Inflammation of the upper eyelid – look for causes and eliminate the disadvantages

A disease in which the patient is in the mirror does not recognize itself as the eyes turn into slits, called blepharitis. Its main symptom is swelling, redness and inflammation of the upper and lower eyelids. In addition, in the region of the eyelashes may receive the liquid discharge.

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The causes and etiology of blepharitis


The disease often develops on the upper eyelid recur under favorable conditions – in violation of hygienic measures and with hypothermia.

Tolerated quite heavy swelling and suppurative inflammation can cause headaches.

What specialist treats inflammation of the upper and lower eyelids, and where to turn if their own to cope with the disease fail?

Usually the organ of vision is engaged in optometrist, but under the circumstances, you may need other specialist medicine – dermatology. It all depends on the causes of blepharitis.

Blepharitis often develops on the upper eyelid, but may be localized on the bottom.


  • redness;
  • swelling;
  • itching;
  • the purulent discharge accumulates in the ciliary zone.

The disease causes the introduction of infection.

Factors that contribute to the exacerbation of the disease:

  • beriberi;
  • direct sunlight;
  • abuse of Smoking;
  • lack of sleep;
  • elevated eye strain;
  • injury;
  • allergies.

Blepharitis may occur during infectious respiratory disease or exacerbation of chronic disease.

The most commonly of the eyelids become inflamed diabetes, cholecystitis or gastritis. Pathogens enter the eye from the external environment, as well as via the lymph or the bloodstream.

In addition to blepharitis inflammation of the eyelids cause the following diseases:

  • barley – an acute inflammation of the meibomian glands;
  • herpes infection;
  • abscess.

Treatment of inflammation of upper and lower eyelid depends on the cause of the disease.



Infection often Staphylococcus gets into the sebaceous gland or eyelash follicle. May be affected by one or more Mamaieva iron. Acute process may cause an overall increase in temperature.

After the ripening of the barley – it comes in 2-5 days – he opened, and from the hearth out of purulent discharge. Usually barley treat themselves with folk remedies, but if the pus gets into the eyes, it is necessary to consult an eye specialist.

If the barley does not ripen for 3 days, then dig it is not recommended. Most likely it's a chalazion, disease of other etiology. Treat yourself useless chalazion is a chronic inflammatory process will have to turn to official medicine.

How to treat inflammation of the upper eyelid in this case solves the optometrist – may require surgical intervention.

Abscess century

Causes of purulent lesion on the eyelid: illiterate treatment of barley and the spread of infection from nearby organs, the maxillary sinuses. The symptoms of abscess – swelling and redness of a limited area of the century, the emergence of purulent focus.

Additional symptoms:

  • temperature;
  • headache;
  • heaviness in the head;
  • lacrimation.

Treatment – antibiotics and – in most cases – the opening of the abscess.



If the eyelids appear small bubbles filled with serous fluid, then it is possible
to diagnose cold sores. The disease is caused by viruses of the herpes species Simplex and Zoster, the disease is quite sharp. Symptoms: acute itching and soreness.

Regardless of which flora caused by the disease, the treatment for inflammation is anti-viral drugs General and local action.


The disease is classified as follows.

  1. Scaly. Swelling of the eyes pronounced, the edges swell and thicken the ciliary zone is covered by small white scales, which are separated, if ever scratched. The skin under the scales is bright red, inflamed;
  2. If the pathogen caused inflammation of the meibomian glands, the eyelids look "transparent"in the ciliary zone accumulates liquid discharge. Eyelids are covered with yellowish crust, from under which expires on transparent yellowish liquid;
  3. The most dangerous is ulcerative blepharitis. The symptoms are the same as in a simple flake, but more acute. Appearing crust, dropping out is, open ulcers.

Lashes stick together in bunches, but they can also fall out altogether. Sometimes after scarring ulcers the growth of eyelashes is changing – they begin to grow inward.

This causes serious problems.

  • Tick-borne blepharitis is caused by activation of a microscopic mite of the Demodex, which
    constantly dwells on the surface of the skin and feeds on sebum. The eyelids become inflamed, there is a strong itching and a thick white purulent discharge. The main reason for the activation of Demodex is decreased immunity caused by various factors. Treats demodicosis is a disease – a dermatologist;
  • Allergic blepharitis is caused by an allergic reaction. Irritants can be dispersed in the air, but more often the disease is caused by direct contact with the allergen. They may be of poor quality cosmetics, an individual reaction to hygiene products and make-up;

The best treatment is the elimination of contact with the allergen and antihistamines.

  • The disease may cause rosacea appearance of rosacea on the edge of the upper eyelid. The etiology of the disease has not been studied. Therapeutic interventions can be recommended range from antibacterial therapy, a cleansing facial cosmetics.

In the treatment of inflammation of the upper eyelid, it is desirable to connect the people's money, regardless of the etiology of the disease. Lotion from medicinal decoctions of the plant components that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that accelerate the healing ciliary zone and will eliminate cosmetic defect.

Effective decoction of chamomile, oak bark, sage, calendula, sea buckthorn oil and rosehip.

Prevention of blepharitis

To reduce the possibility of occurrence of inflammatory process of the ciliary zone, you should avoid touch your eyes with dirty hands, RUB them on the street. It is not necessary to try someone else's glasses, to use the common towel.


It is advisable to get enough sleep, do not overwork the body, rationally to eat is to keep in the diet was present in fresh vegetables, fruits, polyunsaturated fatty acids are enough of them in marine fish and nuts. You should also normalize the digestive process due to the introduction in the diet of fiber and dairy foods.

You should pay attention to the expiration date of makeup, to remove makeup before the night's rest.

If you have a lot of work at the computer, eyes are advised to rest every 45 minutes. To treat blepharitis, be sure. Persistent inflammation of the eyelids provoke conjunctivitis, which causes inflammation in the deeper layers of the organ of vision that provokes a decrease of sharpness of sight.

As a complication of the disease can occur photophobia and receive a cosmetic defect is the loss of eyelashes.

In blepharitis it is advisable to consult an eye specialist. Competent treatment promotes transfer of the disease into remission for a long period.

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