How to make gift packaging: 5 ways

Nearing the long-awaited holidays and each of us, already scrolls in my head thinking about gifts for loved ones.

Packaging sold in stores monotonous. And I want to make your gift was special and unique. Remains nothing how to stock up on stationery items and make boxes for gift with your own hands.

An evening time for creative work will reward you in the holiday mood and reveal hidden talents. To facilitate the work and to throw up new ideas, we have prepared 5 great schema boxes for gifts.

Box for gift with your own hands out of paper

How to make gift packaging: 5 ways

Packaging to keep their shape, use colored paper of sufficient density. Too hard to choose not worth it, its hard to fold and at the corners will crack. Let's consider 5 types of boxes for making at home with your own hands.

Cone – box No. 1

A package to make easy. Prepare a paper of the desired color. Turn the sheet into a bag. If it will be served sweets or cosmetics, then the cone do without an open bottom.

If you like the picture you decided to put flowers into it, leaving a hole for the stems. Walk along the seams of the box with glue and allow to dry. Top make 2 holes and pull the handle. Her pitch of ribbon or other material, of a suitable design. Attach the edge of the bow, the butterfly. To give a sophisticated look to help rhinestones and stones glued in the form of patterns.

Piece of cake – pack No. 2

This type of box will suit a sweet tooth. It placed sweets, watches, necklaces, lipstick, and other interesting stuff.

We will need:

  1. thick paper;
  2. line;
  3. a simple pencil;
  4. scissors;
  5. adhesive;
  6. ribbon and decoration for design.

Here not to do without a diagram, draw it on paper with a pencil. Trim the excess parts. Fold the diagram into a triangle with a recess and glue the joints. Templates of boxes for gifts download on the Internet. When the product dries, proceed to the decoration. Tie the middle with a colored ribbon, and to the top of the stick the flowers. Their manufacture in advance of paper or use artificial store-bought. In this case, trim the stem and flower, coat with superglue and attach to paper.

Pyramid No. 3

The pyramids are made of heavy paper. The color choose by yourself. You can even glue white paper color gift foil. The sketch cut out the diagram and fold the packaging. Put a present and tying the top with ribbon so that the box is not collapsed. To do this for 2 upper parts of the holes. Size does not matter, it is chosen depending on the size of the gift.

Usual packing number 4

How to make gift packaging: 5 ways

This box for gift with your own hands made from cardboard. The leaves are colored white and are sold in stationery stores for students. Scheme of the packaging is a little tricky but doable. To start work out on A4 paper or on a notebook page, so as not to ruin the cardboard. When you achieve the desired shape, attach the prepared templates to the back of the cardboard and draw around it with a thin line using pencil.

Carefully cut out the sketch with a sharp scissors and fold.

As you can see in the figure, one of the upper portions with a slot. Don't forget about it, otherwise close the box you will not succeed. Decorate the finished product and put him in a gift.

Box from box 5

This option is easy to create and looks much nicer. The secret is that instead of colored paper we use the material or foil. We will need a usual cardboard box from under the Shoe. Glue the outer side of the silk material or the decorative foil. It is possible to decorate the bow. If the interior of a slovenly look, and glue the inner side. With material to work harder than with foil, so the first time might not happen. Practice, try, or take the easy option.

How to decorate a box for gift with your own hands?

If there is no suitable thought, look in the search engines. It provides gift ideas for every taste.

That can be used for the registration of gifts:

How to make gift packaging: 5 ways
  1. colored satin ribbons;
  2. beads and rhinestones;
  3. stickers;
  4. artificial flowers;
  5. flowers of the corrugations;
  6. tinsel, Christmas decorations – New year;
  7. lace.

For lovers perfect package in the form of a heart.

It does not require to wrestle with the scenery. Wrap the box in red foil and tie a large bow. Include fantasy and free creativity.

Try to do different variations. Decorate unusual and unique. Let your gifts to delight others!