How to spice up my relationship: tips and advice

Already in the past touching moment of the meeting with the one and only? Instead of a bouquet of flowers you prefer to receive a gift of some needed and necessary thing in the economy, and all conversations are reduced to the solution of pressing problems? Then it is time for a new phase and it is important to understand how to diversify the relationship with the guy to feel completely.

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How to make new usual routine

If you felt some chills, maybe it's that you're a little tired of each other and it's time to relax and think about yourself.


We present interest to another person only when our lives are rich and full of events and without his participation. Release favorite with friends on a fishing trip, and they themselves send with my girlfriends shopping or in a SPA.

Remember how you spent time before in your life had loved one.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to recuperate and provide the man himself, but to give each other the opportunity to take a SIP of freedom is not hurt.

In the end, you will have something to talk about and something to discuss over dinner.

If separate stop is not considered, try to completely change the situation. Leisure options on the Islands is not suitable for everyone, but is ideal to spend a weekend in the country or to go to the village to the grandmother, at the same time help her with the housework. Moonlight nights the sounds of croaking frogs and splashing fish in the pond is so romantic! In the end, you can just put everything aside and to go out to a cafe, to see the movie, which has long wanted to see or just stroll through the city, buy ice cream and bump into memories of childhood.

Give your man a present just because, not on a birthday or on February 23. Surprise him with a bouquet of flowers, and if you think that the man will not appreciate such a gesture, you should check it out, and a pleasant surprise on his face will be proof that you are on the right track. Buy a set of letters in any children's Department and leave him a message on the fridge wishing me a good day. Perhaps this will become a tradition in your family and even a way to make peace with possible future disputes.

How else can you diversify relations?


Constantly praise your young person, support him in all endeavors, always find time to talk and discuss current Affairs.

Remember, men are children who constantly need approval of their actions. For this they are willing to forgive a lot, and most importantly in the relationship see it in mutual understanding with your partner, and not her ability to cook well, to wash and clean.

If you turned into a kind of mother hen and mother hen for her husband, it's time to stop and realize he needs you, not hot soup on the table, although not a hindrance.

How to diversify an intimate relationship

Sex in a relationship plays a key role and it's hard to argue.

If you convince yourself that your intimate life with your loved one has become more boring, and most importantly – a rare cause of fatigue at work, this is not true and it's time to change something before things went too far.

Throw in a sex shop and buy everything that is on the shelves, not worth it – so you can only scare your partner. You need to be unobtrusive and playful as if you do not understand how you managed to do it.

How to diversify sexual relationship?


The first thing to change clothes for the house and get rid of the old worn robe if you have one. Make playful playful hairstyle, wear something that is flattering, and not just highlights, but frankly, their shows and wait for the husband from work.

Most likely, he will react as soon as you cross the threshold of the house, but if this does not happen, you can act more decisively, "accidentally" showing him that you missing underwear.
Set beautiful expensive lingerie should be in the Arsenal of every real woman if you have this yet, go and buy.

As is known, the position sex for men plays not the last role, therefore, develop new space, especially if your sex life is not leaves the bedroom. Try to do it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in any public place – the bus, the toilet, dressing etc. of family relationship will benefit from this.

How to diversify a long-distance relationship

Here it is important to warm up your senses and be the man as possible.


Modern means of communication will help you. Frank TEXT get a partner and make you be in good shape, but if you do not think of such things without draining, use the session-video. And there is nothing wrong, in the end, if it accept both partners, then why not. In various books on psychology there is such advice on how to diversify the relationship when the partners are far from each other.

Regularly talk on the phone, tell each other how the day went, but in any case not be obtrusive. If you have a crisis of family relations, your job is to make the partner was afraid of losing you.

Here it is not forbidden to give him a chance a bit jealous. Ask a colleague to drive you home and make the husband saw it. Buy yourself flowers and bring them home, and the question of how, say, that gave a passer-by.

Always tell your partner that you get compliments from other men and celebrate your beauty. This will make it possessiveness, and he would start to fight for their "female".

But most importantly – never live the life of his men, not rastvoryayas it completely. Keep your saturated and bright and then you do not have to look for ways to diversify the relationship with her husband.

The man will never leave a woman interesting, cheerful, easy-going, kind and considerate. Become such for your loved one, and he'll tell you the same.

How To SPICE UP & Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship (18+)