How to give birth to an heir: the correct posture for conceiving a boy

Nature is a strange thing, which always argues with statistics. If you believe the latter, then the world is born a lot more men than women, while in reality to find a husband is difficult every third girl.

Why does this happen?

How to give birth to an heir: the correct posture for conceiving a boy

This is probably a topic for a separate article, while the current is entirely devoted to how to give names to die, and if to be more exact, to give birth to a boy on the first try.

For the purposes of General awareness, let's start with the fact that the boy Y sperm are short-lived, which obliges a man who wants to get a son, to choose a sexual position with the deepest penetration. Another piece of advice: take a sequel of sorts to the day of ovulation or the day before itself.

So the sperm will be more likely to successfully cross the finish line.

The content of the article

Indirect factors

It would seem, what difficult to to choose the best poses for conceiving the long awaited baby boy.

But no, in this case we need a careful approach that takes into account several circumstances, for example:

  • Anatomical features of the internal structure of the expectant mother. Every woman can exist in the presence of certain gynecological abnormalities that prevent her partner to reach the cervix, and her getting pregnant in the principle. Because the planning of fertilization needs to begin a thorough examination by a gynecologist, and obtaining from him advice as to what poses would be best and effectively specific to your situation;
  • The laws of physics, which then have their own significance. Remember the law of gravity, when you try to translate into reality the next picture or Kama Sutra. Sperm and Y - in particular, it is very difficult to overcome, because you need to show them the utmost care, and take a reference to a more "earthly" body position;
  • The rules of hygiene and behavior. After the just-completed intercourse, the woman should not immediately rush to the bathroom. Within half an hour she's supposed to lie on his back, his feet up on the sofa, the wall or shoulder of the partner;
  • Preliminary diet. Expectant mothers are advised to start eating food that promote conception of a male embryo. These include all types of meat and cereals, egg white, fresh vegetable and fruit culture. At the time removed from the diet dairy products, nuts, beans, eggs and Dary Morey. Menu, you need to think carefully about better with the help of a dietician in order to avoid deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. Dad is also necessary not only to study the best posture for deep penetration, but a couple of months to go for veal, lean poultry, flour and fresh herbs. In the name of procreation will need to give up alcohol and tobacco, and drink more homemade juices, fruit drinks and compotes.

Listed below are the most successful postures for conceiving a boy which are known at the moment.


How to give birth to an heir: the correct posture for conceiving a boy

It is believed that for conception of a male child there is no better position than that in which partner is in the back. So he gets to penetrate deeper woman, and help her to feel the first orgasm.

The lady should kneel down, lean on elbows, and surrender ourselves completely to the future Pope. At the same time, users have an easy access to the clitoris than not neglect in the name of the additional thrills.

If a man gets tired quickly, posture can be corrected. For example, he can stand on the floor beside the bed, while the woman remains on the bed in the knee-elbow position.

"Spoon" and "missionaries"

Missionary position is the most natural, convenient, and taking into account the law of gravity. And even though she is as old as the world, and allows you to penetrate deeply into the womb of the mother, only with her help in the womb gets the maximum volume of semen. Probability of fertilization is increased significantly, but that's how the sperm gets there first will decide on that only Mr. Case.

When the woman has a pathology of the ovaries, triggering displacement of the uterus to the side, to the question of which items to choose for a pregnancy, it becomes even more important. In this case, the male may assist the rapid entry of sperm in the reproductive organ in the following way: he puts his partner back to him, and enters her from behind. As a result, minimal leakage of ejaculate, and almost 100% fertilization. The only caveat: the side on which you lie the mother, determines a gynecologist, based on the results of an ultrasound of the genital organs.

"The General"

This name for no good reason, is the position at which the female legs to throw on the shoulders of the men. Adopted "military" guarantees the deepest penetration possible, and that means that long living Y-sperm will be more likely to be the first to reach the coveted egg.

World experience

How to give birth to an heir: the correct posture for conceiving a boy

The problem of increasing the number of representatives of the stronger sex has long puzzled scientists of our planet.

For example, German researchers found that in military and recovery periods, the light appears more women than men.

They explained this by the fact that Y sperm "love" the calm and the emotional lull during sexual intercourse.

The Italians also claim that full give the probability to produce an heir much better than skinny women. But it is important not to overdo the weight gain, because excess adiposity makes fertilization difficult, and in some cases even impossible.

Well, Japanese scientists insist on the dangers of Smoking, claiming that nicotine present in the body of the mother, does not give Y-sperm earlier than their "feminine" counterparts to get to the uterus.

In the old days and not thinking about what pose is optimal for conceiving a boy.

If the couple wanted the baby, they had complied with the advice of traditional medicine, for example:

  • only had sex on the night of the full moon, when the sky was clear and starlit;
  • he went to bed, head to the North;
  • emotionally prepared for the future birth of a son;
  • put under the pillow a hammer or other tool or object of men's wardrobe.

The surest way to have your own host names is to try to cheat Nature and to contact the center for artificial insemination.

Medicine has long reached that seized a woman's egg is fertilized by Y-sperm of the partner outside of the womb, and ready fetus sits in the womb. Fiction? Absolutely not, and you can try for yourself.