How to remove limescale in the kettle: choose effective means

As you know, clean the kettle is a significant issue for every home owner, and from scale formation are not insured, even the most expensive kitchen tools. So sooner or later every woman faces the question of how to clean the kettle from scale quickly and what means to do this most effectively.

How to remove limescale in the kettle: choose effective means

In our today's article we will try to uncover few of these secrets.

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Where does the scale?

Before cleaning the kettle, let's find out what the scale is and where it appears.

Incrustation – calcareous stratum, which is formed on the walls of the cookware in constant contact with water and comprises particles of salts and metals of various types.

The insidiousness of scale in that it has a low conductivity and therefore heat water in a pot takes more time, and the heating elements of electric kettles, covered with limestone layer, fail much faster if they are not clear.

Proven methods

There are many different options for cleaning your kitchen appliances from scale, and among them especially popular are the methods using simple substances that can be easily found in every home:

How to remove limescale in the kettle: choose effective means
  • Clean the kettle with soda. This option is suitable for devices that are in very poor condition. Similar to clean the kettle from scale, you can use regular soda, which can be easily found in every kitchen. You only need to take 2 teaspoons of substance per liter of water and boil the solution. Then will only work as a sponge and the scum will go away;
  • Citric acid is a great remedy for the chronic scale in the kettle. To clean the unit enough to pour three packages with citric acid in cold water and then bring it to a boil. But keep in mind that for a long time to boil the kettle, as the composition will begin to foam and will be trying to get out;
  • Use the vinegar. To clean electric or enameled kettle from limescale with vinegar, you need to dial in two or three waters, and the remaining part to the top to fill with vinegar with 9% concentration. The resulting solution should be a good boil, and then leave for several hours in the kettle. Then the water must be drained and the unit thoroughly washed from residues of limescale and acetic acid. If after the first treatment, limescale all is not gone, then this manipulation should be repeated again and the scale will definitely leave the walls of your kitchen friend.

Preventive measures

And not to wrestle with the question of how to quickly remove limescale in the kettle, just use few simple rules:

How to remove limescale in the kettle: choose effective means
  • Systematically wash the interior of the kettle with a sponge. This will help to remove a thin limescale, and it will not accumulate to form multiple layers;
  • Use for boiling water, which was cleaning with a filter. Spent to buy it just once, you will daily have the house clean water that will not harm neither your body nor your kettle;
  • Do not leave boiled water in the device for a long time. It is better to boil small amounts of liquid, and the excess drained.

We hope that our tips on how to remove limescale in the kettle, to help you solve the problem with your "kitchen helpers" effortlessly and quickly get effective results. Let your kettle Shine and pleases you and your guests with delicious and fragrant liquor.