How your name affects the fate and character

There is probably no person who would be indifferent to its name, because the name value and destiny are closely linked. Not only psychics and mystics claim that, but each of us understands intuitively. Select the name of the child is a big responsibility, and to live in harmony with this or make a new task each person. If you are wondering what are the secrets of the name and what is his destiny, read on.

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The word gives the key to the personality

How your name affects the fate and character

It is impossible to imagine today that a person is not named, but it was not always so and not all. In ancient times was called the man, if he were not a noble family, and people wore nicknames, nicknames, and often simply responded to the word for their profession or physical trait — Smith, Man, Red.

A person was considered insignificant, and the common people feared the dark forces, which a name could hurt people. So it either was not, or was not spoken anywhere except in the family circle, in private.

That all changed with the advent of Christianity, when baptism is under the protection of Christ and gave confidence in the divine protection, and a certain nobility. So in Russia became known in Greek and biblical instead of Slavic names.

Even more, the situation changed when they began to use ID, so that data-name, surname and patronymic have become an integral part of any citizen — from the nobility down to the lowest.

Rare and common

Now a truly unique name does not exist, there are rare, common and popular. The most common so far include Alexander, Vladimir, Sergey, Alexey, Ivan for men and Anna, Anastasia, Julia, Irina, Olga women.

How your name affects the fate and character

Perhaps that is why treatment nicknamed preserved in our time, and the desire to emphasize the contrast to their namesakes forced people to use diminutive forms, abbreviations, and that is to pick out something else. Some believe that the name change will affect the fate, because the parents can be changed to more fashionable and reflecting the true nature, the more that do it is not too difficult.

It is believed that if you wear a common name, your character, and destiny less predefined because of its strength and value is greatly blurred. In a sense this should give you the freedom to develop at will, after all, you will have to push the information field. On the other hand, depending on what name you wear, will develop the character: for example, rare and unusual makes a person — be different, stand out.

Plus the fact that it gives the character, determination, self-discipline, negative DC voltage, the perfectionism, the desire to obtain unique results in all. In other words, the fate of the bearer of an unusual name and surname will be difficult, full of struggle trying to prove their worth.

To take her husband's name — how does this affect a woman?

Many women are concerned about, to take or not to take her husband's name after marriage. After all, if the effect of the name on the destiny of man does exist, then the new name can bring changes in the nature and even life-changing. People's interpretation of this situation is that a married woman comes under the protection of the family name of her husband, and if you stay on the maiden name, then, they say, will her husband like a stranger.

However, there are several reasons why wives leave home surname:

  • has a child from another father, the mother wants to be with him on the same family of psychological considerations;
  • the husband's name is dissonant;
  • the name of his wife known, it is difficult to refuse.
How your name affects the fate and character

In any case, if you do not like the prospect to take a new name, it's only your decision, and you should not fear the consequences. Without changing anything, you risk nothing, on the contrary, changes are in store for you if you go to her husband's name.

Information from his family and kind of partially goes to you, and how the change will affect the fate — good or bad — is not known. One can only assume that the name of her beloved husband will bring satisfaction and peace in our hearts as a married woman and if the marriage is forced, the internal conflict is very likely.

How to know your destiny by name and birthday

The mysterious science of numerology believes that between the numerical values of your name and your birthday there is a special bond. Numerology is able to shift into the magic number not only the numbers of the birthday, but the letters of your name, and the results obtained are interpreted according to the ancient notions about magic numbers.

The mystery of each digit lies in its symbolism:

  • 1 — toughness, physical strength, bravery, leadership qualities;
  • 2 — luxury, subtlety, tenderness, ability to compromise;
  • 3 — creativity, imagination, energy, elitism;
  • 4 — vitality, integrity, hard work, confidence, frugality;
  • 5 — activity and love of change, curiosity, popularity;
  • 6 – the harmonious person, a great diplomat, success in society;
  • 7 – a philosophical bent of mind, desire for learning, introvert, spirituality;
  • 8 — effectiveness, efficiency, pragmatic approach;
  • 9 – the soul of the company, the talent onstage, the ability to produce good.
How your name affects the fate and character

To find out which personality traits you have, add up all the numbers in your full date of birth, give by adding the sum to a single number and read the result.

To find out what fate awaits you at the name and date of birth, number all the letters in the alphabet and put his name in a series of numbers. They also need to be assembled together and lead to a single number, which will show you what to expect in the future.

Since the tradition to attach importance to a personal name is very ancient, probably, you can not miss the opportunity to learn something new about yourself. However, it is not necessary to dwell on the mysterious, because in the end we are what choose to be.