How to wash the hair with?

Not there are girls that at least once in their life has not changed the hair color. But what if the staining was unsuccessful and a new image in the mirror looks just terrible? No need to panic. There are quite a number of public and professional ways to paint removers.

How to wash the hair with?

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Remover in the cabin

If you are not satisfied with the new color, the first thing we can advise is to go to the hairdresser. There you quickly and in one wash the paint of any color.

But as the wizards get such quick results?

Getting rid of bad color occurs due to a special emulsion for the removal of stubborn paints. It is applied to the entire length of the hair, and after some time wash it away. 40 minutes after the procedure, you can again start experimenting with color.

The only drawback salon-wash — high probability to injure the hair and scalp.

Let's take a jar of emulsion and a careful reading of the manual. In any one of them says that in any case can not touch the contents with your bare hands. That is, the wizard will apply the product only with gloves. And on your head no skin?

To protect the hair from damage, you can use an alternative method. There are a huge number of popular recipes that will help to correct the consequences of a failed experiment with the appearance in the home.

Recipes folk remedies

1. Take 250 ml of any vegetable oil, e.g., olive, and add 30-40 g of butter or margarine. The resulting composition needs to be warmed up on low heat until until the butter is not melted. Make sure that the mixture is not too hot. Apply the mask all over the head and leave on for at least 2-3 hours, wrapped in a towel or wearing a hat. Ideally leave it overnight. Rinse composition to shampoo for oily hair.

How to wash the hair with?

2. Apply on the head of the yogurt and cover it in 1.5-2 hours. Then rinse in the usual way. The efficiency of this product due to the fact that acid found in dairy products, affects chemicals in the paint. Of course, the color will wash off immediately. For once it is possible the clarification of a semitone or tone. So this mask should be repeated several times.

3. Carefully lather the head of the household, and better tar soap and leave it on for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water without using shampoo. If you have dry skin, then after this procedure you should make a moisturizing mask, because soap has drying properties.

4. Honey should be applied on hair and leave for 9-10 hours. No need to insulate. In order to wash off this mask before application make sure to rinse with water with the addition of 1.5-2 tablespoons of baking soda. The principle of action of honey is similar to hydrogen peroxide. But this product is much softer. In addition, after several masks, which include honey, you will find that your curls have acquired a beautiful Golden hue.

How to wash black color

Paint dark shades are distinguished by their durability. To restore your natural color will help the baking soda.

  • Recipe No. 1

You need to take 100 g of baking soda, add a little salt and dissolve the powder in a glass of warm water.

How to wash the hair with?

The resulting composition should be applied to the hair to thoroughly insulate and leave for 40 minutes. In any case do not keep the mask longer than an hour!

After the procedure, the head should be thoroughly washed.

  • Recipe No. 2

Dissolve 80 g of baking soda in 0.5 liters of warm water. This solution thoroughly wet the entire head.

After 20 minutes, rinse with ordinary shampoo. Repeat the procedure again.

How to restore hair after washing

The simplest remedy is mayonnaise homemade. Just RUB it into the roots, and after 2-3 weeks you will notice an absolutely stunning result.

To avoid all these complications and procedures, carefully weigh all the pros and cons of the chosen tools for painting. Better yet, change the color in the salon because a good professional advice and a quality professional paint – priceless!