Is it possible to glue rubber boots: practical recommendations

Already long over are the days when rubber boots were used only for Hiking in the woods or mountains. Today, even in the most prestigious Shoe stores, you can find a huge variety of rubber boots. Here and boots with soles and heel. Meet and camping options. And so, if you are the lucky owner of these lovely boots, no puddles and rain are not afraid.

Is it possible to glue rubber boots: practical recommendations

But given that the streets today, not perfect order, it's easy to stand on broken glass, a nail or a regular pushpin. And puncturing the tires pretty easy!

So now, because of the little holes to throw away almost new rubber boots?

Not at all! Today we will teach you how to stick with your favorite boots and extend their life for so long.

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To glue or not to glue – that is the question...

"Why glue yourself, if can take them to the shoemaker, "you ask. But unfortunately, in most cases, you will be denied. The only thing I can recommend you in this case, the shoemakers, is to visit the garage where you carry out the vulcanization of tires.

But here it will be a a catch: in recent years, almost all motorists switched to modern wheels, where vulcanization is not necessary. This means that finding a car with this option where would have agreed to glue your boots is quite problematic. So let's think how to glue our boots on their own.

And before we begin to explore ways of sealing boots made of rubber, it is worth noting that to use in the case of an ordinary PVA glue or "Moment" is not necessary, since at best you will not achieve any effect, and at worst boots will be hopelessly spoiled!

Where to find a special glue for gluing rubber boots

If you decide to glue the rubber shoes on your own, then you can look for a special adhesive in stores with fishing gear. Attention! Boots can be made not only from rubber but also from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or polyurethane. And glue for these materials will be different.

So before heading to shop carefully examine your boots. But if you are having problems with material definition, it is better to take shoes with me, and in the store specialists to quickly determine what it is made.

A special tool for gluing boots can be bought in shops for motorists. In this case, you should pay attention to the adhesive sealant. So you not only get rid of the holes, but also can protect the place of applying the adhesive from getting excess fluid.

How to glue rubber boots: well-known methods and little tricks

Is it possible to glue rubber boots: practical recommendations

In order for your shoes was good as new. you need to determine the exact location of the puncture. For this you will need myself of boots and a small basin of water. Take my shoes and turn the shaft on the same principle that the tube of toothpaste, when it's already almost gone.

And when the shaft quite tightly rolled, drop the sole in the water. One of those places where a crack or puncture will emerge air bubbles.

After the problem was found, you can begin rebuilding their shoes.

There are several methods:

  • Method angler. For this method you will need a glue from a fishing store, which we have told you earlier. At the procedure you need to follow the instructions described on the package. In most cases, it is the same: you first need to sand the problem spot, then degrease the surface and stick the pre-prepared rubber gasket. If you are the owner of boots from EVA, this procedure takes even less time, because in this case, you do not need to use any patch. Just peel back the edge of the boot with puncture and pour on some glue. Then strongly squeeze the sides and hold it in this position for a few minutes;
  • The method of the cyclist. In this case, you will need a special kit, which is anyone who is engaged in this sport. In this set you will need a special patch to the protective film, sandpaper and glue. The process of sealing as follows: the fracture carefully apply the sandpaper. Attention! The size of the treated area should be slightly larger than the hole. Then degrease the place with acetone. With the patch you need to remove the protective film and apply a small amount of glue on the surface. Spread the glue needed and the puncture. In a few minutes when the glue become a little more viscous, strongly presses the patch to the boot. The only drawback of this method is not very aesthetic, so to fix it so you can only country boots;
  • The method of the motorist. This method, unlike previous ones, is suitable for country shoes, and elegant women's boots. For this repair you will need sealant. It needs to apply a thin but solid layer on the puncture site. Attention! In any case it is not necessary to make such repairs with dirty shoes. Before you decide to take up repair work boots is carefully washed and dried, as dirt particles or water droplets will have a negative impact on the result and you will have to redo everything again.

Using these fairly simple techniques, you will be able to quickly and effectively return your boots to the ranks, and they will last you quite a long time.

A few words about the care of rubber boots

Well, in the end, we offer you some recommendations about your care, the use of which will help you to keep your boots in working condition much longer. For example, in order to make your boots as long as possible look as good as new, you should periodically wipe them with a soft cloth soaked in water with addition of glycerol.

Is it possible to glue rubber boots: practical recommendations

But if you had to walk through the puddles and you want a little dry these shoes on the battery, then I hasten to inform you that it is not recommended. There is the fact that under the influence of hot air the glue that cemented some of the elements may be porous.

This means that the inside of the boot will get wet. So better to just wipe the boots with a cloth and leave to dry naturally.

So, today we found out what it is possible to seal the rubber boots with their hands at home. As you can see, even your shoes can give new life! Most importantly, you need to do all followed the instructions, and your rubber boots will long to please you in rainy days!