How to use a triad of parasites?

Parasites that live in the body can be eliminated with the help of triads. But it's not something a well-known remedy for headaches, which is sold in pharmacies. The components of the triad is an all – natural remedies: walnut rind, powdered clove seeds and dried tarragon.

What kind of parasites who have found refuge in the human body and why get rid of them?

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Interesting theory of the origin of tumors


American doctor Hilda Clark, watching the patients in history where there are tumors of various etiologies, and concluded that almost all of these tumors have provoked a helminth infection or the accumulation of toxic compounds in various body systems.

If you hold cleansing the body of parasites natural triad, the parasites are destroyed, the toxins are excreted in a natural way, and the development of tumors will be inhibited.

To use all the components simultaneously or in succession, depending on how it will react to the body for treatment.

Cleansing the body is not only patients themselves, but of the household, otherwise the infection will re-occur through everyday life.

The body can be contaminated again when used in food canned long term storage, nedovrsenoj meat, and cleansing will have to perform again.

But the toxins enter the body not only from contaminated water and food. The constant use of cosmetics, food from plastic packaging is extremely harmful, polymers disintegrate and enter the body through the skin, accumulate in it.

They clog up the body, which increases the activity of parasites and gives impetus to the deterioration of the General condition.

Himself pharmacist

For the manufacture of tools need to read the recipe triad of parasites.

To start cleaning the body should be the application of powder of wormwood:

  • Harvested plant material at the time of fruit ripening is when the branches of this shrub there was a lot of balls. Dry the bulbs and thin leaves, crushed. Single dose of 1 reception – half a teaspoon;
  • For the preparation of infusions used no nut shells or partitions, and a green husk, which is cleaned. Those who didn't see how the nuts grow, are unlikely to represent what it is. It is collected at the time when it is already cracked and the nut is ready to fall to the ground. The shell should be removed with 15 nuts – no to forget to wear gloves, then wash it off will have a week – rinse, just Pat dry, finely chop, and place in a half-liter bottle of vodka. Means to insist on light within a month. A single dose is 5 to 10 drops. Tincture diluted in half a glass of clean water;
  • It is easiest to prepare the third component of clove seeds. Recipe "collection" means extremely easy – clove seeds get at a regular grocery store. They will are in the range of the Department of culinary seasonings. Crush them and just take the powder as much as dry matter in an ordinary pea.

To modernize the composition of the triad of parasites on the climatic factor proposed Russian scientist V. A. Ivanchenko. As in Central Russia walnuts don't grow, he replaced the nut shells powder of the flowers of tansy.


It is collected in the flowering period, or before the dew fell, or after it has dried. Flower heads dried, crushed, ground into a powder. Single dose for the reception – 1.

Dr. V. A. Ivanchenko has improved not only the composition of the triad, the powder was light weight regimen. Because you do not have to mess with the liquid drops, it is all powders can be placed in the required dose in the capsule for medication, and then we know that nothing is messed up.

How to cleanse the body by triad

Instructions for use of the triad of parasites according to the method of Hilda Clark.

The tincture of walnut used in the following algorithm:

  • 1st day – on an empty stomach in the morning dissolve 1 drop in half a glass of water, hold in mouth for at least 15 minutes.
  • Day 2 – scheme for the application of the same dissolving 2 drops in a glass of water.
  • Day 3 – 3 drops in a glass of water;
  • Day 4 – 4 drops to dissolve;
  • 5 a day 5 drops;
  • Day 6 – already dissolved in the same amount of water 2 teaspoons of tools.

7 day the dose is taken before a meal – before Breakfast and dinner for 2 times.

Instructions for use of tincture:

  • it should drink no later than 15 minutes after connection with water;
  • only be placed in a cool fluid;
  • tincture drink.

As soon as the treatment ends, the application should not be abandoned. Drink it as a preventive measure during the year once a week 1 to 2 teaspoons, already dissolving in a quarter Cup of water.

With receiving infusions all clear, although a little hard to imagine how 100 or 250 ml of water simultaneously to keep the mouth.

Mugwort powder accept the following:

  • Day 1 – just a little bit before eating, squeezed water;
  • Day 2 – already 1/4 teaspoon;
  • Day 3 – 1/3 of the same measure.
  • Day 4 – 1/2...

The dose is increased gradually and daily up to 14 days. After 2 weeks, the dose should be from 1/2 of a tablespoon.


So take mugwort powder for a week and then move on prophylactic administration – 1 time per 7 days.

Powder cloves.

1 to 3 a day dose means gradually increases from 1/5 of a teaspoon to 1/3. Then the remainder of the treatment course is a week – take 1/3 of a teaspoon.

10 on prevention – 1 teaspoon 1 time a week.

Changing the composition of the triad, V. A. Ivanchenko has developed a different scheme for using the drug. He proposed to lay the drug in the capsule and increase daily intake gradually to 3 days – each day at 1 capsule you need to use more.

Treatment lasts 10 days, and then during the year take medication for prevention, 1 capsule a week in the morning.

Who should refrain?

Contraindications reception triad:

  • pregnancy;
  • menstruation;
  • lactation;
  • any disease relating to the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system;
  • hypertension.

Also, you cannot clean the body with triad in children and adolescents.

Improve your health with a single triad is impossible. You need to come to the expulsion of the parasites and get rid of toxins in a holistic manner. If you combine the cleansing course of prolonged starvation, deprived of nutrients, the parasites leave the body for a shorter period.

Be sure to use this method of recovery need to consult with your doctor. In some conditions, the improvement by using the tools from the Arsenal of folk medicine can cause serious health damage.

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