How to pickle mackerel?

Empty shelves of grocery stores, which still remember the older generation have long remained in the past. A variety of products in the stores can satisfy any discerning foodie. However, the quality of many of the shops not that poor. No, high-quality products. But too many in the modern foods of all kinds E, and also preservatives, emulsifiers and other stabilizers.

How to pickle mackerel?

Those people who care about what they consume are increasingly turning to the experience of our mothers and grandmothers, trying to cook a meal at home, minimizing the consumption of store-bought canned and processed foods.

There are many dishes that are habitually purchased in the store, which you can easily prepare at home. Today we will be acquainted with methods how to pickle mackerel fresh, fast and delicious.

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What kind of animal?

Before we tell you how to pickle mackerel, get to know her better. It's an ocean fish of the family scambray. It is a valuable commercial fish, ranging in length from 30 to 60 cm In our country on the shelves you will often see the Atlantic rock mined in the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean in the vast territory from the Strait Skagerack in Norway to the Mediterranean sea. In addition to mackerel in the fish departments you can meet her next of kin — members of the family skumryev, the pelamida, mackerel and tuna.

This does not apply to elite varieties – its price is relatively low. But that fish with a spindle-shaped body and a blue-green back with black stripes winding, is not only delicious in all dishes, but very useful.

Folic acid and other Goodies

That fish consumption is good for health, they know everything. Its meat contains easily digestible protein, and, most importantly – the vitamin D, the lack of which leads to rickets in children and various health problems in adults.

This applies to all fish, but mackerel is one of the richest sources of beneficial for the human body substances:

How to pickle mackerel?
  • Protein. 200 grams of the product contains daily intake of protein for an adult. In addition, this protein is three times easier to digest person than protein found in beef. And even chicken less useful;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. In season (autumn) in the body contains up to 20% fat, most of which — omega-3 fatty acids that prevent cholesterol accumulation. The content of omega-3 fatty acids product leads the list of fatty types of fish;
  • The potassium and phosphorus. A good source of potassium and phosphorus for the body. These substances are part of many enzymes that are the catalysts for chemical processes in the body. Potassium is part of the soft tissue, and phosphorus is a component part of the substance of the skeletal bones, and improves brain function. In addition to phosphorus and potassium in the meat of mackerel contains other important minerals for the body: selenium, iron, sulfur, sodium, zinc, manganese;
  • Vitamins. Vitamins B, PP, D – the meat of this fish contains almost all the B vitamins, especially lots of it, B9 – folic acid involved in metabolism and DNA synthesis, and immune cells. And the amount of vitamin D virtually no competitors.

Despite the fact that mackerel is a fatty fish, the calorie content of its meat is low, so the dishes are quite suitable for the diet, including the diets, contributing to weight loss. In the diet "lose 10 pounds" and keto diet, fish is one of the allowed foods.

How to cook

After we found out that meals is extremely useful in the human diet of any age and gender, the time has come, finally, something to cook from her, so it was not only useful, but tasty.

How to pickle mackerel?

The recipe of cooking this beautiful fish, as a rule, simple. Its popularity in cooking is also connected with the fact that the fish is very easy to handle. In it there are almost no small bones, except the ribs, and the skin of mackerel is not covered with scales. Therefore, to prepare meals of mackerel a pleasure.

This fish nice and baked and in salads, but the best simple dishes "Boiled potatoes with salt mackerel" may be the only fish of spicy salting.

A quick and tasty dinner to feed the family or organize a great snack will help this simple homework. And its usefulness you can be 100% sure, because in salted fish by yourself you'll eat only a spoonful of salt and spices – nothing else. Use for cooking can be, and fresh and frozen mackerel.

Dry salting fish

How to pickle mackerel? It's quite simple, there are several options. The easiest method is dry salting. For this method you will need a minimum of products and no cooking the brine.

Clean fish: gutting, remove the head. Be sure to carefully remove the black film lining the abdomen from within, it gives bitterness.

How can I pickle fresh frozen mackerel?

How to pickle mackerel?

Purchased fish must first be thawed. In the right size utensils – glass, porcelain or food-grade plastic, pour the salt on the bottom, put 2-3 leaves Lavrushka and peppercorns: aromatic, white and black.

Prepared carcasses thoroughly RUB on all sides with a mixture of one canteen spoon of sugar and three tablespoons of salt, put a sprig or umbrella dill, Bay leaves into the cavity of the abdomen of the fish.

Processed pieces of fish to put in a bowl, and sprinkle half of the mixture of salt and sugar. The capacity put in the cold. After 3 days the salt fish can eat.

Spicy salted

Fish in spicy brine is tasty, and the spices makes this simple dish even some culinary sophistication. How to pickle mackerel in brine?

To prepare the brine you will need:

  • salt – 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • sugar – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • mustard seeds – 1 tbsp;
  • spices – Bay leaf, black and sweet pepper;
  • water – 0,5 liter;
  • one onion.
How to pickle mackerel?

Carcass to handle, cut into portions. Onions cut into rings. To put all in a jar. Boil water to prepare the brine, put the herbs, mustard, salt and sugar.

After complete dissolution of salt and sugar, to cool the brine to room temperature. Pour a jar laid in the carcass of finished brine. Salted thus the fish is ready to eat the next day. Fastest way

For cooking of the above methods will take several days. But it is possible to enjoy delicious fish in a couple of hours. As fast just 2 hours to pickle the mackerel? You need to prepare all products as described above for the brine and then pour the prepared and Packed the fish in a jar with hot brine. In two hours can enjoy the wonderful crab cakes.

We hope our recipes will help you cook delicious fish. Bon appetit!