How to properly care for hands and nails

Velvety handle with clean skin and manicured nails are always pleasing to the eye, and not only because it is attractive. Soft hands with no cracks and burrs is one of the signs of health and caring relationship to his body.

What is the care of hands and nails right for you? Learn all about the beauty of your fingers — from hygiene to aesthetics.

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Beautiful hands with nail Polish — what it is

How to properly care for hands and nails

In everyday understanding, attractive female pen — clean, warm, with smoothly trimmed nails, which can be covered with colored or sanitary lacquer. It would seem, nothing complicated about it, but women constantly have to deal almost daily with the cracks on the cuticle and rough skin, possibly with blisters and abrasions, and also worry about the condition of nails.

Especially suffer without care of working women, mothers with young children, Housewives and lovers of gardening and horticulture. But no less influenced by everyday factors such as contact with water, cold, wind and even the General condition of the body, such as lack of vitamins.

Because of them the skin becomes dry and rough that not only looks ugly but also can cause the formation painful cracks and irritation. Pens like this will not save any fashionable nail Polish, no jewelry.

Thus, the care of the skin is the constant hydration and nutrition, timely manicure and removal of the peeling, blisters and scratches.

How to care for hands: baths and massages

To 22-23 years is usually enough natural moisture, but with age it becomes absolutely necessary to use the cream regularly to nourish the skin. Use one or more recipes home remedies for care.

A warm bath with soothing and healing ingredients help to relieve fatigue, heals microfractures and perfectly clean. Not to mention the fact that it is a very pleasant procedure. Do the bath with the addition of cosmetic and essential oils well suited for this purpose, peach oil or grape seed, almond, avocado, Shea, cocoa, sesame.

Choose from essential lemon, ylang, fir, Jasmine, geranium, and if you have additional funds, then pink. Can do the baths with iodine for strong nails, but they are a bit dry skin.

A decoction of the herbs is perfect: steep equal parts of chamomile, oregano, sweet flag, Bay leaf and calendula, strain and add to the bath for gentle and healthy hands.

The massage brush helps to relax muscles, to rest the joints and ligaments, improves blood circulation and prevents Raynaud's syndrome — cold pale hands. For a 10-minute massage, use one of the oils or oily creams. If your hands are often cold, RUB not only the hands but also the wrists and forearms.

Home treatments: masks

Masks nourish, moisturize and soften rough skin. An excellent effect is produced paraffin mask (sold in cosmetic stores).

To accelerate healing of cracks, try to stick round hands warm beeswax — it can be purchased from beekeepers without fear of unnatural impurities. Wax contains healing moisturizers, in addition, it is very clean and is a natural antiseptic.

Whitening and purifying mask from oatmeal and even nourishes the skin. Boil flakes in small amount of boiling water, let cool slightly and apply the pulp for 20 minutes. After this mask, remember to apply a rich cream — it's a bit dry.

Honey mask smoothes and nourishes, prevents cracks and burrs. And candied honey also gently exfoliates the skin. One teaspoon of honey to apply on the hands and massage for five minutes. Washing away the mask, not too try — just get rid of the stickiness without soap to the last bit of honey I did some acting on the skin.

Mask with the pulp of the aloe will soothe the irritation caused by sunburn, household chemicals or windy weather. To have a house plant, aloe is a big plus, from its leaves can be used regularly to get the raw materials for homemade cosmetics and to treat a simple sore throat.

Cut the aloe leaf, soak it in the fridge for three days, remove the skin and chop the flesh transparent. Pulp with the juice, apply with a simple gauze bandage, soak 20 minutes. Wash off the mask is not necessary, but to use a cream will be very good.

The nails on the hands

How to properly care for hands and nails

All of the above treatments and excellent care for your nails and cuticles. Special SPA treatment for hands and nails you can treat yourself to if a home to buy beauty mask Dead sea mud, which tightens the cuticle, saturates trace elements, tones and heals cracks. This product can be both a scrub and a mask.

Great combination of mud and essential oils. You can find the finished composition from the producer or mix it yourself (use the list of essential oils above).

Treat yourself to a SPA procedure:

  • bath with iodine or decoction of herbs;
  • massage treatments with cosmetic mud;
  • remove cuticles with a special gel and abrasive sticks;
  • rubbing oil or cream.

After this procedure, do not rush to apply varnish on oily and wet the surface of the nail he falls ill. Transfer the design in the next day or wait at least an hour and wipe nails degreasing agent (liquid nail Polish remover or alcohol).

Caring hands for gardeners

In the care of hands after the garden also has its own characteristics are thorns and splinters embedded in the skin after working in the beds, as well as small sores and scratches. Dirt trapped in the wound can cause inflammation, so it is better to work in a special knitted gloves.

The appearance of scratches and pinhole need to quickly wash my hands and wipe the location of damage with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green or iodine, to seal the plaster. If you know that from the garden far from home, carry a Zelenka in pencil — a handy tool for disinfecting wounds.

It happens that the wound still festers, for example, from remaining in her spines or particles of earth. Oil cream sore sores cannot be in any case.

Keep your finger or hand in salt water at room temperature (1 tablespoon of salt per 0.5 liters of water) until you feel a tingling or slight burning sensation — this means that the salt has cleansed the wound. If in 3 days the inflammation had passed, contact your surgeon. Very often, the SAP of plants stain your hands, and these stains are impossible to wash with soap and water.

In this case there are several ways how to get rid of such stubborn stains:

  • rasparte hands in a warm bath, you can add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and glycerin;
  • to remove dirt embedded in the grooves of the skin, use a brush or scrub;
  • RUB your hands with lemon slice — you will get light bleaching effect;
  • several times rinse the hands in water with iodine solution (1 teaspoon per liter) — this natural oxidizer destroys organic compounds of the juice of the plants and slightly lightens the skin.

After these procedures, you may receive a feeling of tightness, so apply a thicker cream.

If your hands work hard

Reinforced hand care need and those who work involves constant contact with dust, water and excessive tension of the skin of hands — it is librarians, cashiers, salesmen, seamstresses, cooks, craftsmen and porters.

How to properly care for hands and nails

For them it is very important to keep your hands warm (to work in mittens, gloves, use warming ointment, just to bask from time to time) and constant use of the so-called creams-gloves that create on the skin a protective layer (cream with silicone, spermicide, glycerin).

Interestingly, vegans are in the initial period for new body diet hands, feet, elbows and lips starts to peel and crack. It comes from the increase in the diet of vegetable dishes and the saturation of the organism with vitamins is mainly due to excess of vitamin A.

In this case, do not panic, it is better to be patient and wait for the body to readjust to vegetarian. Meanwhile, the dry areas have more than usual to grease softening cream.expected and to prevent the formation of cracks on the skin.

Take care of your hands and fingers, take care of them and may they always bring you pleasure for its healthy appearance!