How to love yourself truly

Perhaps many people faced with the problem of dislike of yourself. Unfortunately, to find the reasons for the dislike of a lot easier, but those traits that he is proud of see all. Why do people not respect yourself?

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The reasons for the dislike to themselves

How to love yourself truly

A lot of reasons. And half of them can be listed just go to the mirror. These include everything back curve teeth small (or large), completeness and so on.

But then how to love yourself, if you have this kind of shortcomings. Well, for starters I want to tell you that most of the flaws in appearance are easily rectified on their own.

For example, to get rid of back curve you need to follow the posture, and according to the scientists, after forty days, the back will straighten up automatically. And overweight need to go through intensive physical exercises, which not only saves you from the property, but also help to strengthen your overall health.

The source can be complex and children's insecurity. For example, the majority of those who failed to treat yourself properly and take all its positive and negative sides, in my childhood my parents pointed out the flaws. But if you want to live a normal life in society and not be afraid to call on the phone to strangers, then it is necessary to look truth in the eye.

Admit to yourself that you have flaws and then there will be forces to deal with them. And no need to immediately rush into the pool with his head. Start slowly, with small. And then you each time it will be easier to cope with their fears and eventually you will accept yourself for who you are.

signs of dislike to him

First of all, let's see how is manifested a dislike to her. If you can't stand to look at myself in the mirror, turn on Windows, because your reflection makes you feel uncomfortable, then the diagnosis is clear! Do you dislike yourself. And well if it ended only in appearance.

But over time, you begin to doubt his mental abilities. You think that any other man will make your job a hundred times better and more efficiently. And if you hope that your thoughts are invisible to others, you are deeply mistaken.

The fact that the outside world is like reads with you. Most of the people around you subconsciously understand that you are insecure and then you do something wrong. Hence, close attention to your person. And you become more and more nervous, and you have everything goes wrong.

And to ensure that your life is returning to normal, you need to understand how to love myself. And with love will come respect. Also you have dramatically improved your health, because you will cease to be nervous on trifles.

And the first step on the road to a happy future be accepting of yourself for who you are. No need to think that you are worse than others. You just different. You don't see on the street are the same people. We are all completely different, and what you seem to be a disadvantage, someone considers dignity.

How to love yourself: tips psychologist

In order to make peace, finally, with his inner "I" need:

How to love yourself truly
  • Often look in the mirror. And no need to curve and say that there is nothing new you will not see. Even as'll see! For example, if you look at the same landscape every single minute you notice more details. Right? With the mirror the same. First, of course, you will not notice anything new, everything will be submitted to the ordinary and ugly. But over time, you will begin to notice your appearance new nuances. And a little later you will understand that in you there is nothing ugly. And you are quite pretty woman who had somehow not noticed;
  • Be sure to follow their appearance. No need to think that appearances of this nature is constant. It is necessary to constantly take care of. And it is not disposable. It is a heavy daily work. There are no weekends, no holidays. Here you are at every moment creating myself;
  • Take pictures. Do not think that if you don't like yourself in the pictures, they are disgusting. Better show them to strangers, and you will see that they do not lose consciousness from the horror and adequately react to your image. If you want each photo you like, then take the previous shots and see what you do not like. And draw conclusions;
  • Plenty communicate with people. Believe me, you are not alone with such complexes, so you should help each other. And a warm and heartfelt communication with a Cup of coffee will bring you a peaceful mood, helps to relax and forget about their problems;
  • No need to stay at home. If you will be closed in the four walls, there is nothing in your life will not change. So get up, get dressed and go outside. Sit a little in a cafe or go to the movies. It is not necessary to dwell on failures, you got your whole life ahead of you and enough time to fill it with new meaning;
  • Buy new things. New clothes, as we know, can heal the nerves. Got paid? Give yourself a small amount and buy something nice. And, most importantly, not buy what you need. The essence of this method is to treat yourself to your favorite.

And finally, the main advice: stop comparing yourself with other people. Remember that everyone sees the world differently, and the same two points of view do not exist. You just think that no one has ever seen or will see the world as you see it. So you are unique.

useful exercises

Almost everyone at least once heard: "love yourself and everything will be fine!". But how to force yourself to accept all your shortcomings? How to forget about what annoys you own reflection in the mirror?

It is for this case psychologists developed several exercises, doing that you will eventually start to respect themselves.

  • Exercise # 1. His goal is to make sure that you learn to see themselves not only bad, but good features. All you need is a pen and a blank sheet of paper. Sit down somewhere in the UdoBrom for you, relax and try to remember all of his negative traits. Remember? Now write them down on the right half of the sheet. Now make an effort and find in yourself those traits that are positive. And no need to say that you are no good. There is good in everyone, most importantly, be able to see him! Finished? Now look closely at the paper. You see, you're not so bad, what you want to appear. You just need to do them.
  • Exercise # 2. This exercise is a bit more complicated. You will need to recognize and record the slightest difference in their feelings today and yesterday. For example, have you noticed that your reflection has become less ugly? Be sure to share this idea with your diary. You feel that people treat you more friendly? This news also deserves a place in your notebook. In General, try to note positive dynamics. And learn all the changes. And you will notice how a change in attitude in such a short time.
  • Exercise # 3. Here it is necessary to change negative images to positive. To perform this exercise you need in several stages. First, imagine yourself at this current moment in time. Don't forget about any one of his fault. The image should be as accurate as possible to fit your ideas about yourself. Presented? Now change all the negative opposite. If you think you are fat, tell yourself that you pyshnenky if you think that you have a plain gray eyes, that see and make sure they are not grey, they are silver. And so you need to work with each fault! In the end it turns out that you have them not so much!
How to love yourself truly

So, we analyzed some of the most effective exercises to combat complexes. And in my opinion, gave an exhaustive answer to the question how to force yourself to love its shortcomings, gradually turning them into advantages.

Most importantly, it is a great desire to change something in your life. If you like to complain and tell others about how you are unhappy, then these tips are not for you. Why? Yes, because deep down you happy with the situation, and you like that all you regret.

But if you really want to radically change a life, turn off the computer and go take a walk, talk to people. And remember: life is beautiful!