How to remove nasolabial wrinkles: treatments at home

Age-related changes lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the nasolabial triangle. Those most difficult to be removed. But there are several effective methods that you can use at home.

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Anti-aging exercises for face

Facial gymnastics is one of the effective methods of rejuvenation. A special set of exercises allows you to make the nasolabial folds less noticeable.

In addition, this measure significantly improves blood circulation.

  1. Exercise "Tube" — lip pull and hold in this position for up to 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat this exercise 5 times;
  2. The inflation of the lips will help to improve the cheeks and improve facial contours. Need to gain air in his mouth and move it from cheek to cheek, holding each. Repeat the exercise for about a minute;
  3. Proper exhalation – inhale through your nose sharply to release air through the mouth. When you exhale, the lips relax and the pull tube;
  4. Broad smile, then sharply to bring the lips into a tube. Repeat for 1 minute.

After exercise, you may receive the fatigue in his cheeks, a slight burning sensation is an indication that the exercises performed correctly.

Experts recommend that before exercises to treat the skin special anti-aging composition – the essential oil or cream. This will enhance blood circulation and to actively restore the epidermis.

How to remove nasolabial wrinkles: facial masks and creams

At home doing not only exercises but also prepare medicinal compositions.

To effectively remove the creases will help the following recipes:

  1. Remedies based on minerals. Lifting procedures at home is best done using clay. Ideal for Mature and ageing skin suit pink and green clay. To prepare the mask, mix 1 tbsp of clay and water/broth. The ingredients are stirred until homogeneity. You can add up to 5 drops of oil such as, argan, peach, coconut, grapeseed. Mixture treat the entire face and leave it until drying, then wash off with warm water/decoction of herbs. The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week;
  2. Gelatin mask. Such is used to solve a variety of problems: remove acne, pimples, comedones, normalizes the function of sebaceous glands. In addition, it reduces deep wrinkles. Spoon gelatin diluted in 2 tbsp of the liquid and give to swell. You can add the above oils. Pre-lubricate the skin usual cream. The mask is applied all over the face except the areas around the eyebrows and eyes. Keep her to curing, and then removed by hand;
  3. Oil mask. Recipes such a lot, but they are based on vegetable oil, to which is added a few drops of essential. For example, in 1 tbsp olive take up to 5 drops of essential choice, or a vial of vitamin E. the resulting composition is applied with gentle stroking with fingertips in nasolabial wrinkles. The rate of oil masks consists of 14 procedures that make daily;
  4. Cream with vitamins or essential oils. The sheet is applied to the skin of the usual cream enriched with a few drops of vitamins or esters. You can make the cream yourself by mixing 1 tbsp goat/badger fat, ½ tbsp liquid honey, a little essential oil or vial of vitamin to choose. The cream will get very thick, so it is better to use it at night, causing only for nasolabial wrinkles.

At home make inhalation.

This procedure is useful not only for colds or before a cleansing facial. Inhalation normalize microcirculation, thereby stimulate the production of collagen. In hot water to dissolve a few drops of essential oils of rose, orange or rosemary. Breathe over the steam for up to 10 minutes.

It is worth noting that remove wrinkles is possible only through an integrated approach. That is, you need to take care of caring cosmetics. Products must be of high quality, suitable for your skin type. It must consist of safe components, preferably made from natural substances.

How to remove nasolabial wrinkles with massage

The result was not long in coming, for the battle against aging must be approached comprehensively.

There are many type of massage for the face. For example, the simplest method is rubbing the cream along the massage lines. This simple procedure is doubly effective because in addition to the improvement of microcirculation of active are the substances contained in the cream.

Very effectively-proven technique of Tamakautoga – known Japanese masters:

  1. The index and middle fingers attached to the corners of the mouth, press the skin and lift the corners up, fixing at the highest point. In this position, linger for 3 seconds, then the skin is moved around the perimeter of the mouth, around the lips, nosogubnogo triangle. Returning to the start point, the corners of his mouth again, kiss, count to 3 and repeat the movement. Work with the corners of the mouth for 1 minute;
  2. Most effective exercise massage gymnastics from deep wrinkles – two fingers pressed to the wings of the nose and slide them down. Without lifting a finger, they are returned to the initial position. This is not to let go of the skin, pressed with fingertips. The wings rise to the nose and rubbing it on both sides toward the cheeks;
  3. Massage with three fingers – the fierce movement. It allows you to quickly adjust the shape of the face, remove pigmentation and wrinkles. However, to accomplish this movement carefully, controlling the pressure force. Three fingers placed on the center of the chin, then both hands bred the skin, taking the hand in parallel upwards (to the nose). On the back of the nose do not go and lift the skin under the eyes. When he reached the lower eyelid, staying underneath for 3 seconds, and then assign the skin to the temples. Repeat motion for 2 minutes.

These power massage methods allow effectively to carry out lifting at home. If you do the massage regularly, you can ensure the fixing of the result for years to come.

How to get rid of nasolabial wrinkles: professional procedures

In addition to household methods of fight with wrinkles you can use the services of modern cosmetology. Now in the cosmetology clinics make the so-called anti-aging injections.


For this purpose, fillers, drugs, fills wrinkles. Basically do any with hyaluronic acid. Fillers fill in the spaces between the cells, taking the place of the missing collagen. In the result, wrinkles become less noticeable or disappear altogether.

In the presence of deep wrinkles of some injectable fillers are not enough. Professional cosmetologists are in such situations are advised to make reinforcing problem areas with gold thread.

This method allows not only to rejuvenate the face but also to get rid of scars and cellulite. It consists in implanting under the skin of microthreads, which strengthen the epidermis. The method allows to significantly reduce deep wrinkles.

However, such methods require a more serious approach than the procedure at home. After the introduction of fillers and microhematuria may experience an allergic reaction and other side effects.

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