Jeggings with a high waist as an alternative to jeans and leggings

In every woman's closet, you can find jeggings high-waisted, but few people know how to combine them to look really luxurious.

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The history of the jeggings

Jeggings with a high waist as an alternative to jeans and leggings

Jeggings gained its popularity in 2009, when designer Joe Dean first introduced on the show, a mixture of leggings and jeans. The progenitors legginsov (another version of the name of jeggings) are leggings so loved by all in the 90-ies.

Joe Dean improved model of the leggings, but rather fabric from which they were made. Stretch denim or fabric, replacement to it, is the basis of high denim jeans.

Well-known brands, taking up the idea of improving the leggings, presented at fashion shows stretchy pants with a high rise from Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, Marc Jacobs.

A little later stretchy jeans were companies Bershka, Topshop, H&M. After a short amount of time, a model for pregnant women, supporting a large tummy, not allowing stretch marks to appear.

What is the difference between leggings and jeggings

Despite the fact that leggings and jeggings are very similar, there are some significant differences. Leginsy are a peculiar hybrid of leggings and jeans. They are distinguished by more dense and stretchy fabric, while the leggings are made of cotton material.

Leggings combine it with tunics, dresses, men's shirts or even skirts, short tops, they will look too vulgar.

At the same time jeans jeggings high waist can optimally be combined with short t-shirts and tops. Leggings are made from a thinner material and are not able to conceal the fuller figure. In addition, the leggings usually have medium or low fit, and the design is quite simple.

A variety of models legginsov

In 2011 were submitted to various colors. Thus, the high denim jeans appeared in white, blue, beige, brown and black variant. Improved and some elements of decor and design. For example, stretchy jeans are not strictly blue, and with a "cooked" flavor.

Now they can decorate:

  • fringe;
  • side zips;
  • pockets;
  • rivet;
  • fasteners;
  • button;
  • rhinestones;
  • buttons;
  • belt;
  • lace;
  • other trim elements.

Elastic waist jeans can be specifically torn at the knees or at the hips. The diversity of high waist denim jeans will help the girl with all forms to find the right option.

Instruction on the correct selection of the model legginsov with a high rise

A great variety of models slim jeans will help each woman to find for itself a good image. Consider the most popular models legginsov.

Jeggings with a high waist as an alternative to jeans and leggings

Slim-fit jeggings ladies who possess a chubby tummy and bulky thighs.

The main function of this garment is the "otagowane" extra pounds, making the girl visually lose up to 10 cm in the waist and other problem areas.

So how do they differ from ordinary jeans a higher rise, you can not wear tight underwear and clothing large sizes. Finding the right combination of blouses or shirts to mid-thigh or even lower, it is possible to achieve the effect of perfect figure. Denim pants can have zipper on sides for easy donning.

Elastic pants with high waist are a good option for women giving birth.

Themselves leginsy and so have the waist a bit higher than jeans, but some manufacturers went to meet fashionistas with eye-catching midsection and released a model with even more high rise. These options help to highlight the waist line and remove the excess volume.

Despite the fact that high jeggings fit women with different parameters, the more advantageous they will look great on tall and slender girls.

For pregnant can come in a special denim jeans that do not squeeze the stomach and allow the expectant mother to feel them quite comfortable. Jeggings for pregnant women, like other models made of stretch denim with cotton and spandex. Expectant mothers can wear stretchy jeans with a high rise at any time of the year, as there are as insulated models, and summer options.

High waist slimming do not have differences from the slim-jeggings, which flattens the figure allowing you to feel comfortable. They, unlike regular jeans, no zippers or buttons. Externally hard to distinguish leginsy for weight loss from the usual jeans. High denim pants slimming underwear akin, therefore, to promote proper blood circulation and don't compress the vessels.

Special attention deserves the skirt jeggings with a high waist. It allows you a minute to get a slim figure, reducing thighs. Skirt denim high waist usually do not just take extra pounds, but also create a beautiful effect and rounded buttocks. This skirt can be worn with loose and tight fitting tops, tucking them inside or leaving outside.

What correctly to combine high leginsy

The question of what to wear with ultra-modern leginsy, is always important. Will consider it in more detail.

Leginsy solid high waist will be perfectly combined with the following sets:

  • short top with a fur vest or fabric;
  • sweater free cut, which would cover 23 of the buttocks;
  • form-fitting shirt combined with cardigan or jacket;
  • men's shirt with a short vest.

For women with extra inches in the sides and hips, will optimally combine leginsy high-waisted with a loose top.

Any decorations on legendah with a high rise, rhinestones or buttons, should be combined with the rest of the kit. You can pick up, for example, is relevant for several seasons collar, embellished with beads, rhinestones, sequins or embroidered applique.

We should not forget an important caveat in the selection set – white bottom need to combine with a plain top and Vice versa. High colorful pants and bright shirt will make the woman in bright, shapeless stain. And white jeggings, complete with a bright top will look quite organically.

Skirt-jeggings can be combined with shirts in the office style or tops that you can choose according to the color of the skirt. Top it is advisable to wear a few shades lighter.

How to choose the right shoes

Jeggings with a high waist as an alternative to jeans and leggings

High denim pants can be worn with shoes with a big heel, and with boats, incidentally, they will help to make the way easier.

Athletic shoes, combined with high LoginName will be appropriate only if the girl is going for a jog or at the fitness club.

For daily output, you can think of the image in combination with Liverani, ballet flats, shoes with low heels.

Will look spectacular with a high leginsy shoes for tractor soled shoes or shoes with high heels.

But from sandals and summer sandals should be abandoned. They visually reduce even the longest legs.

How to determine the size of the jeggings

To correctly determine the size legginsov need, focusing on their options, choose a smaller. So, if a girl is M, then it will be better to choose S. Any pants to wear and wash stretch – this caveat should be remembered in order not to miscalculate with the correct size.

From all the above it can be concluded that the high leginsy must be worn with all the ladies. Regardless of whether you want to hide the extra volumes due to the high fit or simply to emphasize their slimness and beauty.

You can wear them to evening events and to wear every day to work or to classes at the gym. With the right combination of clothes the girl will look irresistible.