How to increase muscle mass: tips for skinny women

It may seem that most of the beautiful half of humanity is constantly looking for effective methods to reduce weight. Far from it! A huge number of skinny girls are looking for ways to increase muscle mass and give an angular figure a pleasant roundness.

How to quickly increase muscle mass: basic recommendations

How to increase muscle mass: tips for skinny women

If thinness is not provoked by a disease, then the problem lies in the accelerated metabolism. The body simply does not have time to replenish the reserves of the necessary elements to activate the growth of muscle mass.

Therefore, it should be stimulated using an integrated approach: proper nutrition and physical activity.

The main direction in solving the problem is how increase muscle mass in the body, a well-designed diet. Meals should be 6-8 times a day at regular intervals. It is worth preparing the most high-calorie foods. It is advisable to consume about 5000 kcal per day.

It is especially useful separate meals when protein ingredients are consumed separate from carbohydrates. You need to eat an hour before exercising to give your body the energy to do it.

Foods that increase muscle mass should be high in calcium and complex carbohydrates. Flour products, sweets and potatoes allow you to gain fat, since they contain simple carbohydrates. When building muscle, you should pay attention to dairy products, lean meats, vegetables and fruits.

It is difficult to achieve muscle growth with daily training. Exercise injures tissue fibers, so they need to recover. The regeneration process takes approximately 48 hours. At this time, muscle growth occurs. Therefore, the optimal training regimen is after 2-3 days.

Regeneration can be impaired if the body is under severe stress. It is advisable to adhere to the regimen and take at least 8 hours a day to sleep. By the way, the muscles grow most effectively after exertion in a dream.

Rapid body modeling is impossible, positive dynamics will become noticeable after a few weeks. Therefore, it is worth be patient for the sake of the end result.

During physical activity, lactic acid is produced. To remove it, it is recommended to consume about 2 liters of liquid daily. It is better if it is plain water.

How to increase muscle mass: tips for skinny women

Strength training should be started after pre-warming up. Dancing or Pilates are ideal for this. The warm-up should take 30-40 minutes.

When working on machines, weight gain should be gradual. It is better to exercise under the supervision of a trainer, who will help you quickly figure out which loads are useful for individual muscle groups, how to breathe correctly during exercise.

It is advisable to use proteNew cocktails, special preparations for increasing muscle mass. However, if you do not want to consume protein, you can replace the preparations with two bananas.

Even if you only need to increase the volume of the buttocks, you need to load several muscle groups to avoid imbalances.

A woman should not use in practice, advice on how to gain weight correctly, which bodybuilders use in training. The roundness of the outline of the figure and the pronounced relief are completely different concepts. For a girl striving for harmony, detailed study of the relief is not needed.

How to increase muscle mass for a woman: an exercise program

This program allows you to effectively gain weight by visiting the gym 3 times a week .

For example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are reserved for classes, the rest of the time the body rests from exertion :

  • Day 1 - loads the back, chest and triceps: deadlift, dumbbell press using an incline bench, pulling up to the chest, a narrow grip barbell press;
  • Day 2 is especially useful for girls looking for a way to to increase the gluteal muscle mass, and the volume of the legs: squats with weights on the shoulders, leg presses and lunges with a barbell in the simulator, flexion of the legs in a lying position, raises on toes in the simulator;
  • Day 3 - training the muscles of the arm belt -Shoulders: lifting the bar for biceps, press the bar with a narrow grip, sitting press the dumbbells, pull to the chin of the bar.
How to increase muscle mass: tips for skinny women

The program, how to increase the muscle mass of the leg group and gluteus, as well as other muscles, provides for 6-12 repetitions with an approach for each exercise 3-4 times.

The correct load weight must be selected. If, performing the 6th exercise, a woman realizes that the next will be overwhelming for her, the weight should be reduced. If you do more than 12 free weight exercises easily, it should, on the contrary, be increased.

When visiting a fitness center, remember that effective muscle growth is achieved by practicing exercises with free weight. The positive result when using only simulators is minimal.