How to restore the working ability of the intestine?

You imagine that inside each of us is almost 10 meters thick and a movable tube that performs for us the dirty work – displays the remains of processed foods. Minimal problem with the intestines – and here we have not just a bad mood, and problems with appearance and health in General.


Because of this, the intestine is quite possible to christen a center of beauty and health, because of his smooth and complete work depends on beautiful color hair and skin, clean pores, well-groomed General appearance, the absence of premature wrinkles and much more. In principle, the importance of normal activity of the intestine felt anyone post pregnancy, diet, antibiotics or surgery on abdominal cavity. It's good, but even better to know how to restore your gut in different situations.

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After birth

In the process of carrying the growing uterus compresses the intestine much what the expectant mother consistently suffering from constipation. Just before birth her do an enema in order to exclude force majeure on the delivery table. If the resolution process from the burden passed naturally and without complications, the chair mothers will improve yourself in 2-3 days. All this time, it is recommended to drink a lot of water.

Most of all, the question of how to recover after experienced childbirth the bowels, care cesareni women and those who have perineal tears. In the latter case, it is impossible to sit and to push if I want to go to the toilet "in large". Consider taking antispasmodic medication and adherence to a specific diet.

They should use the following products:

  • mineral water and low-fat broth;
  • zucchini and broccoli;
  • boiled carrots and beets;
  • eggplant and pumpkin;
  • plums, apples, bananas, cherries, gooseberries and other seasonal fruits and vegetables;
  • food with high fiber;
  • olive and other vegetable oils.

From birth through cesarean, there is one feature: the process of vspenivania the abdominal cavity invariably leads to a lockup of operations of the intestines, which in medicine is called atonic constipation.

The same diagnosis is often made after the tearing of the uterus, peritonitis or experienced epidural anesthesia. Its main symptoms are swelling and bloating.

The process of restore normal stool is reduced to the intake of specific drugs prescribed by a medical doctor, and physical activity. For example, in some clinics mothers emerging from a cesarean or an epidural, forced to get out of bed and walk already after 6-8 hours.

After laxatives

Reception chair laxative medications may be necessary in a few cases, or rather, if a person is diagnosed helminthiasis, food poisoning, chronic or acute constipation, and also to serious and prolonged operation. In any case, it is useful to know how to restore your gut after ingestion of laxatives. The most important thing is a complete adjustment of the usual diet and lifestyle. You need to drink plenty of purified water, and massage the abdomen at least 30 minutes before a meal. It consists in a circular massaging strokes, starting from the centre of the abdomen, and gradually expanding to its limits.


A huge benefit after the use of purgative medicines brings long and leisurely walks in the fresh air, visiting gyms and even dancing. Any physical activity will improve the peristalsis of intestines and strengthen the muscle layer, located in the abdominal cavity.

Do not forget about the existence of diverse pharmaceutical drugs that are able to organize the work of the human intestine. Remember, though about the same prebiotics, plant-based.

Again, as a laxative and remedy, they should appoint only a doctor, because self-treatment often provides quite the opposite effect.

After antibiotics

Unfortunately, a person cannot completely give up antibiotics, especially when it comes to severe inflammation, viral or bacterial infection in a complex form. These medications fast enough to eliminate the main symptoms and improve the General condition, but cause irreparable damage to the "cleansing" system of the body. Goiter — is the main cause to wonder how to restore bowel function after long-term use of antibiotics.

Core recommendations on rehabilitation of microflora look like this:

  • A complete rejection of junk food and switching to a strict diet. The staple food should be
    milk products, low-fat soups, and cereal;
  • After antibiotics it is important to establish the functions of the intestine by alternately receiving herbal remedies with a mild astringent or laxative properties;
  • It is recommended that a two-week course of consumption of enzyme drugs-type or Mezim Festal;
  • In pharmacies there is a decent selection of drugs to restore the microflora. They mainly contain complex microscopic bacteria that promotes digestion of food and a comfortable digestion in General.

After surgery

Any surgical intervention affecting the abdomen, invariably leads to the violation of the chair. The rehabilitation process will be long, and it is important to know how to restore bowel function after surgery, so that their actions do not inflict even more damage.

In this situation, we can give the following General recommendations:

  • A couple of weeks to give up any exercise, to do regular massage of the abdomen;
  • Not to lift weights and not to take baths, a shower and often change the posture of the body;
  • After the surgery will have 2-4 months to observe the milk-vegetable diet. For meals suitable semolina and rice porridge, stews, fresh vegetables, lean meat and fish in boiled form, posolenny bread, and dairy products. Vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water – it is obligatory;
  • Walking and therapeutic exercise, hygiene and healthy sleep.

What to do with constipation?

The modern pace of life, with his snacks on the go, sedentary work, stress and unhealthy diets, often leads to a weakening of the peristalsis of the intestine, which manifests itself in the form of complete absence of the chair. As a result, bad health, deterioration in the appearance and even pain in the abdomen. What is not a reason to ask how to restore the bowel regular constipation?

The first thing you have to do is to review the diet and make it a triple.

From the list of the foods have to be deleted:

  • bakery products and pastry;
  • sugar;
  • alcohol, coffee and carbonated drink;
  • refined meals.

The rest of the rules, how it is possible to independently establish the work of "cleansing" system of the body with recurring constipation are as follows:

  • You need to drink at least a couple of liters of purified water per day;
  • Not to eat the food immediately, but to do it half an hour later after a meal;
  • Enrich your diet with fiber of vegetable origin;
  • To organize fasting days;
  • Make the products based on bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, as well as medicine that promotes the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

As you can see, the gut is quite responsive body that will respond to all your actions complete and proper job.

Simple manipulations, reasonable diet and you'll feel healthy, full of energy, beauty and optimism.

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