Is it possible to lighten eyebrows at home

If the eyes are considered the mirror of the soul, then the eyebrows are nothing more than their design. And our task with the help of eyebrows to give your face a slight mystery and uniqueness. It is worth looking after them, if only because they definitely play a rather significant role in our facial expressions. This means they attract attention.

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    Is it possible to lighten eyebrows at home

    And today we are we will talk about how to lighten eyebrows. And at that moment, some girls thought, why, in general, lighten them? Well, if you have never dyed your hair, then you will not understand the motivation for such lightening. But if you like a radical change of image and you often practice it, then the question of eyebrow dyeing should be very painful for you.

    Using regular hair dye in this case is not recommended, because if it gets into your eyes , then you cannot avoid irritation. So it remains to look for some alternative ways of coloring the hairs.

    If you decide to become a brunette, the situation is a little easier. You can just go to the salon and ask the experts to paint your eyebrows in the desired color. And what if you, a natural brunette, suddenly decide to become a blonde.

    Dyeing your dark hair white is at least silly. Once the hairs begin to grow back, the dark roots will stand out perfectly. And you should not constantly tint the roots, because the skin will also not tolerate such an attitude for a long time.

    There is only one way out: turn to the recipes of traditional medicine. It is thanks to some tools that you can lighten your eyebrows at home without too much effort.

    Is it all a scoundrel to the face?

    But before we start listing all the ways to lighten eyebrows, let's think about who they are ideal for. First of all, it is necessary to repaint or lighten the eyebrow arches for those who changed their image.

    Especially it is worth paying attention to those who have a natural hair color of black, dark blonde or chestnut. In the case of reincarnation into a blonde, too dark eyebrows will look ridiculous, and with ordinary dyeing, the roots will give out your little secret with your head.

    Those who have delicate pinkish skin can also lighten eyebrows to tone. Thus, you will give your image vulnerability and fragility. What else is characteristic of lightened eyebrows is a significant softening of the hairs. This means that giving the desired eyebrow shape will become much easier.

    But do not chase fashion, forgetting about your own individuality. Remember that the color of the eyebrows must either completely match the color of the hair, or be one shade lighter. Otherwise, your face will look unnatural. Now we will look at several ways to lighten eyebrows.

    How to lighten eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide

    Is it possible to lighten eyebrows at home

    This method can be safely ranked as one of the most inexpensive and effective. The plus is the fact that you will not have to run around the city looking for expensive ingredients for the procedure. You can buy peroxide at any pharmacy without a prescription.

    Mechanism lightening hairs with hydrogen peroxide is quite simple: due to its properties, it stops the production of melanin in each hair. Accordingly, since the natural coloring pigment ceases to be produced, the hair no longer darkens, and you no longer need to constantly tint your eyebrows.

    Lighten hairs in this way are quite simple: you just need to dip a sponge or cotton swab in a 3% peroxide solution and carefully rub each edge with it. You can repeat this procedure once a day.

    Attention! Do not think that rubbing the hairs with this solution a hundred times a day, you will achieve the result faster. All that you can get in this case is dry skin and, as a result, severe irritation, which will be very difficult to get rid of.

    So do not abuse even such a simple and seemingly harmless way to lighten hairs.

    How to lighten black eyebrows

    Lightening black eyebrows is a little more difficult ... The problem here is that the light clarification after peroxide is insufficient. And with a radical change of image, you will have to lighten the hairs quite significantly.

    And then there are two options:

    • Special makeup application ... That is, you simply mask black hairs under a huge amount of foundation and eyebrow pencil;
    • Applying special whitening creams, applied two or three times, you will see owlsAn absolutely amazing result.

    As you can see, even black eyebrows can be lightened. But this will take a lot more time and effort. But, in principle, everything is in your hands, so try and you will succeed!

    How to lighten eyebrows after coloring

    Another problem is the return to the old image. Let's imagine for a moment a situation: you were blonde, then you dyed your hair brunette, and now you decided to return to your original look.

    Dyeing your hair back is not a problem, but what to do with your eyebrows. It is illogical to wait until the painting itself peels off. What if you will be walking around with multi-colored eyebrows for quite some time. The look will still be the same!

    So, you need to look for a way to lighten, after which the painting will disappear very quickly. Here we can also turn to folk remedies. Castor or olive oil is ideal for these purposes.

    For such a procedure, you need to allocate a whole day. You need to do the following: soak a sponge in a little oil and wipe your eyebrows thoroughly. After that, wait a few hours for the oil to be absorbed into all the hairs, and then start periodically wiping them with a clean piece of cotton wool.

    The result will stun you: a small amount of paint will remain on the cotton wool every time. And as a result, by the end of the day there will be no trace of coloring!

    How to lighten eyebrow tattoo

    First, let's find out what is eyebrow tattoo . Today, this is a fairly popular procedure, the main purpose of which is to correct the shape of the eyebrows by injecting a coloring pigment with a special syringe.

    Why lighten it? Well, again, lightening is necessary both for a radical change of image, and for an unsuccessfully drawn contour.

    About the change of image, we are you already said, but the lack of professionalism of the tattoo artist can also play a bad joke with you. For example, he can draw an uneven outline for you. And if you don't remove the paint , then your appearance will be significantly spoiled.

    < p> This problem can be solved in the salon. There you may be offered to correct the uneven line using a special laser. But even if such a device does not inspire confidence in you, then you should not try to remove the tattoo by resorting to deep peeling or filling the paint with milk or peroxide.
    Is it possible to lighten eyebrows at home

    The danger of deep exfoliation is that you have to scrub all layers of the skin down to paint. And this will inevitably cause inflammation. The same applies to the introduction of milk or peroxide under the skin.

    Doctors have already givenbut it has been proven that foreign fluids in our body can lead to anything, up to and including death. So don't experiment with your own health. It is better to pay for laser correction - it is faster and safer.

    As you can see, you can lighten your eyebrows at home. But in some cases, in order to avoid all sorts of complications, you should still trust the professionals.

    And remember that the face is not the best place to experiment. And if you are not sure about the safety of the proposed brightening method, then you better not tempt fate!