How to put a Desk according to Feng Shui rules and tips

Each of us at least once in my life I want to do a permutation of furniture, objects, regardless, we are talking about the home or office. After these manipulations are done, many people notice that their lives start to occur positive changes – improved relationships within the family or with colleagues, superiors, business "took off", and the profit increased.

Changes in your life can be replaced and putting on Feng Shui your Desk. If you plan to do a permutation, you should familiarize yourself not only with what is this practice that allows the right approach to attract prosperity, luck, money, and how to put the table to achieve such results.

The content of the article

Key points the practice of Feng Shui

About it in our latitudes found out about recently. However, in recent decades, we have repeatedly heard about what is Feng Shui, but the attitude to these methods are different.


Someone happy to practice it, and someone sees it as something supernatural, and therefore frightening. Actually it is based on the interaction of the main elements. His man can "tune" itself to achieve harmony, good luck.

If to speak more precisely, Feng Shui is a practice location of interior items, and so fails to attract good fortune, to win the favor of all the elements.

Many of the provisions of this practice is based not only on the interaction of the elements, but also on the psychological aspects. If you do not pay attention to them, the man, himself without realizing it, may feel uncomfortable, which often becomes a source of trouble.

As a rule, Feng Shui arranges objects, home interior, but it has long been observed that the situation on the ground at the office is no less important. The arrangement of things, furniture plays a huge role in how rapidly will develop a man's career, will he be able to get on well with colleagues, to find a common language with the authorities.

A significant role in all these matters and the location of the table.

General guidelines on the placement of the table

Some of them will seem very simple, however, in the everyday bustle we do not always perform even simple rules.

Here's what you need to consider especially when setting up your Desk in the office:

  • Do not put it so that you were sitting with your back to the entrance of the room. At the subconscious level such a location is perceived as potentially dangerous, but from the point of view of energy flows, such placement can cause the betrayal. This is especially true when the door opens inward;
  • You should not sit with his back to the window, otherwise there is a risk that it will be difficult to enlist not only the support of his superiors, but also colleagues;
  • Do not ignore and symbols of Water. Do not place your Desk so that they were behind you. The symbols of water, which include, for example, paintings of water, fountain, aquarium, etc., must be in front of you. Nothing bad happens if these characters will be over you;
  • Pay attention to the top. Over your head should not be overhanging structures (air conditioners, beams, columns, shelves, etc.). Positioning a Desk in the office according to Feng Shui, this should be considered as such structures not only create a sense of pressure, but also block the positive energy;
  • Hide the wires. Being in a prominent place, they are a symbol of the outflow of Finance, so telephone and computer wires you need to remove the rack or panel.

The location of the table is that in which a person sits facing the door, while directly in front of and diagonally from him. It is important that your site was clearly visible at the entrance to the premises and any foreign objects do not obstruct it.

Try to rear your workplace was a wall, but if this is not possible on Windows is to hang thick curtains.

Correctly Execute the workplace in the office


Currently, in the offices designated for each employee often are settled in booths or behind walls. Because of this, the person may feel that it is not enough space, and the interior, the equipment takes up too much space. This is not a very favorable location in Feng Shui, so in order to expand the space, make it more pleasant to read by using pictures around your desktop or over it. It can be depicted landscape, and better if it will be any symbol of Water (lake, sea, river, etc.).

From feelings of fatigue and routine will save the available in the workplace any item that you really like. Looking at it, you will experience joy, tiredness and retreat. Can supply a photo of a loved one.

It is not recommended to work between racks, shelves, cabinets, other furniture. All of these items of office interior limit career growth, prevent to take in new information, to develop. If there is no other option, as free all those shelves and racks.

According to Feng Shui workplace, the person in need of protection. It can provide a large plant or other large bright object. This is especially true of those people who can't afford to settle in a different location but near a large window. Even more protection is needed for people who work in the office located on high floors.

Another recommendation on how to put your Desk in the office according to Feng Shui concerns
lighting. It is desirable that in addition to natural light, your workspace illuminated by the lamp, which should be placed over the head or on the side opposite to the working hand.

Often in the offices of the Windows covered by curtains or blinds, because the bright sunlight can interfere with the work.


Completely abandon the natural lighting is not necessary, because it is also necessary for harmony and helps to attract money. When working in a room with no Windows should be placed in the painting, which depicts the natural landscape. It can be replaced by a small aquarium, flowers in a vase, a large plant on the table.

One of the main rules of this practice is that your Desk should always be clean and there must be no foreign objects, papers, documents.

A cluttered environment contributes to the obstruction of the circulation of positive energy. The room should be regularly ventilated, clean it, avoiding dust buildup, and the paper needs to constantly iterate and send to the archive those that in a given period of time is not needed. All of this is important to attract good luck, money, prosperity.

Sectors Desk according to Feng Shui

Your desktop can be divided into three parts, each of which should be paid attention to.


It is a zone of good luck, money, fame, aspirations and future achievements. This sector also symbolizes the good luck of the past, but if you want to find an incentive for achievements in the future, you can put this part of your award certificates in a frame, cups, etc.

If those are not available, it is better to leave the Central part is generally empty, to open a clear path to the future, rosy prospects.

The left edge

It symbolizes prosperity, wealth. If you are aiming for good profit, on the left far corner of the table you should put a money tree, it better be alive.

Following this recommendation, you choose from 2 problems:

  • The presence of flowers in the workplace;
  • A symbol of wealth, good profits.

If you wish this symbol you can replace the three-toed frog, piggy. If you stay on the last version on the desktop under the Treasury should spread a red cloth to attract money, because in Feng Shui red is the symbol of profit. You can choose another option – tie a red ribbon piggy Bank.

The right edge

This sector symbolizes protection and creation. From this side it is recommended to place the results of your successfully completed (e.g. completed projects, but a lot of documentation to post here is not worth it).

To secure the patronage of the authorities, the right side is recommended to put the phone.

If we talk about desktop computer, it according to Feng Shui needs to be the right screen saver. A good option would be a landscape, image water, nature. In addition, we must note that on the monitor too, should prevail – unnecessary shortcuts, documents, files and folders you want to delete.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to attract into your business, career and life success, money and financial well-being.