Khashlama: history of foods and recipes

When I first decided to make boiled can be said, obviously, this was not one thousand years ago. Who is the author of khashlama, it's difficult to say. All the peoples of the Caucasus are arguments as to where and who first decided to cook this dish. That "Hasel" in Armenian cooking, even that means nothing. Is Caucasian dish, and every nation of this area has its own recipe and a lot of their ways of cooking.

In Georgia, prepare the boiled ingredients, such as mutton, Georgian wine (it is desirable, of course, homemade), green onions, tarragon, cilantro, asparagus, mint.

And if you take into account the real recipe for khashlama-Armenian products will be as follows: use of mutton meat (beef), beer, green onions, garlic, parsley, tomatoes, Bay leaf and onions.

How to cook the traditional boiled in Armenian?

In this recipe for khashlama of lamb in Armenian does not contain the exact number of components of the products. The most important rule: the more meat, the better. It is desirable that the vegetables were meaty. As for Luke, because this ingredient can never regret.

7 secrets of making khashlama of lamb or beef in Armenian:

Khashlama: history of foods and recipes
  1. need to eat young, "on the bone" and lean (for example, edges);
  2. old mutton or beef is not worth to buy as the meat is solid and has no special taste;
  3. on the top dishes put juicy tomato, he will not give to dry up all the ingredients during cooking;
  4. sweet pepper, take any color, that special touch of khashlama;
  5. vegetables should be three times less than mutton (or beef);
  6. the dish is layers;
  7. khashlama is preparing two to three hours in its juice.

Khashlama recipes

  • Khashlama-Armenian lamb

The Armenians do in a pot this dish. It retains heat due to its thick walls and tormented, and puts the dish on all sides.

So, take a kilogram of lamb my it and cut into medium size pieces. Cut six large rings of onions, seven tomatoes cut into four parts, and five sweet pepper strips. Layers put in the cauldron: the onion, tomatoes and sliced salted lamb.

Then again, vegetables and meat. These layers you can do as long as upstairs put the tomatoes. On a small fire, put a tightly closed cauldron and boil for approximately four hours. If desired, cut green top as it's ready.

  • Khashlama in Georgian

A favorite dish of residents of Kakheti. To red wine, it is particularly suitable. The minimum components of products, with a maximum of taste, soul and flavor. Coarsely chop a pound of breast of lamb, lay it all into the cauldron and boil. Cut parsley root, celery, a big carrot and onion.

They put it in the cauldron and on small fire boil three hours, add the Bay leaf. Merge ready strong broth in a separate pot, throwing a Bay leaf and roots. Spread the cooked meat and sprinkle with salt. Four tablespoons of broth mixed with crushed garlic. Pour the garlic liquid meat.

  • Khashlama with lamb meat in Armenian
Khashlama: history of foods and recipes

Due to the fact that a lot of the ingredient, the recipe may seem difficult. But it is a wonderful way to feed ten people. Cut, as always, coarsely kilogram of lamb, 800 g sweet green pepper, 1.2 kg of potatoes, a kilo of tomatoes as much garlic and onions. So just cut 200 grams of cilantro.

Well salt the pieces of meat and put it for half an hour. Then put everything in the cauldron layers. In the end the pots of peppers and tomatoes. Why is the recipe in beer? Because on top of all pour a beer. This dish should simmer for about three hours.

  • Khashlama with eggplant and beer

Kilogram of mutton fry in a cauldron ten minutes. Three eggplant cut into and remove them from the bitterness with salt, that we add it to the vegetables and put it on for twenty minutes, then wash everything. Coarsely chop and put three layers of carrots, onions, five potatoes and two bell peppers. Prepare all three hours and ten minutes before cooking, put the garlic.

Of all the Armenian dishes, khashlama is one of the most famous in their area. A combination of vegetables, beef and lamb is generally a classic for Armenia, Georgia or Azerbaijan. You also need to say that this food diet and extremely delicious at the same time it is easy to prepare.

Among the Housewives there is no single opinion is"right" recipe. Everyone has their own secrets and subtleties. But the General principle is, perhaps, one: large pieces of meat and vegetables are placed in a cauldron and cooked.

Importantly, pripravljena all fresh herbs. It's in Armenian cuisine has a special significance. Bon appetit and delicious masterpieces!

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