How to soften the heel on the shoes at home?

Selection of shoes, ballet shoes or boots for girls is a real ritual. We can spend a few hours trying on a particular pair and wondering in my mind how, with what and where we are going to put on her.

How to soften the heel on the shoes at home?

And here's a coveted pair purchased and you are happy to go home, imagining how the next morning dressed in new clothes and go to conquer the world. But disappointments in life are sometimes inevitable. It's hard to imagine a more depressing situation than the sudden realization that the newly purchased perfect at all points of the shoes you get heel.

What to do in such a situation and svejesobranna shoes how to soften rubbing the heel, if there is no way back?

Many girls prefer to suffer for a while, believing that the heel itself is posted and the bloody corn – a worthy sacrifice for future comfort. Others just throw the shoes away, only occasionally remembering her on the eve of important events. But by and large the situation is not as bad as you think.

To get rid of stiffness can be using the simplest means, without leaving home. Imagine that only required a couple hours of your attention a couple days of patience and uncomfortable backdrops the shoes cease to RUB forever.

How to soften heel shoes at home?

Shoes, ankle boots, boots, sneakers, any shoes, daily used by us, first and foremost, should be comfortable. Whether you love heels or flats – comfort is important not only for convenience but also the health of your feet. In fact, almost in every Shoe shop there is a service to mitigate or stretching of the Shoe. But there are also many ways to soften the heel on the shoes at home, using improvised means.

Independently handle brand new shoes and make them as comfortable as possible in the following ways:

How to soften the heel on the shoes at home?
  • ratnasingam with wool socks. To do this, dedicate a day off to flaunt around the apartment in shoes stretched on a thick sock. For greater efficiency socks can be moistened with hot water, but good press, so as not to spoil the footwear;
  • socks with spirit. Another effective method will require you to wool socks, but this time they need to be wetted with alcohol or vodka. Use alcohol carefully – make sure that the shoes will not suffer from its application, after checking on an inconspicuous area first;
  • use a hammer. If the backs of shoes unbearable hard, and even the previously mentioned ways don't take, the time to start radical actions. But excessive zeal to be not worth it – be gentle with your shoes. Gently repel the problematic place using a piece of soft cloth or paper;
  • special sprays and creams. Sometimes it happens that only one heel is solid. How better to soften her work with special care. Professional care products are designed in a way that helps the most gentle way to stretch a tight skin. If to use with thick socks, it is possible to create extra space for your heel;
  • night stretching. If you desire to walk in warm socks and shoes around the house you have not observed, then fill the space with shoes socks and crumpled paper, and then leave it on for the whole night. The material will become more supple and soft;
  • paraffin or soap. One of the fastest treatments soften hard skin involves the use of solid soap or paraffin. If you need to put on a new pair, and time stretching left, then use the specified tools. RUB the backs paraffin candle or soap – this will help for a while to soften the material;
  • hot air. You can try to stretch the skin with a hair dryer. Heating shoes inside, immediately put it and try a little post. For efficiency, the algorithm is repeated several times;
  • stretching with ice. A very unusual method require you to have a working freezer. Place plastic bags filled with water in your new pair and send it all in the freezer. Physics experts confirmed that the transformation in ice water will increase in volume and hence will stretch the skin from the inside.

All these methods are quite suitable for leather, suede or high quality substitutes. But if your shoes are too expensive or the material is confusing you, using special store-bought tools will be the best solution.

If you are looking for the best option to soften a hard heel on new boots pay attention to the ways with wool socks or hot air.

Such options are even suitable for boots with fur inside. Take care of your feet and wear your new clothes with pleasure!