How to get rid of the sleepiness and to put the child?

Desire to sleep during the day – are not uncommon. Many are familiar with the state of indolence, when his eyes are closed during lunch break.

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Looking for the cause

How to get rid of the sleepiness and to put the child?

Why so sleepy in the afternoon when it's still light and you need to work?

The reasons for this state can be many:

  • The first of them is lack of sleep. It is believed that an adult should spend in sleep not less than 8 hours. If this rate is much lower, there is a lack of sleep;
  • The second reason – fatigue. If some days remain in a state of elevated activity in comparison with the usual rhythm, the duration of a night's rest should increase. It is absolutely not important what the activity is physical or mental;
  • Drowsiness after a meal. It occurs as a result of energy costs of digesting food. After a "heavy" snack to sleep more than after a light;
  • The lack of oxygen in the room. The body senses the lack and tries to dive into the dream state, when oxygen consumption is minimal. This also applies to the lowering of atmospheric pressure. Worth it just to get some fresh air and a few deep breathe;
  • Lack of vitamins;
  • A thick blood. Smoking and consuming large amounts of coffee thicken the blood and make it difficult to deliver nutrients throughout the body. It is recommended in this case to drink plenty of water – about 10 glasses a day;
  • Drowsiness when sickness occurs on a subconscious level. Prolonged motion sickness vestibular system is faltering, so the body includes a protective reaction. The weaker the human vestibular system, the faster comes the drowsiness.

Usually adults try to eat more coffee, but it's bad for the blood properties. Costs a bit just to get some fresh air. Good effect of green tea add a slice of lemon.

There is a perception that sleep cycle is two hours and if the person will Wake up with the desire to sleep will haunt him throughout the day, proponents of this hypothesis believe that rest should be 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours.

One of the most effective methods of dealing with daytime drowsiness is an interesting exercise, although the work to meet this requirement is not so easy.

Daytime sleep in children

Children, unlike adults, often resist day holiday. Many parents complain that the child does not sleep during the day or sleep are bad enough. Such a phenomenon occur not only during the day and night.

Children can't sleep like adults, because their principle sleep completely different from usual parents.

Why children do not sleep during the day?

Sleep alternates two phases – fast and slow sleep. The first phase continues for long, people at the same sleeping surface, can quickly Wake up, often changes the situation and it was at this time dreaming dreams.

The slow phase is characterized by a deep immersion in the dream. The body at this time still, your eyeballs do not run, the person is completely relaxed. However, in infants fast phase dominates slow, so the babies often do not sleep normally and day and night.

How to get rid of the sleepiness and to put the child?

It is worth noting that the dream was quite alarming time, because sometimes dreams are pleasant. The person loses control over themselves, their lives and the surrounding space.

Trouble falling asleep can be not only the child but also an adult. For example, teenagers sleep well, but as soon as this period ends, a voltage is due to a buildup of stress.

Cause of insomnia may be just fear to fall asleep. And children is much more vulnerable than adults. For example, an adult person will count sheep, imagine a cute picture to make myself feel better. But newborns do not know how.

When they close their eyes, the world around disappears and it can be intimidating. That's why parents should help their children to sleep and make falling asleep as pleasant as possible.

It is also extremely concerned moms and dads can transfer their anxieties and fears to children is the fact. The more parents worry, the worse the baby is sleeping. You need to let the child know that after sleep the world around is not going anywhere, mom greeted him with a smile and will again talk to him and play. Eventually he'll get used to it, it would be better to fall asleep and sleep better.

It seems that a newborn baby does not sleep day

Very often parents think that your baby is not sleeping, although in reality all is well. For example, after breast feeding, the baby slept only 40 minutes. However, mother ignores the fact that while feeding he might be asleep. So you need to closely monitor he is awake or really asleep.

A good night's sleep gave way to bad

Sleep can be broken after 6 months. At this time, the children can sit, some crawl, they roll over from back to belly, etc. opening For them a new world that they are not fully rest, and by evening, the fatigue accumulates and is expressed in a poor night rest. In addition, the child can often require a chest, because the day was malnourished because of the games.

How to put the baby to sleep during the day?

To get babies, you need to create the most comfortable atmosphere, after which you can start laying:

  • To eliminate irritants;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Well feed;
  • Well a newborn will relax a warm bath or massage. These procedures are very useful to have before going to sleep;
  • Promotes relaxation calm music such as lullabies, nature sounds. You can read the tale in a monotonous voice;
  • Also used aromatherapy, recommended oil of lavender or Jasmine;
  • Crying, not wanting to fall asleep baby, you can sleep in the stroller, the crib or give a pacifier;
  • Noted that infants sleep well in the fresh air, so you can leave it outside or a well ventilated room.

To bed day toddler same simply. To 2 years of age it must develop a certain mode. In addition, the rituals of bedtime. All children sleep in different ways.

You can try to Pat his back or his head, to sing a lullaby, read a story, turn on the music. To help your toddler sleep better, it needs to use the whole energy for the day.

How to sleep finds a baby?

Many mothers are faced with the phenomenon when the baby wants to sleep, but he can't sleep. In this case, you must adhere to a strict regime of the day. The fact that the braking system a small body is poorly functioning and they need help.

Should dose experience little to regulate the visiting guests, etc. If moved the time of laying, it is necessary first to give him a chest, you can swaddle the handle, to wash with cool water.

A separate issue is the need for swaddling. Modern parents see no need in such an event. However, it is a bit to wrap the handle, as the baby will sleep a peaceful sleep. At first it seems that the child doesn't like it, but babies can not experience such feelings. Movement they are completely arbitrary, so swaddling will allow to calm the little baby.

It is also worth to mention the need of sickness. The fetus in the womb was ukachivanie movements of her body, so after the birth it would be appropriate to swing his arms. It will remind him of intrauterine experiences that work soothing.

Joint recreation

Co-sleeping allowed up to six months. At this time, it is necessary to both mother and child. Parents should not be up more often for feeding. And the baby will be calmer. However, after 6 months the baby should periodically leave the parental bed.

First, you can allow only certain NAPs, then only half of the night and at the end go to the full individual. It should be noted that a final separation should occur together with the removal from the breast.

When baby will sleep well?

How to get rid of the sleepiness and to put the child?

This question disturbs almost all parents. Often the first positive results observed in the period of weaning. If breastfeeding is not replaced by a pacifier or a bottle, then the dream crumbs will greatly improve. This is because in the dream, baby nothing to distract: no bladder that needs to emptied, nor the intestines digesting food.

Usually by age two, sleep is greatly improved, but around this time there and first nightmares. Comes just the age, when the mind Matures to fear.

Newborn babies are not afraid, they worry, and the kids posttarche have specific fears. Sleep you and your baby!