How to wear quartz pink color?

A rare woman remains indifferent to precious stones. Moreover, the love of jewelry she wakes up in early childhood, when my mother's casket secretly retrieved the family jewels, and likewise, in secret, tried on and match with outfits. Rubies, diamonds, sapphires...

They are not in every family, but the products of rose quartz are known to frequent users of the middle class, because this stone belongs to the category of semi-precious, although this does not affect its external data, therapeutic, and even magical properties.

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The types of quartz

Rose quartz is of three varieties:

How to wear quartz pink color?
  • stellate;
  • transparent;
  • rose dairy and white inclusions.

The first is the most unusual and expensive because after the corresponding cut in it "illuminates" the star of six rays, as is the case with sapphires or diamonds.

The large pink stone is quite rare, and then only on the Brazilian fields. Most often it is found in large crystals or in the form of a scattering of small pebbles, suitable for mass ornaments and exclusive Handicrafts.

It is worth noting that this mineral is used not only in jewelry industry. Him assemble the whole panel and form a Florentine mosaic, rimmed in precious metals, are attracted to the manufacture of small thematic figures, key chains and so on.

Therapeutic opportunities

Lithotherapy almost called this precious stone the source of longevity and good health, which has a sufficiently strong energy, and is able to cure not only the body but also the spirit of man. According to the adherents of lithotherapy, pink quartz helps to heal male impotence, diseases of the "feminine" and of renal disease, relieve edema and to purify the blood, improve health in diabetes and inflammation of the pancreas.

Quartz has the ability to positively impact on the work of the heart muscle, helps to recover soon after suffering a heart attack and strong nervous shock.

How to wear quartz pink color?

To resolve night anxieties and fears, enough to put a pebble under his pillow that at the same time will eliminate the hyperexcitability of neuroses and depression.

Rose quartz is recommended to wear at such diseases of the skeletal system: joint pain, rheumatism or rehabilitation period after fractures. As the mascot or the massager, stone is featured in skin rash, bruises or warts.

If your activities are directly connected with computers, the figure of this semi-precious mineral protects from harmful radiation, and will prevent the accumulation of fatigue.

It is worth noting that jewelry rose quartz ordered people with tumors and other good - or malignant tumors. Under his influence, they will gradually increase.

Magical properties

As with all semi - and fully-precious stones, quartz has its own magical powers, which include the following:

How to wear quartz pink color?
  • It is a symbol of gentle and sincere feelings by both friendly and romantic;
  • Rose quartz is a stone that helps women in search of the true and constant love;
  • He is able to calm the soul after a break up a previous relationship, and give the desire rise again on the love path;
  • Melancholic from get quartz the ability to enjoy life, to forgive injuries, and to be optimistic;
  • Pair of figures made from this material contribute to the preservation of love and trust in the family;
  • Men mineral helps to cope with impotence and to become centenarians;
  • Creative people multiply their talent, if you regularly wear a necklace of rose quartz or amulets made of this stone;
  • alone it helps to get new acquaintances and real friends.

Who is this mineral?

How to wear quartz pink color?

Rings or earrings with pink quartz – great for women belonging to the color type "Summer".

In particular, products with this stone look great on platinum blondes, while brunettes it is better to choose a pendant or a bracelet of rose quartz with a reddish sheen.

The ladies belonging to the color type "winter", it is better to opt for a stone which by nature have a bright pink color with purple shimmer.

Astrologers believe that ring with pink quartz can wear practically any representative of the zodiacal constellation, but maximum benefit from it will receive the Aquarius.

Women belonging to this sign will gain complete peace of mind, while the men will get the success in the professional field.

If we talk about how to properly wear rose quartz, it is possible to say the following: decorations should be removed at night and do not wear continuously. It is recommended to wear the product until obtaining the desired effect, and then hide away from prying eyes.

Remember, even if the stone you are looking at 100%, this does not mean that it cannot cause harm.

In the case of quartz it can be a full transition into the world of illusions, or absolute and unfounded optimism.