Inhalation with soda: the rules of the procedure, its benefits, where is it used?

Despite the fact that today, the pharmaceutical industry has made a huge step forward and a person has many drugs in the short term get rid of colds, many people do not renounce the use of proven methods of treatment. One of the most effective methods of combating respiratory diseases – inhalation with soda, which can be used even for children.

The effectiveness of these treatments due to the beneficial effect of steam on the mucosa, and numerous useful properties of the used tools.

The content of the article


Under inhalation understand the transport of therapeutic substances into the body through inhaled vapor.

Inhalation with soda in the treatment of colds performs the following tasks:

  • The substance has a local therapeutic effect on the respiratory system without affecting any other body systems;
  • The remedy has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect, cleansing the mucous;
  • Using the procedure moisturizes the mucous membrane, which helps to facilitate the withdrawal of sputum, which is especially important in dry cough. This contributes to the fact that the virus is rapidly excreted from the body;
  • The substance provides not only a therapeutic effect but also is an anesthetic, relieving pain, particularly in the throat;
  • The tool protects the mucous membranes from swelling;
  • Apply the solution promotes the bronchi, so that the recovery occurs faster.

Beneficial substance and impact when dealing with a runny nose, clearing mucous, getting rid of the causative agent.

Indications and contraindications

Any manipulation is carried out to solve certain problems, but there are a number of factors that can be a hindrance to the procedure.

The testimony, in accordance with which it is necessary to conduct inhalation with soda are as follows:

  • The inflammatory process in the upper part of the respiratory tract, pneumonia acute, purulent processes in organs of the respiratory system, bronchiectasis;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Allergic to certain types and categories of medication;
  • Problems with the digestive system, contributing to the inability to treatment of catarrhal diseases by means of drugs;
  • Appropriate use of inhalation, if the patient in the near future will undergo surgery on his digestive system or he recently had such.

Contraindications to the use of this method in the fight against disease are:

  • Ischemia;
  • Hypertension;
  • Severe cardio-pulmonary failure;
  • Allergic to the active substance;
  • Do not apply steam inhalations with soda and other substances if you have severe circulatory disorders of the brain.

In some cases, there is an individual intolerance of the procedure, in which the patient is not physically able to inhale the therapeutic vapors.

The rules of procedure

The last is not difficult, but it requires the implementation of certain recommendations.

  • For manipulation as cough and runny nose, you can use a normal kettle or pan;
  • It need to be done not earlier than 1.5 hours before or after a meal;
  • The procedure will have a much greater effect, if you combine them with other methods of combating disease – abundant drink, taking warm baths for the feet, taking drugs, etc.;
  • It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the soda solution. If it is 45 degrees or more, the procedure should last no longer than 5 minutes. At a lower solution temperature can do steam inhalation for about 10 minutes;
  • When carrying out manipulations necessary to keep the regular pace of breathing, the breaths deep to be need to;
  • Try to exhale through your nose, and if the fight against disease need to get rid of the runny nose, the breaths must be made alternately by the mouth and nose;
  • For at least hours after a session you can't smoke. Regardless of whether you are doing inhalations with soda with a wet cough or dry, try not to talk for 1-2 hours.

A few hours after the procedure, you should not go out. Due attention should be paid to the clothes that you make – it should be comfortable and should not compress the chest.

It is not recommended to make inhalations with soda, if the body temperature is over 37.5 degrees.

How to make a manipulation?

The treatment algorithm is quite simple.

Here's how to do inhalations with the use of soda in the home.

  1. Prepare a solution of soda. This can be used as a baking soda in pure form, and its combination with other substances, has a therapeutic effect (e.g., potatoes, eucalyptus). In the treatment of rhinitis, it is recommended to add a few drops of iodine. The solution should be prepared immediately before the procedure.
  2. Carry out the procedure, slowly inhaling fumes. When using the kettle it is recommended to make a tube, turning the paper. Using inhalation the pot, you should cover yourself with a towel or blanket and breathe over it.
  3. After the manipulation bed rest is recommended for at least an hour. It is desirable that the throat at this time were in heat.

The use of the pan or kettle is currently considered yesterday, because today it is possible to produce treatments in the nebulizer, which is very convenient.

Recipes solutions

There are a number of ways of preparing medicinal substances. Simple soda solution

This recipe involves the use of only one fixed asset.

  1. The heated purified water to a temperature of about 45 degrees.
  2. Add water 1 tbsp of baking soda, pour the solution into the pot or the kettle, carry out the procedure.
  3. If you need to get rid of the common cold, remedy, add 2 drops of iodine.

Remedy with garlic

This product also has a pronounced healing effect, and to prepare the medicine so.

  1. Cut in half 6 teeth of garlic, pour the vegetable water in an amount of 1 liter, allow to boil and then writing a rolling boil on a slow heat for 5 minutes.
  2. Allow to cool the composition to a temperature of about 45 degrees and then adding the soda at the same dosage will be 1 teaspoon, make inhalation.

Remedy with potatoes

This vegetable has long been used for therapeutic manipulation, either separately or in combination with other components.

  1. In salted water boil few potatoes, allow to cool a little.
  2. By means of a fork mash the vegetables with the peel, sprinkle top with 1 tsp of baking soda produced by the medical procedure.



Manipulation with it to make is much easier to use but it is not any solution. However, to make inhalation in the nebulizer with the use of soda can, despite the fact that some manufacturers of these devices claim to do is not recommended.

Using this device, you can accomplish the same as and subject to the application of the pan or kettle.

The difference is that it is recommended to use special drugs, for example, "Penguin", "Ladogan", which also included soda.

Meanwhile, users of this device claim that the medicine prepared by yourself.

Prescription solution

Preparing it this way.

  1. Give boil the water in an amount of 1 Cup.
  2. When the water cools to the desired temperature, for the inhalation in the nebulizer and soda, the latter need to be added to the water at the same dosage will be 1 teaspoon

Instead of water, use saline in the same amount – it will enhance the effects of the main substance.

Inhalations with soda will relieve the symptoms of colds, relieve the patient's condition, but this method is preferably combined with other methods of treatment for quick recovery. For this you need to contact the doctor who will set an accurate diagnosis and give the appropriate destination.