How to sew a toy for a baby with your own hands

Sewing a toy for a child with their own hands is not as difficult as it seems. If you know how to hold a needle in your hands and feel a creative impulse - get down to work, especially since new fun will be a great joy for the little ones.

How to sew a toy for a baby with your own hands
< p> Toys for children with their own hands are made from fabrics of rich colors, with a bright print or solid colors. Chintz, cotton, linen, felt, burlap, fleece and faux fur are suitable - these materials are easy to cut, and they also have a pleasant texture that develops tactile sensations.

As the simplest filler, ordinary cotton wool is suitable, but it is better to stock up on sewing batting, padding polyester (sometimes foam rubber can emit harmful substances, it is better not to risk it).

There is a special filler in silicone balls, very pleasant to the touch, with a massage and soothing effect, but it has two minus - a high price and a ban on use in toys for children under 5 years old.

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How to sew a Russian nesting doll

A simple toy for kids with their own hands is made from chintz fabric, it can be made quickly, and you don't need any special dressmaker skills.

Materials and tools:

  • thick paper and a pencil for sewing;
  • bright chintz;
  • red cotton fabric;
  • beige cotton fabric (face);
  • paints;
  • stationery glue;
  • filler (synthetic winterizer);
  • needle, thread, scissors, paint brush.

Start by drawing a shape future nesting dolls on thick paper - this will be a pattern for a toy.

Fold pieces of different calico so that the upper third of the pattern falls on red cotton - where the head will be " in a kerchief ". Leave the gap at the convergence of the fabrics 2 cm. Mark the outline of the doll on the folded fabric, cut it out with sharp scissors, leaving 1 cm seam allowances.

Sew with a simple seam first a red fabric with variegated calico, then put small seams along the contour of the matryoshka. Turn out the shape and fill it with filler, sew the bottom with a blind seam.

Cut a round face out of a piece of beige fabric, glue it in place and paint the bangs, eyes, eyebrows, ruddy cheeks and a neat mouth with paints. Put two dots in place of the spout. The classic face of the Russian nesting doll is ready! The seam connecting " shawl " and " dress " can be left as it is, or can be decorated with a thread of beads or a ribboncoy.

We sew a bright snake together

Connect a child to the process, and both of you will have great pleasure, and the resulting thing will remind you of joyful minutes more than one year. The first fruits of joint creativity are especially touching - soft toys sewn by the hands of children. Make sure your child uses sharp objects safely. Let's sew a funny bright python!

Materials and tools:

  • thin fleece in two colors for " snake bodies ";
  • colored fleece pieces for " spots ";
  • 2 buttons for the eyes;
  • filler (cotton wool or small pieces of padding polyester);
  • needle, thread, scissors.

First cut out two circles from a contrasting color fleece fabric - the idea is to make the belly and back of different shades, the back is better yellow or green, like a real python.

Cut a forked tongue out of bright red fabric, sew it into " head " with a few neat stitches. Then we sew with a chain stitch " body " of the snake to the tip of the " tail ".

As the seam moves forward, do not we forget to stuff the toy, because because of the elongated shape it will be difficult to do it later.

How to sew a toy for a baby with your own hands

Sewing up the tapering " tail ". Sew on buttons in place of " eye ".

Let's start the decor: you need to cut strips or circles from colored pieces - the future " specks ".

With a small chain stitch or simple seam we sew them in artistic disorder along the" back "of our python. The toy is ready, as you can see, you can make it not only in one day - in an hour!

Pillow - lion's head

An excellent soft toy for a kid with your own hands it turns out in the form of a round pillow - you can play, or you can take a nap, resting your head on it or hugging it.

Materials and tools:

  • pleasant to the touch artificial fur of sand or yellow color;
  • many colorful pieces of ribbons 10 cm long;
  • filler (synthetic winterizer);
  • woolen brown and green threads;
  • a thick needle, threads, scissors.

Cut two circles out of the faux fur, the same diameter as you intended for a pillow - it could be a small pillow -toy or full-fledged children's pillow. Sew on the contour of one of the circles from the front side with simple stitches folded in half pieces of bright ribbons. At the same time, place them with a loop closer to the center of the circle.

Sew both halves right side inward with a strong seam, leaving a gap for inserting the filler. Turn out the pillow cover and stuff it with padding polyester rather tightly, then close the hole with a blind seam.

It is better to choose a short fur so that it is convenient to embroider the lion's face. HIn the place of the eyes, make a few stitches with green threads, trim the outline with cilia and eyebrows in brown. Embroider in brown and a triangular nose and a " cat smile " with a mustache - long beautiful stitches. Everything is very simple!

We sew an educational toy for children with our own hands

To develop a child, you need interesting toys that can be made from fabric using simple patterns. You can take the latter from the Internet or come up with it yourself, because the kid is 2-3 years old, and it is at this age that such crafts are most needed, unpretentious in shape. The main thing is to do everything neatly and choose a bright fabric.

What ideas would work? Soft letters and numbers will be good, because it is easier for a child to learn the alphabet in a playful way. The secret is to make small letters from a fabric, pleasant to the touch, large (about 10 cm high), multi-colored.

How to sew a toy for a baby with your own hands

Decorate the alphabet with something special it is not necessary, it is better to sew the letters along the contour with a chain stitch - this is both neat and strong.

You can also make a rug from fleece by sewing it using a patchwork technique - from multi-colored squares. Each color of the square corresponds to a soft figurine of the same color.

Such developing homemade loto teaches shades well and develops an analogy in children 1-2 years old. A soft carrot on padding polyester or cotton wool, a mushroom, an apple, a ball and a cube is suitable as a simple figurine.

There is a lot of room for creativity in making children's toys, do not be afraid to start sewing for your child, even if you haven't tried it before. It's fun and can become your hobby.