Improving self-esteem is the path to excellence!

Every girl should respect and value herself. But sometimes there are times when there is not even a desire to look in the mirror, as if something is breaking inside. It is at this moment that it seems that you cease to be valuable not only for yourself, but also for those around you.

Improving self-esteem is the path to excellence!

The reason for this relationship may be family quarrels, state after divorce , parting or other life shock. How to raise self-esteem when money, clothes, car, apartment and others material values, as well as education and profession in an instant become gray and indifferent.

Naturally, all this is not the last place in life, but it does not matter for a girl who does not love herself ... When a person loves his appearance and his inner world, it can be seen even with the naked eye. Accordingly, they treat you completely differently. A girl, first of all, must love her personality.

How to raise self-esteem? What do you need to do for this, where to start? How to learn to love and respect yourself? After receiving an adequate answer and solving this issue, others will begin to treat you accordingly.

The level of self-esteem affects all actions of a person. For example, after parting with a loved one, a girl very often feels ugly and unnecessary. How to raise self-esteem in this situation?

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What causes self-esteem to drop?

Such a condition does not mean a final diagnosis, every girl or woman, regardless of her age, skin tone, eye color and breast size, has periods in her life when she is completely dissatisfied with herself, her appearance, relationships with men, which entails a constant depressive mood, etc.

During this period, the girl needs external manifestation and confirmation of her self-confidence. Then she can be absolutely happy.

Human psychology is a very subtle concept. And today there is a lot of literature with a list of tips on how to raise your self-esteem. Indeed, on emotions, a girl builds for herself erroneous assumptions that no one needs her, no one loves and respects her. Why love " such " to others?

Everything is imperfect in her now: her breasts are not what they would like, and there is something that does not suit her noselips are too big or too small, but work and clothes are so in general! What fluids of positive energy can a girl radiate in this state?

Surely you are quite familiar with this situation. Does your opinion of yourself correspond to who you are at the moment? If your state is now just that, then the people around you see you constantly dissatisfied, suffering, gloomy, crying, insecure.

And when the day before yesterday you were cheerful and pleased with yourself, you drank champagne, chatted and danced with girlfriends, the people who surrounded you thought that you were a beautiful, successful and happy woman, while envious of you at the same time!

What's the difference? And the fact that at the moment you are a successful, happy, and contented girl. It's just that you have temporarily forgotten about it now.

So how to raise a girl's self-esteem in such a situation? What prevents her from loving herself again? Take a look at yourself from the outside, not at the things that hang in your wardrobe and not at a good prestigious job, but at yourself, your beloved, formed personality, in which natural qualities are ideally combined, you always have a chance to be happy and contented!

Self-love does not mean selfishness, it is self-acceptance and respect, it is with such thoughts that you can achieve new goals. Appreciate yourself, because each person is unique and individual. Accept yourself as you are and fight your shortcomings, thus multiplying your positive sides. In any case, a personality should consist of flaws and advantages.

What testifies to self-love?

First of all, you need to love your appearance. She is unique. Sometimes, people accept themselves " as it is " and do not even think about their subsequent growth, multiplication and preservation of this by nature.

Improving self-esteem is the path to excellence!

Self-love does not in any way depend on eye color, waist size, chest size, nose shape or other external qualities. You need to love yourself, work on yourself, so that you can then be absolutely confident in yourself. People, seeing this, perceive this point of view about you as the only correct one.

In fact, there are no ideal people, and even if you imagine that they suddenly became such, then life would be boring and monotonous. It is much more interesting and attractive when all people are different. Shortcomings in one thing and dignity in another and distinguish us from each other.

To respect yourself, you must definitely appreciate what everyone is given by nature, less wasting their potential. Narcissism is not self-love at all.

Self-love is the admission of mistakes and attempts to correct them, but narcissism testifies to the recognition of oneself as perfection, even despite the existing flaws that are easily corrected. Experiencing self-love, you need to be able to acknowledge both your positive and negative sides.

A girl who loves herself is very responsible for her health. As a result, it looks better and keepslasts longer. Activity, cheerfulness, high energy potential, these are weighty arguments for increasing self-esteem.

Self-love is the desire to realize oneself as much as possible in life, to find one's own path in all plans and directions.

A few tips on how to increase your self-esteem

Improving self-esteem is the path to excellence!
  • First of all, you should never despise yourself, scold yourself and hate. It is better to dream as much as possible on a positive wave;
  • Do not forget to develop attractiveness for men in yourself. This is not a skirt, from under which panties are visible - this is useless. These are, first of all, your inner qualities. Forget about laziness. Otherwise, happiness will pass you by;
  • Don't let envy in your thoughts. It works for destruction. You can strive for what your friends have, but without envy. Constantly make adjustments to your life and strive for novelty - emotions, literature, new languages, travel and events;
  • It is always better to look modest and stylish than glamorous and vulgar. Strive to improve and improve everything that borders your life path. Love what you are doing or change your occupation when you feel that it is not for you;
  • Try to express your emotions right away and not accumulate them inside yourself. Even if it is very difficult to change something in yourself, it is enough just to look around. After all, there are a lot of thin and fat women nearby, very happy and satisfied with themselves. What is keeping you from feeling the same? There is a male amateur for any age and weight category;
  • Not all successful ladies are happy. They very often feel lonely, and this indicates that neither appearance nor position can make a woman the happiest;
  • In order to start living in a new way, you need to throw out all the old stuff from home. Relations with a long-familiar, but annoying man, must also be left in the past. Otherwise, nothing will change. Rearranging furniture is also an option. New acquaintances will be an addition to achieving the main goal. Communication with people who do not bring you positive emotions should be limited;
  • Do not think about what others will say about you. After all, even a chanterelle is not worried about the opinion of hares. For each individual person, the most important personal worldview and opinion.

Respect and treat yourself with love, build your life on your own, without looking back at others. And remember one simple rule: change yourself and see how your life begins to change for the better.