In pursuit of perfect skin: learning to make masks from parsley for age spots

Having perfect skin without flaws is probably every beautiful lady's dream. But unfortunately, nature does not reward everyone with a good epidermis. Often women suffer from acne, freckles, pigmentation and other misfortunes.

In order to put a little face in order, women are ready to spend huge amounts of money on cosmetic procedures, forgetting that sometimes the simplest plants can cope with many problems.

For example, parsley, which grows in the garden of most summer residents. Many people like to add it to salad, knowing about its usefulness, but the fact that the infusion of parsley perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin, smoothing it, is a secret for many. Yes, and you can whiten the epidermis with this plant.

Parsley masks for age spots: cooking secrets

To look great, you don't have to visit expensive beauty salons and leave a lot of money there, arrange you can have your own small beauty parlor at home, if you wish.

Let's start learning recipes from parsley with a whitening face mask for age spots.

To prepare it you need:

In pursuit of perfect skin: learning to make masks from parsley for age spots
  • a bunch of fresh parsley;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.

Parsley mask for age spots is easy to prepare.

  1. To do this, rinse thoroughly the greens under running water, shake off excess liquid and finely chop the plant, place in a deep bowl;
  2. Add honey to the herbs and thoroughly grind two products;
  3. Apply the resulting mass on the skin of the face without traces of makeup for 40 minutes, when time will run out, remove the mask with warm water;
  4. If you use the "magic" composition daily, you will notice significant improvements in 14 days.

To make your next homemade age spot mask, you will need parsley, honey and cream. For cooking, wash, dry and chop a small bunch of healthy herbs. Put it in a bowl and add cream (1 tablespoon is enough) and honey (1 teaspoon).

Rub the ingredients together until a homogeneous gruel is formed. Apply the mixture to your face in a thick layer, hold the composition for at least 20 minutes, then rinse. Such a mask has not only a whitening effect, but also perfectly nourishes the epidermis with useful substances.

The simplest lightening face mask for age spots is prepared as follows. Parsley is taken: leaves, stems and even roots are suitable. Everything is thoroughly washed and passed through a meat grinder. Two tablespoons of chopped parsley is spread over damp gauze, folded in several layers. The resulting compress-mask is applied to the face, the exposure time is half an hour. After the procedure, you need to wash your face with cold water and apply a nutritiousremedy.

You can get rid of age spots by mixing healthy herbs with cucumber. To do this, rinse the parsley and chop finely, peel the cucumber and grate it on a fine grater. Mix the two ingredients in any convenient container and apply the resulting composition on the face for half an hour, and then rinse with cool water. After such a procedure, it is very useful to apply a cream for age spots on the skin.

In pursuit of perfect skin: learning to make masks from parsley for age spots

You can prepare a healing composition from greens and kefir. To do this, heat the fermented milk product (1/4 cup) and add washed and chopped parsley (6 stems with leaves) there.

Apply the resulting mixture for a quarter of an hour on your face, and then rinse. After all the manipulations, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer to the epidermis.

Infusion of parsley will also help to cope with imperfections on the face. To prepare the infusion, you need to pour a bunch of chopped parsley with boiling water and leave for at least 12 hours.

Then the broth is filtered, and the resulting liquid is wiped daily on the face. You will be able to notice the positive effect after 14 days.

Are these recipes suitable for everyone?

It is worth saying that the methods of preparing the masks given above have practically no contraindications. Of course, people who have an individual intolerance to any of the components of the composition, it is better to refuse to use it.

In pursuit of perfect skin: learning to make masks from parsley for age spots

For example, honey is a strong allergen and many I will give my face itching after its application, so before carrying out the procedure, test the prepared mass on the wrist. If on the skin in this delicate place you do not experience itching and other unpleasant sensations, then feel free to apply the mass on your face.

In principle, reviews of procedures using parsley are very positive, there are no terrible side effects it was observed, which, for example, cannot be said about masks made of bodyagi against age spots.

Although bodyagi is considered useful and effective, unfortunately, it often causes burns on the face, therefore, procedures with it must be carried out extremely carefully, and it's better not to risk it at all.

Now you know how to prepare face masks according to various recipes. Of course, today mainly brighteners were considered, but they also perfectly nourish the skin. Therefore, do not be lazy, carry out useful procedures at home! Good luck!