Infidelity: why do they happen?

Mistress is the most popular and is a serious problem of the modern family. But what is this phenomenon and why does it haunt you? Why men cheat on their life partner, and even do it more than once? In society there is a perception that the husband will go "on the side" when half of it bored him sexually.

Infidelity: why do they happen?

But the scientists insist for a completely different reason: the man responsible for the variability of his species, while the role of women is more modest – to store the newly acquired characteristics and the new genus as a whole.

In retaliation, nearly a quarter of women that inhabit our planet, changing men in their sexual fantasies. But it's nothing compared to physical cheating her husband...So why almost all men cheat on girls?

The content of the article

Sex for support of an existing image

There is a category of men for whom accidental or deliberate sex on the side – it is an act committed under the influence of his social position. In this case, the mistress performs the duties of such a litmus test, demonstrating status, success, prosperity and solidity of the person.

This woman appears in a man's life when he had to go through deficiency of achievements or the lack of any personal qualities. The presence of a mistress is called upon to prove attractiveness, and youthfulness to a person's confidence, improve his self-esteem and self-confidence.

The mistress as the key financial benefits

Self-realization is equally important for women and for men. But the latter really need to move up the career ladder, and sometimes this can only be done through the bed of his immediate boss. This often implies a need for regular sex with the boss, feeling guilty before his wife and the destruction of the family unit.

The desire to diversify life in all its angles

Married men are quietly accumulating discontent about the behavior of their second halves. This is facilitated by constant scandals, omissions, mutual or unilateral accusations, boring sex life and more. In fact, the mistress appears when a man in dire need of diversity and the prevention of family relations.

The shortage of warmth

Oh, this is a special subject because we tend to think that only women tend to need the warmth of the elect. Actually, the guy is not at least suffer from its lack, so there is "left" for the long-awaited moral support and attention.

In this case it is not necessary to get rid of the habit to make trouble for no reason, hysteria, anxious to keep silent, or to sort things out. All problems are solved through peaceful and constructive dialogue.

The desire to overcome the complex

Often the reason why men cheat on their wives, getting low self esteem and inferiority complex. This is particularly true of those representatives of the stronger sex, which has already hit a lusty. In this case, cheating is the most excellent method to prove to myself (and others, of course) that life is still going on and the man continue to "peck" the successor to eve.

Spousal revenge

It also happens that by means of infidelity men taking revenge on the girls for the pain and offense caused for a very long time or just recently. This usually happens if the lady allowed herself to get another sexual partner, or demonstrated psychological treason. The moral of the story is: do not go "left"if you don't want the infidelity of a spouse.

Banal physiology

Infidelity: why do they happen?

Male is polygamous species, which tend to obey the primitive instincts, especially under the influence of intoxicating beverages. It usually ends with a disposable sexual act about which the wife or at all does not know, or prefers not to remember.

It is likely that in this case the guy deserves a chance to confirm his Swan fidelity, but sometimes these adventures become a habit or even a hobby.

He's just a womanizer!

This is the most common and logical, from the point of view of women, the explanation for why married men cheat. This may sound silly, but males can sometimes change "for the company", succumbed to the universal atmosphere of fun, impunity and freedom.

In this case, sex on the side will give the opportunity to feel successful and equal with others. But womanizer is much more complicated: the desire to add to my list the next zadranye skirt sits firmly in his blood. So if you met such an instance, you run away from him, and not even look back.

Male aesthetes

This is a special category of guys who just love women's beauty and not allow thoughts of its time, and the ability to wilt. Therefore, their companions must make great efforts to preserve its appeal.

How to do a woman?

Development may occur for several storylines. Because a mistress is usually only a temporary phenomenon, the woman may decide simply to wait, if it's effort, time and perseverance. But often it ends with the destruction of marriage, and the man has neither the one or the other.

How to prevent cheating?

Infidelity: why do they happen?

What to do to the woman to keep her husband from "jump in the sack"?

  • A woman who wants to keep their family, you need to learn to respect the opinion of my husband and take it into consideration;
  • At the same time, it is important the awareness, appeal, entertainment, and fun sex life;
  • If family problems hanging over you domoklovym sword, just stop a minute and think what you are doing wrong and what needs to change.

Do not pull each other down, let your partner and myself to evolve, to live and enjoy life. Likely that decision would be a divorce, but sometimes it becomes the only correct and honest thing to each other.