How to teach your cat to go to the toilet?

Caring owners are trying every possible way to improve the living conditions of your cat. The same applies to the organization of the toilet for the animal. It needs to be convenient not only for the pet, but also to protect from unpleasant odours, easy to clean, not to interfere in the apartment. To solve these problems will help teaching your cat to use the toilet, due to which the pet will learn to celebrate their natural needs in such a way that you don't have to change the sand, hear unpleasant "aromas"to worry about that with a cat's toilet can interact with children.

Often pet owners think it is impossible. In fact, to achieve this it is really, if you have the will to implement the recommendations.

The content of the article

The algorithm of actions


If you decide to teach a cat to use the toilet you will need about three weeks, and that's how it can be done.

To start, move the toilet pet closer to your toilet. When he gets in the room, for several days lift it higher. Per day increase it by a few cm, using old Newspapers, magazines, books. Ensure that the tray was steady on the hill.

To do this, it can be attached to the surface of a makeshift stand with duct tape or electrical tape. Be prepared for the fact that the process might not go as smoothly as we would like. Pet can resist change and be reluctant to go in the tray. In this case, let the device a few days will be the same height.

When it reaches the same level with a toilet seat of the toilet, for three days, the tray will not move. This will give your pet a chance to adjust to the altitude and the device to understand what risk this item is not.

At the end of the second week of the teaching period (14th day) toilet pet need to move by a few cm so that a small part of it appeared on the surface of the toilet seat.

On the 15th day move it a little more – to three-quarters of the tray was on the toilet seat. Remember that at all stages, especially the last toilet pet must be sustainable, otherwise the dissatisfaction with the family pet threatens to derail the entire "operation". At this time, the cat looks around, gets used to new conditions and objects around them.

Fully on the seat pan moves on the 16th day.


17-th day – an important stage of schooling. Now the tray can be removed, replacing it with a plastic plate that mounts under the seat. It is important to wean the animal from the filler, but this is difficult to achieve, so on the plate you can put a small bowl of them to attract your cat's attention. Such actions may cause confusion of the animal, so close the pet in the toilet until obligada not cope with the task.

The next day, again use the tablet, only washed, but better replaced by new – clean animal will not defecate in a dirty environment. In plastic you need to cut a hole, whose diameter will be about 5 cm Around the hole you need to pour a little sand. This will allow the pet to get used to the noise of the water and to the fact that the administration needs to be underneath the hole.

On the 19th day increases the diameter of the hole in the plastic up to 8 cm, the edges poured a bit of filler.

Over the next few days, the pet gets used to the new conditions. Now teach the cat to use the toilet can be considered a completed process and remove the plate.

If you did everything correctly, now the tray can be removed from the house, to forget about unpleasant odors and the need for daily cleaning.

Special tips and advice

Before you start training keep in mind a few important points:

  • Pet must be over 3 months to have a sufficient size and the ability to balance. A small kitten will be difficult to cope with altitude, and with the need to hold on to the thin seat;
  • Don't forget about the stability of the stand and the tray. If the toilet is wobbly, hold on loosely, the animal does not want to continue their education, and as an alternative go to look for a convenient corner in the apartment;
  • The animal toilet and the toilet should always be clean;
  • Remember that a cat is a very intelligent animal. Don't give up halfway and be prepared for the fact that the period of schooling may be somewhat delayed – pet may start to act up, we'll cope this, but the tray on the floor do not return. Simply suspend lifting or moving the toilet farther and farther to the surface of the toilet seat.



Despite the fact that the process will require patience and costs a certain amount of time, it is not difficult. An exception may be only a plastic overlay, you need every day to replace a new product and make a hole. Your efforts will facilitate ready devices, which was developed by Rebecca Riskat.

They are sold as a set which includes multiple pads without holes with a solid material with holes of different diameter, until the diameter substantially equal to the diameter of the hole of the toilet. By purchasing this set, you will be able to replace the pads to achieve the desired result.

Modern devices

Of conventional tray you can build a toilet for cats with their hands, just after making a hole in the lower part and connect it to the sewer drain.

But the technical idea is not bypassed and the industry of products for our little brothers and today, in addition to normal tray offers a more functional device.

A litter box with a rake

This device has a fairly simple functionality. It is the usual litter, equipped with a rake that pass through it after the pet is defecating, and pushes the feces into a special container. When the latter is full, it needs emptying.

Because of the easy and convenient form woolen "user" quickly becomes accustomed to the device. But there is design significant drawbacks:

  • With an abundant amount of feces rake can not cope with the task, and if not break, just stand up half way;
  • A curious pet might be interested in entertaining the design and principle of its action, and the study of injury.

Owners of cats such toilets are attracted to the small size and quite affordable price.

Rotating toilet

This automatic toilet safer for the animal – it is closed. The principle of its action is that after sending the animal needs, the tray rotates, the resulting waste becomes lumps, which fall into a special container. From the chamber they are removed, while clean sand remains in the pan.

The undeniable advantage of this design is the presence of a sensor that responds to pet. No action when the presence of the device does not produce.

But there devices drawbacks – high cost and bulkiness.

Automatic toilet

This device is almost full bowl for a pet that has a similar shape and similar working principle. After the animal has done "their business", filler is cleaned and washed, removing all waste and completely neutralizing the odor. For its operation you need to connect the device to electricity and cold water.


The filler used special granules. Liquid waste products of cats flowing through openings, the tray is cleaned in the automatic mode. The device suggests the possibility of programming modes of cleaning – once or twice a day.

Start the process by simply pressing a button. The device has sensors that give a signal that the cat went to the toilet. When the mechanism is started, the blade automatic toilet designed for cats, feces selects, dissolves them to a liquid state, after which they are removed through the hole.

Further, the tank is filled with clean water, the toilet is washed out and automatically disinfected with a special shampoo, which is absolutely safe for your pet.

All waste discharged into the sewer, a built-in fan through a hot air drying tank and filler.

The main disadvantage of the toilet for the administration needs of cats is its high cost.

Which option you use will depend on your desires and financial capabilities – to teach a cat to use the toilet is much cheaper than to buy automatic toilet, but this device faster the animal will get used to it.

Toilet Training My Cat!