage, plantain, burdock, St. John's wort, nettle, fennel, oregano, dandelion and other plants. But the infusions and decoctions of these plants make only on the testimony.

The doctor can appoint treatment diuretics – drugs obtained by chemical synthesis. They lead to electrolyte imbalance, therefore it is recommended to give preference to natural diuretic remedies.

How to get rid of puffiness under eyes?

For women there are special recommendations concerning cosmetics. Many use a variety of Foundation and concealer that do not allow the skin to breathe properly and retain moisture. A few hours before bedtime, all makeup should be removed. Night creams have never applied just before going to bed.

Should give preference to natural and organic products that do not cause allergies. Proven creams for the eyes with caffeine, horse chestnut, Arnica, Basil, sage, parsley, Linden, birch leaves, chamomile, chamomile, rosemary and horsetail. These plants are successfully used in the struggle with bags under the eyes.

Some caution should be exercised when applying compresses or peppermint. These herbs, though known for its calming effect, but can irritate the delicate skin of the eyelids.

To get rid of edema, it is necessary to establish the cause of their appearance and only then engage in treatment. Uncontrolled use of drugs can only lead to worsening of the problem. Be healthy!