How to sew a beautiful summer dress with your own hands?

With the arrival of summer, every girl thinks about how to refresh her wardrobe and pick up new and stylish dresses. If you have no particular desire to run around the shops in search of a suitable outfit, you can try to sew a beautiful summer dress yourself. Firstly, you will save money on purchase, and secondly, your product will be unique and inimitable.

Before you sew a beautiful summer dress with your own hands, you will need to go through a fairly simple preparatory stage ... Even an inexperienced novice seamstress can handle this task, so you can rest assured that you will succeed.

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  • Prep Phase
  • Simple dress
  • Girl's outfit
  • Empire style outfit
  • Preparation phase

    < p> The first thing you should pay attention to is what fabric you will sew your outfit from. Since the product will be summer, it is better to give preference to lightweight materials that "breathe ".

    These include the following fabrics:

    How to sew a beautiful summer dress with your own hands?
    • linen;
    • cotton;
    • some synthetic materials;
    • chintz.

    Then you should accurately take measurements and prepare the pattern. If you are going to make a fitted model, then you just need to take measurements.

    The main parameters that you will need to measure for sewing an outfit with your own hands:

    • shoulder length;
    • product length;
    • distance from back to waist;
    • waist and hips;
    • bust.

    Simple dress

    The product we are going to look at now is perfect for evening walks and informal meetings. Sewing such a summer dress with an elastic band is very simple; this will require elementary rectangular or trapezoidal patterns. To make the outfit fit, we'll use a wide elastic band.

    The process is as follows:

    How to sew a beautiful summer dress with your own hands?
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  • First you need to cut out the back and front elements of the future outfit. Cut out the front and back according to the appropriate measurements. They should be symmetrical;
  • Fold the received details and sew the side seams;
  • Knowing the distance from the back to the waist, mark the places to insert the elastic;
  • Measuring the desired length elastic bands, attach it to the waist, as long as it is not too tight;
  • Evenly pulling the elastic from mark to mark, sew it to the dress;
  • If you have a desire, you can Sew a beautiful lace frill to the product.
  • Summer outfit is sewn no longer than two hours, but the end result is obligatorywill surprise you. When creating the image you need, you can use various finishing materials that will make your product unique and inimitable.

    With girls, everything is more or less clear, but how to sew a summer dress for a little girl with your own hands?

    After all, not only adults want to look stylish. Fortunately, creating clothes for babies is very simple; often a pattern is not even needed for these purposes. Now you will learn how you can effortlessly sew a beautiful dress for a girl from improvised materials.

    Outfit for a girl

    What fabric is better to sew a summer airy dress ? Since the skin of young children is very sensitive, it is better to give preference only to natural materials that will not cause an allergic reaction in babies.

    In this case, we will use the following details:

    • Knitted T-shirt;
    • White fabric with polka dots;
    • Bake in black


    How to sew a beautiful summer dress with your own hands?
    1. First, take your measurements. To do this, measure the length from the chest to the shoulder seam;
    2. Transfer the resulting value to the T-shirt with a 4 cm allowance and mark a line with a small line. Cut off the excess part along it, but do not throw it away. In the future, it will still come in handy;
    3. Iron the polka dot fabric well. Next, make one line without a typewriter along the upper cut. Pulling on the thread, make a small gathering;
    4. Please note that after assembling the top section, its length should exactly match the width of the top of the T-shirt. For example, the width of the shirt is 25 cm, which means that the width of the upper part of the skirt should be 50 cm;
    5. To sew the side seam on the skirt, turn the product inside out. Then overcast the seams from the seamy side;
    6. Connect the skirt part with the T-shirt and sew;
    7. At the final stage, the bottom of the product should be edged. To do this, use a binding;
    8. Then sew a belt of the desired size. In this case, the ideal parameters would be 130 × 12 cm;
    9. If you have not had time to throw away the rest of the T-shirt, you can make a beautiful flower to decorate the outfit;
    10. Cut a strip up to 5 cm wide. Trim the edge of the strip with a black tape. Make a beautiful flower from the blank and sew it to the dress;
    11. As a result, you will get a very nice summer outfit:

    Empire style outfit

    If you are a fan of the Greek style, this version of the outfit will definitely appeal to you. Moreover, you can sew a summer light dress without a pattern.

    Option 1:

    How to sew a beautiful summer dress with your own hands?
    • Take a large piece of fabric
    • Using pins, secure the top of the outfit to the shoulders;
    • Taking the narrow tape, secure the workpiece at the waist;
    • So that your outfit does not swing open during movement, sew the side parts of the dress;
    • Using the same braid, fasten the desired drapery;
    • To secureo fasten the gather and folds, sew the product on a typewriter.

    Option 2:

    • Sew a fitted outfit ;
    • Then choose a bright material in the same shade as the base;
    • After putting on the base, throw the chosen flowing material over your shoulder;
    • Drape the fabric and attach it to base using pins;
    • If you are happy with everything in the blank, "fasten the result" with blind seams.

    As you can see, it is very easy to make an original product, and even in the Greek style, from scrap materials.

    In this matter, the main thing is to know the little tricks that allow you to turn boring outfits in flowing bright clothes.

    Even if you've never sat at a sewing machine in your life, this does not mean that you will not be able to sew an original summer product. Everyone can create a beautiful and extraordinary thing using available materials and tools.

    It is obvious that many dress models do not require complex patterns and patterns to sew. And the very process of creating a new and stylish product will not take much of your time and effort.

    But the end result will delight and surprise not only you, but also your loved ones.