Is Eutirox indicated during pregnancy and how to take it?

Any medication taken during pregnancy should be strictly supervised by a physician. In general, before you start drinking any drug, you need to consult with a specialist, undergo a series of examinations. After all, some of its components can cause a response from the body of a pregnant woman, and a miscarriage can occur. The same rule applies to the drug Eutirox during pregnancy, which is often prescribed by doctors during the period of gestation.

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Description of the drug

Is Eutirox indicated during pregnancy and how to take it?

Active substance, part of Eutirox - sodium levothyroxine. It is a synthetic analogue of a substance produced by the human thyroid gland. It has a positive effect on the metabolism in tissues and cells of the body, and also promotes tissue development and growth. In small doses, it increases the activity of cells, due to which they multiply rapidly. Medium doses lead to stimulation of tissue growth and development. But a large dosage can lead to inhibition of the production of hormones by the pituitary gland.

Eutirox during pregnancy can be prescribed to women in whom the thyroid gland is abnormally functioning, producing insufficient amounts of the hormone. Doctors call this condition hypothyroidism. At the same time, a deficiency of hormones leads to impaired development of the fetus, as a result of which defects may appear, and the most serious of them is mental retardation.

Eutirox is often required to be used even before pregnancy. Therefore, a woman must periodically undergo a medical examination to identify a lack of hormones. This condition can even lead to infertility. And if a woman previously drank Eutirox in preparation for pregnancy, then during her she should not stop taking it. On the contrary, some experts even recommend increasing its dosage.

If a woman had problems with the thyroid gland before pregnancy, they only worsen during gestation. As a result, a deficiency of thyroid hormones negatively affects the functioning of the body. The disease can be cured by taking the drug Eutirox and its analogues. In addition, indications for the use of the drug are the following diseases:

  • The thyroid gland is significantly enlarged, which leads to the appearance of goiter. The disease can progress dramatically if treatment is delayed.
  • Surgery in the thyroid area before or during pregnancy.
  • Cancer of the gland or its complete removal.

Absorption of the components of the Eutirox drug occurs in the upper part of the small intestine. Approximately 80% of the dose taken is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the rest is excreted with feces during bowel movements, and another part with urine during urination. The average half-life of a drug from the body is 7 days. 5 hours after taking it, the maximum concentration of levothyroxine in the patient's blood is observed.

Since the components of the drug are involved in metabolism, during pregnancy it is even more enhanced. In this case, the thyroid gland has to produce much more hormones, and if it is weakened, then these hormones are not produced. This can affect both the mother and the baby. Deficiency of thyroid hormones also negatively affects the fetus. Before pregnancy, a hormonal deficiency leads to the impossibility of conception, and during it there are difficulties with bearing.

Endocrinologists are convinced that if a woman is diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction, she simply must take Eutirox. Only hormonal therapy will help a woman to safely carry her baby.

Instructions for using Eutirox

Only an endocrinologist can prescribe Eutirox. Instructions for use during pregnancy are also given to them, although they can be read directly on the packaging of the drug. A pregnant woman should take any medication with special trepidation.

At the same time, the peculiarities of using the drug depend on many factors. For example, it is very important when a woman started taking the medicine: before pregnancy or during her. In the first case, the doctor increases the dose of the drug immediately after the woman finds out about her pregnancy.

If it is not possible to immediately consult a doctor, you can independently increase the dosage by a third. After all, the concentration of the hormone in the blood increases gradually, without affecting the woman's well-being. Therefore, if the dose is too high, the doctor will adjust it. In this case, large doses of the drug are often required, sometimes even higher than 150 mcg.

If a woman has not previously taken Eutirox, then in the presence of problems with the thyroid gland, the endocrinologist first directs her to take all tests. Only after receiving their results, he calculates what the dosage of the substance will be. In this case, first, the expectant mother is prescribed a minimum dose - up to 25 μg. But over time, the amount of substance used can change. A woman must be tested for hormones at least 3 times during the entire period of gestation. Pregnancy against the background of Eutirox usually proceeds without any complications.

A pregnant woman drinks the medicine in the morning at least 30 minutes before meals, once a day. If you take Eutirox immediately before a meal, the effect of taking it will decrease. The action of the drug begins only after a few hours. It is advisable to drink the tablets with plenty of warm water.

As a rule, after childbirth, women continue to take Eutirox... Three months after giving birth, they take a control test. If the results are good, your doctor may advise you to stop taking the medicine or change the dosage. The substance enters breast milk in small quantities, so it cannot affect the health of the child in any way.

But it must be borne in mind that the medicine can only be taken as prescribed by the doctor. In addition, the instruction should be studied, which describes the effect of the drug Eutirox during pregnancy, the effect on the fetus of the substances included in it.

Compatibility with other drugs

Doctors claim that you can drink Eutirox and Yodomarin at the same time during pregnancy. Both drugs are designed to restore thyroid function. Especially Iodomarin is necessary in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the baby also has a thyroid gland. Under the influence of iodine, it develops better.

In general, the substance that is part of Eutirox enhances the effect of anticoagulants and antidepressants. Therefore, the doctor must adjust their dose if a pregnant woman takes them. In addition, once you start taking hormones, your body's need for insulin can increase significantly. Therefore, a woman should monitor the level of glucose in her blood, especially in the first weeks after starting to use the drug. To this end, she must have a general blood test every 2 weeks.

When taking Eutirox and Kolestyramine at the same time, it must be borne in mind that the latter slows down absorption in the intestine. Therefore, the frequency between their use should be at least 5-6 hours.


True, there are a number of contraindications regarding the use of the drug during pregnancy. So, it cannot be prescribed to a patient if:

  • She has an individual intolerance to its components.
  • She has problems with the cardiovascular system.
  • There is renal failure or impaired adrenal function.

In addition, medication should be prescribed with caution in women with diabetes. And during pregnancy, temporary diabetes is often observed, which disappears after childbirth. The dose for such patients should be selected as accurately as possible.

If a woman has hypothyroidism caused by dysfunction of the pituitary gland, the doctor should find out if the woman has renal failure before prescribing treatment. When everything is in order, glucocorticosteroids are prescribed before starting thyroid hormone therapy. Otherwise, adrenal insufficiency may develop.

Side effects of Eutirox during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman's immunity is weakened. Therefore, taking any medication can cause various consequences. For example, Eutirox often leads to the appearance of allergic reactions if a woman has an individual intolerance to the components that make up the drug. However, no other side effects were recorded. Rightyes, some women can gain weight rapidly under the influence of medication.

Eutirox has been proven to be completely harmless to the baby. Moreover, the medicine can even be prescribed to infants. The mother gives the baby a daily dose of the drug in the morning half an hour before feeding him. To do this, the tablets are dissolved in water so that large particles do not come across. Then the baby is given the medicine to drink through a bottle with a nipple.

Cases of drug overdose are extremely rare. In this case, a violation of the functions of the cardiovascular system may occur. The woman feels the pulse in her head, hears her own heartbeat, the heart rhythm is disturbed. In this case, the patient trembles, muscle spasms and cramps appear. With prolonged use of the medication, weight loss is possible. Immediately if these symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor. He will check if the overdose has affected the fetus. If necessary, the use of the drug is completely stopped or a lower dose is prescribed.

Thus, Eutirox is an excellent means, thanks to which the pregnancy proceeds much better. However, you cannot self-medicate. The drug should only be prescribed by a doctor, and it must be taken with the exact dosage.