How, when, and how much fluid should be consumed every day?

Today a lot of talk about the benefits of drinking after taking food. But different experts give totally conflicting information about when and how long after eating can I drink tea or water. You can also find information about how you can drink after a meal.

However, this is not truthful information, and you can't do that. There have been many scientific studies who have proven that drinking liquids during or immediately after a meal affects the digestive system.

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The negative consequences of drinking fluids after eating


After food enters the stomach passes on average half an hour until it begins to digest.

The absorption of nutrients and the ultimate breakdown of food occurs in areas of the small intestine. The process is carried out mainly due to gastric juice.

If you drink beverages during or after a meal, it will reduce the concentration of gastric juice.

As a consequence, will increase the duration of the process of assimilation of food, and this means that the load on all the organs involved in digestion (duodenum, stomach, etc.), will increase by half or even two times. Due to the fact that the process of digestion is slowed down, you can feel heaviness, discomfort and flatulence. Doctors claim that in violation of the gastrointestinal tract, can be taken "Smectite", it removes discomfort, heaviness and heartburn.

In addition, there is another adverse moment. Water, tea, and any liquid contribute to the fact that the rate of passage of food through the digestive tract increases, slipping those areas of the intestine, where should be the assimilation of all nutrients. If the intestine remains undigested food, it putrefactive processes.

The result produced a highly toxic compound. These compounds are dangerous because they penetrate into the blood and, as a result of intoxication, disturbed the work of all internal organs.

Remember that if you are going for a long time to drink tea or other liquid after eating, it is likely that this will lead to numerous disorders of the gastrointestinal tract including diseases such as indigestion, gastritis, low acidity, and so the First thing you need to do is begin to drink the liquid and try to take the"Smectite" with the signs of stomach discomfort.

How long after a meal you can drink?

Time depends on what you ate, and how much this food will be digested.

Consider some examples:

  • after eating the vegetables should take about an hour;
  • after the fruit is half an hour;
  • after you drank milk – about three hours;
  • if you took a protein food wait four hours;
  • after the adoption of carbohydrate foods – about two hours.

By the way, experts also recommend to use liquid earlier than 60 minutes before a meal.

If we compare the normal schedule of a typical day with the adoption of a liquid in General, we can give such advice:

  • Drink two glasses of warm boiled or quality purified water right after you Wake up, it will help your organs to Wake up, become active and be ready for the beginning of a new day;
  • An hour before meals drink one glass of water, it will improve the digestion process;
  • If you were to drink one glass of water before taking a bath, it will help to lower the blood pressure, this fact should be borne in mind not only hypertensive patients, for which the Council will have a beneficial effect on the body, but also a hypotensive, which is highly undesirable even greater drop in pressure;
  • If you were to drink one glass of water before you go to bed, it will help to reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack.

What is the relationship between weight loss and drink after a meal?

Scientists have conducted many experiments and experimentally proved that using efficiently the purified liquid or tea based on it, and you can maintain health, and to throw off those extra pounds. This can easily be explained by the fact that the liquid has a beneficial effect on the process of breakdown of fats in our body.

In addition, it helps to remove the toxins that tend to accumulate in the body and negatively affect the work of our internal organs. That is why many nutritionists quite reasonable pay great attention to the consumption of the right amount of liquid regardless of which diet they prescribe. If you have not requested the help of nutritionist, and chose a diet by yourself, we recommend you to drink plenty of fluids, this will only accelerate the process of weight loss.

If you still do not know then we inform that water is a natural appetite suppressant. Very often from women who hold different diets, you can hear the phrase "Hungry? It is necessary to drink water!". What is the reason? And the fact that if your body will lack of water, it will cause increased appetite. Because our brain cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst. So when you think that you want to eat, it's possible that your body gives you a sign: time to drink water.

How much to drink?

Nutritionists advise to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. It is impossible to use the liquid in less than two hours after a meal, if you want to lose weight.


Taking the food, you need to wait for the process of digestion.

If you drink water or tea immediately after meal, it will lead to undesirable deposition of fat and be a barrier to weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, your task is to drink water regularly and gradually. Can't drink too much liquid or tea immediately, because the liquid will be excreted from the body very quickly, and any benefit from it will not.

What to drink?

Useful to drink non-carbonated purified water. So it would be more pleasant to use, make a tea with hints of orange, lime or lemon.

It is very important to drink the liquid or tea at the right temperature. Water or tea should be warm. If you drink cold drinks, your body will spend energy on heating, in parallel with this, fats will thicken and much worse to digest.

Add to that the fact that the cold water reduces the residence time of food in the stomach up to 20 minutes. When losing weight it is quite unlikely because you soon get hungry again, and somehow this will not lead to weight loss, but rather to weight gain.

Drink liquids properly and stay healthy!