If a friend was suddenly way out of the friend zone and without rules

"Well, I she needs. She, apparently, had better things to do than my birthday...", "Nothing, I forgot to meet me. He's so busy..."is the typical excuse of people who are looking for something to justify ugly behavior of their objects of adoration.


If you see that turned out to be in the friend zone, or still don't understand why you don't want to show to friends, but always call when you have to feed the cat, move a couch, to adjust equipment or just a "shoulder to cry on", think whether you need such a relationship. Maybe it's time to start living for yourself?

The content of the article

Forcing people to be in such a relationship?

Relations that are classified as "the friend zone", have an important difference from a true friendship. The friend zone is a peculiar form of dependence in which one side enjoys the fact that the other is ready to do everything just to be there and to feel useful.

Emotional exchange in this case unequal. Than it threatens the "victim" of such a relationship? Inability to build their lives and relationships, which will be comfortable in the future.

Reasons why one person is in the friend zone to another, there may be several:

  • the fear of being alone and never find their "soul mate";
  • unrequited love;
  • social status;
  • unhealthy altruism;
  • unwillingness to take responsibility for establishing his own life.

You can still look for reasons and try to find another excuse as to those who manipulate the poor, and those who were in such a relationship. But to call these relations just cannot be healthy.

That is why at a certain stage of life the best that you can make a "victim" of such a relationship is to take measures as efficiently as possible will help to get out of the strange phase-relationship is the friend zone.

Because the manipulator as a true energy vampire, not exactly behind his victim. Do not stop temporary "thaw", when the lady lets you kiss her or to take the hand, and the guy did agree for a walk in the Park, but only late in the evening, of course.

Let's part as friends...

Imagine that you had the determination and decided to clear things up, to tell me what you want more than to be a cat sitter or even a child (Yes, this also happens), while your passion is trying to arrange a personal life. Maybe you are tired to make a company just for going to the movies when no one else. How to make sure again not to get into this relationship how to get out of the friend zone?

Perhaps, to resort to the most effective method, proven for thousands of years, to uproot, to cut off, as a surgeon, this dependence.

If after your conversation you give no clear explanation why it is so and not otherwise, and you "as a brother, a native", and such a relationship you are already in burden, just turn around and walk away. Depart from friends in social networks, and don't go to his page to at least one eye to look, how he / she is suffering without you.

I would not want to upset you, but you will probably find that absolutely nothing has changed in this person's life. He still puts selfie and reports on where and when to meet up with friends. This behavior means only one thing – you are not as important in life as yourself.

So. Tell me, how can you be friends after you poured my heart out, and I suggest you stay away and leave it as is? When a guy or a girl offer such, it is unlikely they realize what really is friendship.

It is not only intimate conversations, aid in solving all domestic problems and a seemingly innocent request "Paisapay my boyfriend / girlfriend to the wedding of friends".

Friends always by my side in joy and in sorrow. Sometimes they don't even need to explain anything. They won't manipulate you and even more ashamed of you.

A Dynamo or dream girl? How to understand?


On various men's forums, you can often find a simple, but judging by the reviews, a very effective way to check whether the road to the girl relationship in which her is a man. Doesn't matter if she has a young man or she's just looking for a decent, Council acts in both situations.

Just enough to shift attention to another object. If the person who you care about, make a comment, it will be possible to provoke a discussion and, finally, to put everything in its place.

This recommendation will be suitable for girls. Perhaps realizing how much friend-zone friend did for him, or just getting used to its society, man different look at these relationships. But this light version is still not able to replace them with a full clarification. So if you put yourself such a task, as a way out of the friend zone, you need to stick to this solution and escape from these uncomfortable and in some measure useless to you relationship.

How lucky your mate!

Lucky, but only if you choose to spend your life with another person. And for this we need first to deal with them. Do not suffer and do not suffer. Yes, it's easy to say, to do the same – is incredibly difficult! But except for you mom raised you to always be so nice or safe "superhero", which will always help, both psychological and physical, and financial.

It makes no sense to seek the cause in itself, when you several months or years operated as an emotional receiver or a representative of the "brute male force"is to whitewash, to paint, to move, but no more. They say that a woman always needs someone to love her while she's looking for whom to love the most.

In the case of men it is no less true when he, as a true alpha male, chasing the elusive ladies and ignoring the one that always cheer up, will help with advice and will tell you how to behave with women, but it does not mind that she would be his perfect wife.


Don't be afraid to be alone. Being in the situation of nedotrogi, out of which dignity and so as not to be in the new zone, the guy or girl need to take a break. It is vital to put your ideas in order to understand what matters to you the real value.

Excellent help to cope with this new experience, to find that during the stress-trip, hike to a rock concert or theatre, or even better – in the gym. Then you and the fun flirting, and a slender beautiful body, and emotional discharge.

Always remember that emotional traps or traps only cause pain and bring uncertainty in their own abilities.

You want to be happy? Want to be loved? Look at the sides. Perhaps right now you are looking for someone who is willing not only to accept your love and help, and give it all to you.