How to sew a belt-sauna effect slimming your own hands?

Slimming belt is a great support tool for those who want to excrete excess fluid. Of course, with such a device the fat starts to "melt" in the eyes, but the moisture present in the subcutaneous fat and to accumulate glycogen in itself, will go fairly quickly and naturally through sweat.

How to sew a belt-sauna effect slimming your own hands?

In this liquid concentrate polysaccharides – some of the main culprits of excess weight. Therefore, women often use a neoprene belt to bring stagnant water from problem areas.

In addition, the area of the body, covered by such a zone of actively sweating, and therefore, it increases blood flow. As a result, enhanced circulation stimulates natural lipolysis (breakdown of fat), and normalizes the functioning of the lymph – current "sewer" of the body.

Slimming belt it is possible to do with your hands, especially if the house has appropriate materials. Even if you have to purchase them – it will cost much cheaper than a finished product. Meanwhile, the budget belt can simulate even the usual food film, commonly used for treatments of body wraps.

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Important to use the slimming belt?

If you are constantly in the "mode" of exercise, and a little move to use this device to you does not make sense. The belt is an auxiliary option for those who practice exercising at home or doing in the gym. Do not use this product for those who are planning to mount it on a stomach, having problems with the reproductive system. In this case, it could cause overheating of the tissues, and this can adversely affect the course of the disease. Special attention to this item, you should pay what is polyps in the uterus or cystic tumors in the ovaries.

How to sew a belt-sauna effect slimming your own hands?

For unknown reasons, some people sincerely believe that, having put on his body belt, they are without any local efforts made to correct the problem areas of the figure. But it is not so. Note that the belt in any way will not help you if you put it on and lie down on the couch in front of the TV.

But you can wear this thing, if you do a General cleaning, or doing such things that require minimal physical activity.

Then you kill two birds with one stone – and the house is clean and the body fat is melting rapidly.

Why is there a misconception that slimming belt is able to solve the problem of excess weight in just few weeks and without any effort? The cause attractive models to advertise expensive products of this nature. Adequate person will immediately understand that to get abs like the models of advertising zones, simply impossible, if not to make a purely sporting efforts.

But still, some gullible buyers really believe that there are miracle pills and magic belt, is able to deliver them from what they have had for years. And even for decades. Say at once – in order to belt really work, you will have to make some effort on their part.

If you don't like aerobic or weight training, and from one type of equipment in the gym you have characterized by pain in the muscles, we advise you to start running.

How to sew a belt-sauna effect slimming your own hands?

This is useful not only for the shape and health but also for mental balance. Just arrange a run every evening. And of course, before you go to the stadium, don't forget to wear your purchased or hand-made belt with sauna effect.

Let's get that out if fat then?

No, then it takes only water, sodium salts, minerals, and some of the toxins that gradually accumulate in our tissues.

To make up for those nutrients that are eliminated in this process, you can use Sotnikov. Them you can make yourself, or buy in a specialty shop. But what is the effect of weight loss, which promises wearing the belt during training?

The fact that the belt has on our soft tissues a sauna effect, warming up the muscles in the local areas. Due to the fact that the muscle is heated, it begins to draw energy resources from nearby objects, namely, the subcutaneous fat. Thus, increased local metabolism, the fats are heated and broken down easier.

Blood lipids are posted on other muscles that are utilized in the process of aerobic exercise. Oxidized, the remaining fat cells into carbonic acid and sent to the lungs, from where it is discharged naturally in the respiration process. So there comes a slimming effect. And now you know that to achieve the mandatory aerobic exercise.

Burning fat in the process of wearing special belt

How to sew a belt-sauna effect slimming your own hands?

It should immediately indicate that fat is a kind of reserve for our organism. In case of famine, war or disasters. So consumed he is very reluctant. First comes the breakdown of carbohydrates (of course, if the restriction in the diet). Then, experiencing shortages of sources of energy, the muscles begin to eat fat "reserves".

We can perspire in different ways. For example, in the sauna or bath. Many people are delighted to see that after visiting the steam room lost a couple pounds. That is to say, combined the pleasant with the useful. But this is very misleading. During the stay in the sauna, the body is aerobic exercise, which means that the muscles draw energy from fat and not split them.

Then leaves with only water, and nothing more. Eliminated pounds almost instantly filled with the natural need to drink.

Aerobic exercise is a prerequisite for those who want to lose weight with a belt. Only in this case, warming the muscles of the abdominal region is really useful fats to"melt" and enter the bloodstream, and during a workout to nourish all the muscles of the body. If it is not strained – it doesn't need food and that means burning lipids occupy the same position, or worse, spread to other "problem" areas.

So, as you can see, training while wearing armopoyasu required. And now you can start making this interesting product.

How to make "magic" belt with your hands?

How to make a slimming belt with your hands? Follow the simple instructions.

You will need:

  1. Thermal insulation fabric (lycra, neoprene, elastane, termosel);
  2. Standard food wrap (small roll);
  3. Velcro (for the subsequent tight fit of the belt on the body).
How to sew a belt-sauna effect slimming your own hands?

Find fabric now easy because it is sewn most of sportswear.

So, remove the measurements from your own body. Don't forget to take into account the fact that volumes will continue to decrease, so it is advisable to sew the Velcro in the appropriate order. Prostrochite the edge of the fabric on the sewing machine, using for this purpose high strength suture material.

After the very basis of the belt ready, attach it to the waist and mark the future position of "fasteners". Now sew the Velcro in marked areas, taking into account the gradual reduction of the volumes. In principle, to sew several of the Velcro is optional, but should leave a few pieces of material for the subsequent remaking.

You can also use plain plastic wrap. To use this light version of termopalas optimally after training, since it will interfere with and limit movement. You can also wrap belly wrap, and on top of it to put on the belt effect in this case will increase twice.

Some women want to know how to make an ordinary slimming belt with your hands? The one that hides the fullness only visually. It is made on a similar principle. But in this case it is necessary to choose the most delicate fabric. And it is very desirable that she was Nude or another neutral color. Green and black belts can come through clothing and become visible to prying eyes. Also such products should not be worn directly under the dress. Better to wear a tight belt under my body, and only then to wear normal clothes.

Be beautiful, and lose weight with the mind!