How to trim your hair yourself: features of the procedure at home

Creating and maintaining a beautiful female hairstyle is usually the job of a professional craftsman. Many girls do not dare to interfere with the shape and length of their own hair, trusting only the hairdresser.

How to trim your hair yourself: features of the procedure at home

But long curls need to be often trimmed not only for beauty, but, above all, for strength and health. After all, from drying, temperature changes and exposure to external factors, they begin to split and break. In addition, trimming the ends regularly, at least once every two months, accelerates hair growth.

To trim your own hair at home, you need to understand how to do it correctly and what tools you may need to do this. In addition, the advice of specialists on the care of curls will help to make them healthy and trim them as rarely as possible.

For the first time, self-haircut will seem intimidating and difficult procedure, but each time you turn to the master only in order to trim regrown tips, impractical. Therefore, a little training - and updating your hair at home will be quick and easy.

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Trim preparation process hair

Before starting a home haircut, you need to determine what kind of result you want to get, and what you need to use for this. It is important to understand that cutting long hair on your own is not very convenient, even if you have a large mirror and good tools. It is all the more difficult to create some kind of haircut on your head. The maximum that can be done well and beautifully is trim the ends.

To make the haircut process right and easy, you need to prepare such tools :

  • two combs - a brush used all the time and a comb with dense teeth;
  • sharp scissors - special hairdressing scissors are best, but stationery of a convenient size will work;
  • several clamps or Hairpins.

The best way to trim your hair is to stand near a large mirror with a good view and bright lighting. Using a small mirror can result in uneven trimming, especially if it cannot be positioned but must be handled. In such conditions, an independent hairstyle is unlikely to turn out even and neat.

Another trick that will help to simplify the process at home is to put on contrasting clothes: to trim light hairwasps, you need to wear a dark T-shirt or turtleneck, and for dark strands, on the contrary, a light one. This will make it easier to see not only the desired length, but also the structure of the tips. After all, split ends should be cut at least 5-8 mm higher to leave only healthy hair.

Features of the hair trimming process

Before cutting to facilitate the process hair needs to be combed well and moisturized. The straight edge of the ends is suitable only for girls with long and perfectly smooth hair, which is quite rare. Therefore, instead of straight ends, you can cut them in a semicircle. It will not be easy for beginners either, but if you wish, you can get any haircut.

The procedure for trimming the ends includes several stages:

  1. After washing your head, you need to give your hair a little time to dry ... Using a hairdryer is undesirable.
  2. When the curls are slightly dry, you need to divide them into several large parts, usually three: left, right and occipital. For convenience, you need to leave yourself only one side from which the work will be carried out - the other two are better to remove with hairpins.
  3. Most of the hair must also be divided into several strands. Take one of them in your hand, comb through it well again, align and, if necessary, moisturize more.
  4. Holding a strand between the index and middle fingers of your left hand, you need to carefully pull it, align and cut to the required length. Beginners can use a ruler to determine how much hair has been cut. To leave the same length on the remaining strands. Over time, your eyes will learn to do this automatically.
  5. Instead of a ruler, you can use the previous strand as a guide. When it is trimmed, all you have to do is add the next strand to it and cut it to the finished length.
  6. In the same way, the remaining strands are clamped in turn between the fingers of the left hand and cut to the desired length.
  7. At the end of the whole process, the hair needs to be combed well again and visually check whether the ends are cut evenly everywhere.

Long, curly and voluminous curls are much more difficult to cut than thin and even ones. However, the desire to do it yourself at home and the efforts made will give the desired result. The main thing is to figure out how to trim your own hair and try.

How to trim bangs at home

You have to trim your bangs even more often than other hairs, especially if its length reaches the eyebrows and after a while begins to climb into the eyes.

On the one hand, trimming this part of the hairstyle is easier, because it is visible. But on the other hand, for a bang to be beautiful, it must be perfectly even. Therefore, it can be difficult for beginners to cope with self-trimming.

The principle of cutting hair on the forehead is similar to any other haircut: the hair should be damp and the scissors should be sharp and comfortable. It is better to remove all other curls in a tail, so as not to interfere.

Startit is better to trim the length of the bangs from the middle of the forehead: take a small lock, pull it with two fingers and cut off the desired length. Then, along this strand of hair, trim the growing nearby, gradually removing all unnecessary.

After a phased trimming, the bangs need to be combed again and straightened as much as possible to make sure that all its width is removed the same and has the same length. If necessary, remove minor blemishes.

Having finished trimming, the bangs should be dried with a hairdryer and a round comb. And once again on dry hair, check the accuracy of the entire procedure. Trimming the ends of your hair yourself is not as difficult as it seems, but with experience this process will get better every time.

Recommendations of hair care professionals

Maintaining and maintaining healthy hair is an important task for every girl who dreams of beautiful curls. Stronger hair has fewer splits and requires less trimming. Therefore, in caring for your hair, you should follow the simple tips of the masters:

  1. Try to use hot drying with a hairdryer as little as possible, limit the use of curling irons, ironing and curlers. Any thermal effect has a detrimental effect on the hair structure.
  2. After shampooing, do not rub the hair with a towel, but just gently blot it, absorbing excess moisture. You can wrap a towel around your head and let the water soak in.
  3. Wet hair after washing is undesirable to comb, you need to let it dry. In addition, you must not go to bed with a wet head.
  4. In the care of curls, use not only shampoos, but also balms, masks, serums, giving the hair nourishment and hydration.

Proper hair care and regular health care will help maintain hair strength and extend the intervals between visits to a hairdresser.

In fact, the question is how to trim long hair in home environment, not as complicated as it might seem. It is important to properly prepare for the procedure and not rush to cut off the excess. Then the result will satisfy any girl, even the most demanding girl.