How to strengthen the nervous system: step by step instructions

We all know that our body is a network of nerve fibers. They are everywhere, in all tissues and organs. The total length of them is 1 billion meters. To imagine this number is difficult, it is equal to the path from the Earth to the moon and back.


Constant stress to kill them, but fortunately, although they say that the nerves do not regenerate, it is not. Still, it's quite a long process.

Signs of problems with the nervous system:

  • Anxiety, a heightened sense of danger;
  • A constant state of fatigue;
  • Irritability at the slightest provocation, breakdowns, unmotivated aggression;
  • Apathy and loss of interest in life;
  • Can't relax;
  • Insomnia at night and drowsiness by day;
  • A sense of indecision, total lack of confidence.

What do you do if you find yourself some or all of these symptoms? To run to the pharmacy for antidepressants and sedative? Of course not. There are many ways to strengthen the nervous system without chemical drugs. Let's keep them in case of emergency, if you do not help the correct way of life, folk remedies and other ways to strengthen the nervous system.

Strengthening of the nervous system: the first steps

Let's start with this method, like meditation. All you will need is some free time alone, is additionally will help calm relaxing music or a burning candle. Sit on a chair, keep your back straight.

Watch as the flame burns, deep and steady breathing, try to dismiss all thoughts except one: "Today I am calm and relaxed. Today I'm going to smile. I won't get mad or annoyed..."


After the mantra, try to think of a future life positively. Formulate your goals. When life appears a worthy goal, the body usually grow, there comes to be inspired and filled with energy.

Organize your sleep. In order to be active and cheerful, good judgment and successfully communicate with others, women need to be sure to sleep well. Before you go to bed, occupy yourself in some peaceful occupation.

Relax with a book on the sofa or easy conversation. Have dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed. To relieve excessive anxiety drink the night tea from herbs that strengthen the nervous system and calming.

You need to eat properly and adequately, including diet rich in nutrients foods. A very important role in the human body plays calcium. The lack of it impedes the transmission of nerve impulses, therefore increasing the total voltage, and the man for no apparent reason, become irritable, tearful and irritable.

To drink calcium? Then fill the lack of nutrition. Calcium foods help strengthen the nervous system is all legumes, and root vegetables like beets; cabbage, almonds and dairy products.

Do not forget about vitamins that help strengthen the nervous system. For example, vitamins To enhance stress resistance. Most of them are contained in brewer's yeast.

Try to cook the following recipe: take 3 cups of the juice, mix with a spoon of brewer's yeast, spoon sprouted wheat grains, add honey to taste and the egg yolk. Vitamins can be obtained from green vegetables and fruits, whole grains, vegetable oil.

Strengthen the nervous system and exercise. Very useful for walking, running, swimming. Try to wedge the exercises in daily life: instead of the bus, select a walk instead of the Elevator — climbing stairs. Pleasant fatigue after exercise will help you fall asleep faster and awaken the appetite.

A special unit to strengthen the overall condition of nerves are the traditional methods.

Help folk remedies

We offer before bed and several times during the day to drink teas soothing herbs. Good, traditional, folk herbalist, have motherwort, Valerian, the leaves and flowers of camomile, peppermint leaves, flowers and fruits of hawthorn.


Try to prepare an infusion of the following herbs: 10 grams of strawberry leaves and nettle, 20 birches and 50 seeds of flax. Collection pour boiling water and infuse for an hour or two. Take it should be warm, 100 grams for 10 minutes before each meal. The course lasts for 1-2 months.

But probably the most important cure is a positive attitude. Know that all will be well! Meet friends more often, get out into nature, look for the beauty in life, paintings, music, people — in everything that surrounds you. Show a sense of humor, and, no doubt, soon you will forget about worries and concerns.

Life is beautiful, just learn to see it, and your nerves of steel will only envy.