How to maintain passion in marriage: build sexual relations between partners?

Strong family life involves mutual understanding, respect and regular sexual relationship. Young couple full of optimism, however, the idyll passes quickly and soon the couple faces some unexpected surprises. One of them is often the reluctance of the wife to have sex. What is the reason for the separation of the husband from the body?

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If the wife does not want husband: causes of sexual disorder

Despite the difference in social status and upbringing, we can distinguish typical reasons why a woman exhibits indifference or hostility to sexual contact:

How to maintain passion in marriage: build sexual relations between partners?
  • According to statistics, the normal development of the male over 200 times a day thinking about sex. Unlike male women do not have the ability to feel sexual arousal at the slightest provocation and without it. For the manifestation of sensuality the lady necessary a particular mood, training. Routine sex becomes a duty and quickly become boring;
  • If a man is tired at work and resting at home, a woman must work 8-10 hours at the workplace and returned home to support the family, regularly preparing lunch and dinner, cleaning the apartment, running around the shops and taking out garbage bags. Chronic fatigue is another reason why the Queen avoids sexual contact. She just wants to relax;
  • Female self-critical entity that perceives its drawbacks particularly acute. Overweight, have appeared in the corners of his eyes wrinkle, can be indifferent to the partner, but the lady is constantly contemplating their own "handicap"that prevents to be liberated and to respond to the affection of the spouse;
  • Maybe the wife wants to have sex with the man of her dreams who was once her husband. But the past years have left an unsightly imprint on the face of the chosen one. Brushset body, saggy belly, flabby muscles, the habit of scratching private parts, the dislike of hygiene procedures can reduce to "no" any desire;
  • Before the wedding the man fully shared the views of the spouses, and it was difficult to find a more harmonious pair. However, over time it turned out that the husband and wife – the two opposites, who have very different views on life. Disappointment leads to the disappearance of love, and with it sexual desire;
  • Unfortunately, the female mercenary creature. What the lady expects from marriage, of course, except the opportunity to reside close to your loved one? The first rule of happy family life – the stability of financial income. If the spouse is unable to provide prosperity, lost respect for him and sexual desire;
  • Love is characterized by a significant increase in the production of sex hormones. Life gradually leads to a decrease in intensity and, correspondingly, reduction in hormonal substances that increase the desire. To make the body work differently is almost impossible. The decrease in the concentration of hormones occurs not only by the loss of romantic love, it is a natural process that gradually increases in a woman's body with aging. The older the lady the less she expressed interest in sex;
  • The husband tends to closeness, and the wife refuses him just because he wants to punish for some offense. The logic of the actions of the woman in this case completely eludes men's perception, but for the ladies offended over nothing is a natural state;
  • The answer to the question of why the wife does not want husband may be banal: it is certain that the spouse is no longer feels for her tender feelings, feel a kind of sex machine is simply to satisfy men's whims;
  • A woman may just feel bad, but not to burden the spouse complaints.

Is there a way to make your wife want her husband? Indeed, it is possible to solve the problem using the advice of professional psychologists. However, it is worth considering that it will have to change for both partners.

How to act so sexual contact was a regular?

How to maintain passion in marriage: build sexual relations between partners?

First of all, on their behavior should reflect the woman. Most often a spouse, feeling tired or unwell, unhappy with the behavior of her husband, offended by his inattention, suffers in silence, accumulating resentment.

It has a destructive effect on a marriage leads either to divorce or to complete detachment when people. You should always speak directly to my husband why today, sex is unavailable.

Fatigue, headaches, negative mood – the most common causes of failure. The husband not only wanted, but have fun, you should make an effort. How often men seek to help your spouse with the housework?

We are not talking about cooking and washing diapers, although there are in nature some individuals are masculine, able to shoulder part of the work of raising children and creating a masterpiece for the Sunday lunch. But in most cases enough to help his wife with shopping, take out the trash, vacuum the carpet, while she is busy in the kitchen, cooking for your beloved juicy chops.

How to maintain passion in marriage: build sexual relations between partners?

Husband wants his sleeping wife, but is afraid once again to failure. It is believed that in the morning the woman is more relaxed and receptive to the caresses. It is not necessary to Wake a sleeping wife, it is necessary to skillfully weave their caresses in her sleep, achieving the highest sensitivity.

That's just better not to touch a pregnant woman without her special permission, otherwise not escape the scandal. Pregnant wife is not always ready to respond to harassment morning tenderness, especially in severe toxicity.

Sex and pregnancy

It is often the situation when the husband does not want his pregnant wife. Because of this, the family created tension and the woman begins to suspect a spouse of infidelity, which adversely affects its condition and development of the baby. And in fact, the husband simply does not dare to molest the woman, believing that she's having a hard time. The problem can be solved with a Frank conversation.

How to maintain passion in marriage: build sexual relations between partners?

In a loving couple the wife is committed to husband always wanted a wife. If there are any problems with the sex, probably female with age begins to feel insecure, believes that changes in appearance cause the gas and man power. It's time to prove her wrong.

Often you need to tell her compliments, to whisper gentle words on an ear, give cute, not necessarily expensive items. In this case, if the husband wants the wife in the morning, afternoon and evening, he is unlikely to meet a harsh refusal. On the contrary, woman who feels loved, always willing to do nice dear for her man.

To sex life was regular, partners should trust each other not to hold a grudge, and go to straight talk. Only in this case, the family will be strong and nights sweet.