How to tie a scarf correctly?

A woman with an original tied headscarf around her neck looks pretty attractive and sexy in the eyes of a man. Why? It's simple: they associate this accessory with lack of freedom, a kind of "collar", develops imagination and includes the hunter's instinct.

How to tie a scarf correctly?

French women do not want to take off their neckerchief even in the intense summer heat, preferring to look gentle, intriguing, and feel cool on their skin natural silk or cambric.

It is they who have the innate ability not to run around the shops in search of an expensive and original outfit, but to create it with their own hands from existing things.

This also applies to a scarf , which residents of France are able to tie on their neck in more than one dozen ways, turning it from an ordinary accessory almost into a piece of jewelry.

Why don't we adopt a piece of their experience and acquire new skills in decorating our own image?

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History origin

As you have seen more than once, it is men who create fashion. This also happened with headscarves, the tradition of wearing which was introduced by Louis XIV. It happened at the time of his confrontation with the Croatian troops, whose nobility was decorated with fancifully tied scarves around the neck. It got to the point that the next day the ruler ordered his court trendsetters to invent a hundred ways of how to tie a neckerchief beautifully and ornate so that the knot could be changed every day, to his own delight and to spite enemies.

Fashionable scarves: what are they?

How to tie a scarf correctly?

Women's neckerchief, relevant this year, is a colorful and always bright product, every millimeter of which is carefully thought out by designers and stylists.

Floral motifs and natural prints are present in literally all collections, and colors are used exclusively fresh and spring.

Why orange, pink, juicy - green and yellow clothes? It's simple: they give a mood, set it apart from the crowd and make the whole look catchy and memorable.

Even brands such as Accessories and Bershka have chosen for their scarves a sunny, but not at all flashy, palette of shades that pleases the eye warmth and restraint.

But Befree and Benetton did not set a frame for themselves, and created a collection of products that you just want to buy because of their deliberate brightness, brightening up a weekday or a rainy day.

< h3 id = "header-3"> Basic rules and recommendations

Beforeto start trying to tie a women's neckerchief, make sure of the quality of its fabric - it should be exclusively natural, keep its shape well, and take the position that you want to give it. Remember how the quality of silk scarves was checked? They were passed through the ring, and if the material glided easily and naturally, then the product was worthy to rest on a woman's neck.

Also keep in mind the following points:

How to tie a scarf correctly?
  • Wash the accessory only by hand, using mild detergents, dry it unfolded, and iron only through a cloth or gauze. Heat the iron to a minimum;
  • You can fully learn all the methods of original tying a scarf in only one case: its parameters must be at least 80 * 80cm. By the way, these are the dimensions that Hermes and Versace brands use with might and main;
  • A skillfully and beautifully tightened accessory on a woman's neck is seductive, majestic, sophisticated and catchy. Don't you trust? Check it out on your own experience!

How to tie?

Here are a couple of win-win schemes, thanks to which your everyday look will undergo tangible metamorphoses .

So, scheme # 1:

  • The product is placed around the neck with such an intention that its hanging ends of the scarf have equal length;
  • The ends are intertwined a couple of times, after which they are freely thrown over the shoulders;
  • The accessory is draped in front, and tied at the back in order to fix the result.

Diagram # 2 gives these tips on how to tie a scarf around your neck quickly and beautifully:

How to tie a scarf correctly?
  • The product is tied in a knot, which should be in the middle of the canvas;
  • The knot is placed directly under the chin, and the ends of the accessory are wound back and crossed;
  • Then the corners neck jewelry is thrown in front, and the cruciform but they stretch through the knot.

Scheme # 3 is a great way to tie a scarf. Extravagant and very confident people:

  • The product is thrown over the desired shoulder;
  • It is laid out in beautiful folds;
  • The accessory is tied into a knot at the waist, and from the opposite side of the body.

Scheme # 4 offers to learn step by step how to tie a small or large scarf so that it turns an ordinary sweatshirt into a fashionable jacket:

  • The product is folded in half and thrown over the shoulders;
  • Tie a simple knot in front, but so that the ends are as short as possible;
  • You will get impromptu lapels.

Scheme No. 5 is the type of tying that can be used by the owners of the "swan" neck:

  • The accessory folds likeno accordions;
  • On the neck, it is tied on the side;
  • The short corner is left unused;
  • Long - is passed under the base of the product, but only from bottom to top.

Scheme 6 shows how a woman's scarf can liven up a strict office bow:

How to tie a scarf correctly?
  • The small accessory is folded into a strip of the same length as the tie, after which it is ironed a little and placed around the neck so that one of its ends is much longer than the rest;
  • The long corner wraps around the short one a couple of times. Make sure that the accessory lies flat on the neck;
  • The long tip extends to the chin, then bends downward and extends through the knot. The latter is pulled down to the required height. This will give you a more feminine and romantic version of a business tie.

As you can see, the ways of tying a neck fabric accessory in an original way can turn this wardrobe item into a real royal decoration.

Having mastered at least a few techniques, you yourself will not notice how a couple of dozen similar products of different colors and lengths will appear in your closet.

Experiment and be irresistible!