How to quickly clear favorite kettle descaler it

It is difficult to imagine morning without having fun bubbling and whistling on the stove kettle! Morning coffee or tea has long been a tradition and habit, without which it is simply impossible to Wake up and "be included" in the work. And for many busy people, tea or coffee are practically the only "meal", eaten for Breakfast.

How to quickly clear favorite kettle descaler it

However, very often cooking delicious, refreshing flavored drink marred by such unpleasant phenomena as the scale, which gives the drink a horrible taste. How to clean the kettle from scale quickly and safely?

The content of the article

What is it?

In order to effectively deal with scum, you must know the "enemy". The scum is dissolved in tap water are salts of calcium and magnesium deposited in the process of boiling on the walls of kettles and heating elements of other appliances (e.g. water heaters and washing machines). Water, which improved the content of these salts, often called "hard".

The very scale may differ in their composition, it is:

  • carbonate, consisting of carbonate salts of magnesium and calcium MgCO3 and CaCO3;
  • sulfate – CaSO4;
  • silicate, silicate-containing compounds of iron, aluminum, calcium and magnesium.

On the walls of our teapots it settles carbonate scale. Proven is the fact that the more a layer of these carbonates are, the more time it will take to boil water in it, and therefore, the more you are wasting gas or electricity.

Ways of dealing

How to remove limescale in the kettle? Some on this question will be answered like this: "buy descaler at the store." Yes, the range there is currently really wide enough. However, most Housewives prefer to use for this purpose so-called people's methods and tools.

There are many ways to get rid of limescale with the help of improvised means, which are well known to experienced Housewives. One of the most popular means of cleaning is ordinary vinegar.

How to quickly clear favorite kettle descaler it

To clean limescale from a kettle vinegar is very simple: for this purpose it is necessary to half fill with water, add 0.5 cups of vinegar and add more water to capacity was full.

After that, the water in the kettle needs to boil, let stand for ten minutes back to the boil. Repeat the procedure 3-5 times depending on the degree of contamination. To clean limescale with a normal sponge, and thoroughly rinse the kettle with water.

Another effective tool that helps you quickly remove limescale in the kettle is citric acid. The flushing principle is the same as with vinegar – 1-2 sachets of citric acid is poured into the kettle, and several times brought to a boil. After that, it should be well washed, to avoid getting acid in your tea or coffee.

To clean the inner surface of the kettle from minor RAID will help a mixture of potato and Apple peelings, which should be previously thoroughly washed. Cleaning are placed in the kettle and poured water, then several times brought to the boiling point. After this procedure, the plaque is softened and easily removed from the walls.

If have to deal with a very "advanced cases", then clear the scale you need in several stages. First, you pour in a full kettle a tablespoon of baking soda and simmer for half an hour. Then you need to add a tablespoon of lemon and continue boiling. After half an hour water to wash off and start removing the scale with a sponge.

How to quickly clear favorite kettle descaler it

How to clean an electric kettle from limescale? This question is especially interested in office workers, where the use of warm yourself a Cup of tea during the working day is possible only this way. Removal of lime scale in the kettle you can hold all the methods mentioned above, except for the recipe with potato peelings.

How to prevent its occurrence?

To prevent a problem is easier than the to get rid of it. Scaling you can try to prevent using for making hot drinks bottled water, which can be purchased in any supermarket.

Tap water should at least rest for a day before boiling. Alternatively, you can install a good filter on the water or clean the water through a variety of mini-filters.